Which new rules will improve F1? (Poll)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

A host of new F1 rules have been announced today. They include having the championship being decided by wins, changes to F1 publicity (including revealing qualifying fuel strategies) and a budget-capping provision.

Which of these new rules do you think will improve F1? You can vote for more than one in this poll:

Which of the new rules will improve F1?

  • Championship decided by wins (16%)
  • Changes to F1 publicity (31%)
  • Budget capping (17%)
  • None of them (47%)

Total Voters: 1,709

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Championship decided by wins ?ǣ the driver with the most race wins will become champion, and points will be used to decide other positions. See here for more: F1 to use ??medals? system in 2009

Changes to F1 publicity ?ǣ qualifying fuel weights will be made public, and drivers and team members will have to be available for more interviews and autograph sessions. See here for more: F1 publicity gets much-needed boost

Budget capping ?ǣ teams will have the opportunity to run to less restrictive technical regulations if they agree to limit their budgets. See here for more: Budget caps for F1 in 2009