2009 F1 testing: March 9th (Update: pictures and video added)

Will the STR4 show as much promise as the RB5?

Will the STR4 show as much promise as the RB5?

As the start of the 2009 F1 season draws tantalisingly close, today sees the beginning of the final major test before the Australian Grand Prix.

Scuderia Toro Rosso will reveal their STR4 which we expect to be very similar to the Red Bull RB5, but with a Ferrari engine. And we’ll have our first chance to see all of the teams together, including the new Brawn GP outfit.

Today’s testing line-up

Today’s test is at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona.

Toyota – Jarno Trulli
Ferrari – Kimi Raikkonen
McLaren – Heikki Kovalainen
Brawn GP – Jenson Button
Red Bull – Mark Webber
Toro Rosso – Sebastien Bourdais
Williams – Kazuki Nakajima
Renault – Nelson Piquet Jnr
BMW – Nick Heidfeld
Force India – Adrian Sutil

Live timing

For live lap times check out F1today.nl, Sportlifepress, MSFree or TheF1 (various languages).

If you find any more good sites for following testing lap times, please post details below. Also keep an eye on BBC report Lee McKenzie’s Twitter account as she’ll be reporting from the test.

If you?ve got images or video to share you can upload them to the F1 Fanatic drop.io.

Further updates will be posted in the comments and any images or video from today’s testing will be added here.

Pictures from today’s test

More pictures of the Scuderia Toro Rosso STR4 making its testing debut here

Video from today’s test

2009 F1 testing

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84 comments on 2009 F1 testing: March 9th (Update: pictures and video added)

  1. Oliver said on 9th March 2009, 12:59

    Newey left Mclaren because he couldn’t work in a big organization where he would not have total control of the entire design process.

  2. carl said on 9th March 2009, 13:06

    I am McLaren supporter and can’t help but think they are missing him allot. With the new 09 Wing they are still recording slow times.. I think it is time to start worrying…

    Great work Ross. nice to see you on top of the time sheets. I think everybody in F1 is suppriced by this as much as I am. Well done

  3. Jonas said on 9th March 2009, 13:12

    Well done for Brawn GP! They saved the best for last. I can’t wait for the opening F1 season. Will this maybe a great season? ;-)

  4. Adrian Sutil on Renault?

  5. Pete Walker said on 9th March 2009, 14:26

    A good start for Brawn GP! Obviously we can’t read too much into the times but to top the sheets after 38 laps of the new car’s first test is a good sign. :)

    Regarding Newey, I also heard that Red Bull offered him much more freedom to work on other projects, and he planned to (at some point) get involved in designing racing yachts.

  6. Ian Bryant said on 9th March 2009, 14:46

    Interesting diffuser on the BGP1 hope the link wokrs… http://www.f1today.nl/live-update/2009/03/09/circuit-de-catalunya/

  7. BaKano said on 9th March 2009, 15:02

    The BGP001’s rear wing is like the RB5 one, it has no centrall pillar. It looks good, and it seems it works good as well.

    Button with the fastest time so far. If the car is 100% 09-spec, this is a BIG surprise, but a nice one

  8. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 9th March 2009, 15:07

    OK how many people think BGP are running light in an effort to get some sponsors interested?

    • I was about to say that.

      Its a good strategy. Nothing wrong and unethical in doing that.

      But I kinda feel; that central pillar in rear wing is crucial this year. Teams without it are pretty faster than teams with it.

      That and the diffuser; although what advantage it gives is unknown, going by Williams’ and Toyota’s timings.

  9. Striay said on 9th March 2009, 15:13

    MOI!!!! It makes sense doesnt it! good thinking keith!

  10. Striay said on 9th March 2009, 15:17

    Ha ha, bad news for Honda, Ferrari 1st!!!!! with a 1:21.032. GO KIMI!!!

  11. Striay said on 9th March 2009, 15:20

    Sorry for making so many comments, but what’s with the Mclaren being last all day? do they have some kind of problem or somthing?

    • roser said on 9th March 2009, 15:34

      Two possible answers:
      1) McLaren fan: sandbagging and testing
      2) McLaren critic: problems
      But till Australia, I fear we will not be able to know who is right…

  12. Pedro Valenzuela said on 9th March 2009, 15:27

    I’m not much of a fan of spanish media, but in testing I usually look at motor21.com, for live timing. Today session: http://www.motor21.com/noticia.asp?dt=315&nt=61287

  13. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 9th March 2009, 15:40

    Press release: Toro Rosso

    Sebastien Bourdais
    Chassis: STR4-02
    Best time: 1:22.158
    Laps: 86

    Scuderia Toro Rosso’s new car, the STR4, has completed its first day of testing, producing a positive result, having completed twenty laps more than a Grand Prix distance at the Spanish circuit.

    “It’s much too early to talk about performance,” said Bourdais at the end of the day. “However, the car seems to work well and we’ve already learned a lot today. If we can carry on like this for the next few days, it will be a good starting point for the season.”

    Bourdais continues to drive tomorrow, before handing over to Sebastien Buemi for the final two days of the session.

  14. Ian Bryant said on 9th March 2009, 16:12

    I could be wrong here, but has anybody noticed any occasion this winter when McLaren have looked better than average running 09 config?

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