What was the best F1 pass of 2008?

Felipe Massa takes Lewis Hamilton at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix

Felipe Massa takes Lewis Hamilton at the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix

Overtaking can be rare in Formula 1. But when the planets align and someone actually gets close enough to make a move, a genuinely exciting pass is a thing to savour.

Although next year sees new regulations designed to enhance passing opportunities there were some fine overtaking moves this year.

We?ve seen double passes, wet weather passes and last-lap-for-the-title passes in 2008. But which was the best?

To pick the best passing move of 2008 we?re going to start with your nominations: pick your favourite pass or passes and name them below, explain why you think they?re the best. Post links to videos in the comments and I’ll embed them here.

Once we?ve got a short list of the top passes we?ll have a poll on Friday to select the best of all.

Let the nominations begin??

Suggestions so far

Massa on Hamilton at the Hungaroring

Heidfeld on Alonso and Coulthard at Sepang

Heidfeld on Alonso and Glock at Silverstone and Heidfeld on Raikkonen and Kovalainen at Silverstone

Alonso on Kubica and Vettel at Spa

Massa on Kovalainen and Barrichello

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91 comments on What was the best F1 pass of 2008?

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  1. hamilton on raikkonen belgian grand prix

  2. Hamilton on Kovalainen – British GP

  3. massa on hamilton and kovi at the hungarian grand prix (I am a big Lewis fan but i had to stand up and applaude Massa into turn 1 at the hungaroring)

  4. Massa on Hamilton at Hungaroring

  5. vettel on hamilton interlagos

  6. robert Holt said on 10th December 2008, 12:30

    hamilton on glock, interlagos

  7. Sheyi Afolabi said on 10th December 2008, 12:30

    Massa on Hamilton at Hungaroring

  8. Patrickl said on 10th December 2008, 12:34

    Is a good start an overtaking move?

  9. Sheyi Afolabi said on 10th December 2008, 12:42


    Hamilton on Kova – British GP: is hardly a pass, Kova dived out the way to let Hamilton through

  10. 1. hamilton- raikonnen- hamilton- raikonnen- hamilton- rosberg- raikonnen-crash (Belguim)

    2. hamilton- glock (brazil)

    3. Massa on two people (canada)

    4. Raikonnen first 4-5 laps (australia)

    5. Hamilton- DC (singapore)

    6. Massa- Hamilton (Hungary)

    7. Hamilton – KOvaleinen (UK)

    8. Rosberg? taking 2 people (UK)

    9. Vettel- Hamilton (brazil)

    10. Hamilton – MAssa (turkey)

    bonus prizes awrded to

    – Massa for Bourdais and nearly killing someone with Weber (Japan)

    – Alonso for the most optimistic pass of the year (Monaco)

    EDIT: has anyone noticed how Hamilton seems to involvedin nearly all of these, though i do like how he puts the other drivers noses out of joint :P

  11. I bet nobody else suggests this move.

    Piquet on Trulli at Montreal. It was one of those ‘Get out of my way, I’m quicker than you’ moves. It was also from a long way back, unexpected and on a wretched track surface.

  12. Oh, and it wasn’t like Trulli made a mistake on the previous corner either, so it was a genuine overtake

  13. Silversone:
    Nick Heidfeld’s double pass on Glock and Alonso and another one later on on Raikkonen and Kovalainen.

  14. massa on kovalainen and barrichello in canada

    if start counts too, i definitely vote for trulli’s belgium start, he overtook many drivers

  15. Christian Briddon said on 10th December 2008, 12:57

    i)Hamilton on Raikkonen at Spa.
    ii)Hamilton on Glock at Brazil

  16. Hamilton on Massa, Hockenheim.

  17. I can’t remember most of the overtaking moves from last season off the top of my head, so when the poll goes up on Friday it would be good if you could put links to footage of the passes to refresh peoples memories. Some that stick in my memory are Hamilton on Massa at Turkey and Germany, and Heidfield’s double overtakes at Silverstone.

    Personally I think starts and overtakes are two separate categories so I wouldn’t vote for Massa at the Hungaroring in this poll, but if there was a best start poll I would vote for Massa there.

  18. Seedy001 said on 10th December 2008, 13:09

    Raikkonen on/between Hamilton & Rosberg, Spa.

  19. massa in hungary, more a good start than race-overtake, but nice moves;

  20. Ted Tofield said on 10th December 2008, 13:15

    Massa in Hungary was meh – a better start not an overtake.

    Hamilton’s move on Glock wasn’t a great pass it was an important pass – there is a difference.

    I vote for Heidfeld’s double double pass at Silverstone….

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