Red Bull RB5 officially revealed

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Red Bull RB5 - 2009 F1 car
Red Bull RB5 - 2009 F1 car

The Red Bull RB5 broke cover today – it’s the seventh 2009 F1 car to be revealed.

See below for more pictures of the Adrian Newey-designed RB5.

We got a sneak peek of the RB5 last week when Red Bull issued a promotional video which also explains the key technical changes for 2009.

2009 Formula 1 cars

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  1. For me in the looks department it is probably mid table of the ones launched so far. It has those side pod deflectors which I have never liked the look of, and while they don’t use them to mount the mirrors like Ferrari and Toyota have, I prefer the mirrors in a more traditional position. Also the nose seems a bit too high and narrow for my liking.

    I don’t know if it is just the paint job, but although the side pods do curve in at the rear (the coke bottle I believe some call it), the side pods don’t seem to curve in vertically going downwards like some others cars, (if that makes sense), Is it just my eyes playing tricks on me or have others noticed this.

    If the RB5 is reliable I wouldn’t be surprised if they managed to get some good results this year, as Adrian Newey has a history of taking advantage of rule changes the best, but often of being close to the margins in terms of reliability.

  2. Reminds me of the mid-90’s Williams’s that Newey designed, well, the slim-ish nose cone does anyway. This car certainly looks fast, unlike the BMW, the Toyota and the Renault.

  3. Lee:
    “This car certainly looks fast, unlike the BMW, the Toyota and the Renault.”

    It’s funny you say this, as the Red Bull car looks almost the same as Toyota – only uglier… in every detail.

    1. Yorricksfriend
      10th February 2009, 1:26

      At least the Red Bull has a decent livery

  4. Mandev theorum
    9th February 2009, 18:28

    Vettel’s helmet looks slightly different..

  5. Y’know, I don’t care who drives it, I want this car to win.

    It reminds me that a vital part of the interest in F1 is tied up in the design, inovation, and the uniqueness of each car. The idea that “the fans don’t care” is bollocks.

    I dread the day when we have common engines, and common chassis- All we’ll be left with is pretty boys in glossy F1 coffee table magazines spouting banal PR-speak.

  6. This is one hot looking car ! Let’s hope that looks translate into performance as I would dearly love to see Webber on the top step of the podium this year.

  7. One person has noted the drop-tank shaped ballast under the nose. This strikes me as typical Newey thinking out of the box. However, is anyone concerned that the car will be carrying a tungsten missile with nothing to impede its launch from the car during and accident? This is “Death-Race 2000” type hardware. Lets hope Newey has figured out now to lock that thing down or have it dissipate its energy before breaking free. Because, unfortunately we know that Newey’s most brilliant designs, for McLaren or for RedBull, have been curiously frail.

  8. Best-looking car on the grid so far- worlds ahead of the Renault…..

    RBR also did by far the best job on making the rear wing look good- it reminds me very much of the in-store product, which must be a good thing for what they call “brand recognition” :)

  9. Its not a ballast, its a sensor pod used for years, but hidden by barge boards, radar for measuring ground speed and such…

  10. How do you say in French ‘we chose the wrong colour scheme for our racing cars’ please? Red Bull have done a good job, nice looking car, easy on the eye, with the traditional paint scheme that is by far the best of them all. Good work Adrian!

  11. Red Bull RB5 – 2009 F1 car looking cool .. and i think the looks says its fast and shows the uniqueness of each car

  12. Colors look great to me. Much better than last years. Makes me want to run out and drink a Red Bull.

  13. Very Nice.

    Lets hope it can provide Vettel a couple wins this year eh?

  14. F1 cars usually used to look more dominating than any other open wheeled racing cars, but from this year they have started to look a lot puny…..

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