Vettel to make first pit stop before Button (Turkish Grand Prix fuel weights)

Vettel will have to stop for fuel before Button in tomorrow's race

Vettel will have to stop for fuel before Button in tomorrow's race

Sebastian Vettel may be starting from pole position but Jenson Button is carrying more fuel than the Red Bull driver.

Button’s Brawn is fuelled around two laps longer than Vettel and Mark Webber, fourth on the grid, is fuelled even further. Fuel weights in full below.

Qualifying Name Weight Fuel (kg) First stint (laps)
1 Sebastian Vettel 649.5 44.5 15
2 Jenson Button 655.5 50.5 17
3 Rubens Barrichello 652.5 47.5 16
4 Mark Webber 656 51 18
5 Jarno Trulli 652 47 16
6 Kimi Raikkonen 658 53 18
7 Felipe Massa 654 49 17
8 Fernando Alonso 644.5 39.5 13
9 Nico Rosberg 660 55 19
10 Robert Kubica 664 59 21
11 Nick Heidfeld 681.5 76.5 27
12 Kazuki Nakajima 680.4 75.4 27
13 Timo Glock 689 84 30
14 Heikki Kovalainen 665 60 21
15 Adrian Sutil 668.5 63.5 22
16 Lewis Hamilton 696.5 91.5 33
17 Nelson Piquet Jnr 689.6 84.6 30
18 Sebastien Buemi 686.5 81.5 29
19 Giancarlo Fisichella 688.5 83.5 30
20 Sebastien Bourdais 701 96 35

Also worth noting:

  • Alonso running light again, though it didn’t help him in qualifying. Is he planning to start on the soft tyre?
  • Button and Raikkonen out-qualified their team mates despite carrying more fuel
  • Getting into the top ten hasn’t paid off for Kubica – he starts next to his team mate with much less fuel on board

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Turkish Grand Prix projected first stint lengths (click to enlarge)

Turkish Grand Prix projected first stint lengths (click to enlarge)

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54 comments on Vettel to make first pit stop before Button (Turkish Grand Prix fuel weights)

  1. persempre said on 6th June 2009, 16:23

    It just shows how close several of the cars are at Turkey. I’m surprised Alonso was so light.

  2. Icarus said on 6th June 2009, 16:28

    I’d say the starting tyre is fairly important too, doesn’t matter how much fuel you have if you need to pit earlier because of the tyres.

  3. Richard said on 6th June 2009, 16:30

    Button out-qualifies rubens again, senna next year anyone??

    • Rahzam said on 6th June 2009, 17:26

      Why Senna? Barichello is number 2 driver despite his full efforts. This is what Brawn needs. Brawn can’t afford any challenger to their number 1 driver nor a person who can’t make 1,2 finish. So Brawn’s both problems are solved.

    • Sush Meerkat said on 6th June 2009, 17:28

      I hope not, Rubens is great at developing a car, Bruno Senna is a rookie in terms of tech knowledge, I hope Brawn keep Rubens… without Wurz how will they develope a car properly.

      • Richard said on 6th June 2009, 18:27

        Sush but by your idea, rookie drivers will never get tech knowledge at f1 level.

        • Sush Meerkat said on 6th June 2009, 20:17

          True Richard, i’m all up for giving new racers a chance, but I just love Rubens too much for him to make way for Senna.

          I doubt he will anyway, Brawn dont need to think about a driver like Senna that is good in a market. Chances are Brawn told him he’s never race for them, hence why he’s in DTM as opposed to persuing Brawn for a seat.

      • carldec said on 6th June 2009, 18:37

        i would love to see rubens make his 300th start… especially if he does it in a competitive car. I see no reason for him to retire any time soon.

        • Kovy said on 7th June 2009, 6:53

          I’d love to see Rubens make 300 starts too. Having said that, I don’t understand why people say that it’s best for the driver’s championship to only have 1 top driver so they don’t take points off each other. They’re going to be taking points off other drivers, too.

  4. Nirupam said on 6th June 2009, 16:32

    Does not Renault engine last 2/3 laps longer than what is expected? Taken that into consideration, Alonso would stop at lap 15/16, rather than 13.
    And for the same reason, I dont think Vettel is in much disadvantegious position compared to Brawns. The fact whether he would be able to hold Button at turn 1 should decide his position.

  5. Hi Keith

    Love the stats – do you think you could possibly put the lap times in this table? Would help me to put it all in context.

  6. Mark said on 6th June 2009, 16:51

    Button has the edge again as long as Button remains in 2nd place behind Vettel by the end of the first lap he has a very good chance of leapfrogging Vettel at the end of the first stint.

    But to throw the spanner in the works Rubens is on the clean side and we know how good Rubens has been at race starts either way Vettel isn’t looking too good here. Both Rubens and Button are heavier I think the race outcome may depend on the start more than anything else.

    Vettels best hope is for Rubens to get infront of Button for his best chance of victory however if Rubens is unable to pass Button Vettel can probably kiss another possible race victory goodbye.

  7. It’s only logical that short stints would be driven on the soft tires.

    There is a lot of potential mayhem between Rubens, Webber, Trulli, Kimi and Massa at the start.

    With Rubens’ penchant for tire graining and holding up others, these guys will be very anxious to jump him at the start.

  8. NDINYO said on 6th June 2009, 16:58

    *** is going on @ mclaren?

  9. Chaz said on 6th June 2009, 17:09

    Alonso’s fuel really low, wow. We all assumed Vettel was low so that’s no surprise. Lets hope Vettel gets the tyre strategy right. Be inteteresting to see how tomorrow pans out in general, and I’m keen to see if Webber can pull something out the bag…

  10. Swish said on 6th June 2009, 17:19

    If you adjust the times to the fuel loads. The top 4 would be as follows.


    Vettel ia a little like Alonso, show boats in qualiy only to diaappoint in the race.

    • Rahzam said on 6th June 2009, 17:32

      Vettel and Alonso both are very talented. Alonso disappoint because of his car. Vettel has good car and he won races when he is on pole. I hope He will not disappoint.
      Otherwise he crash the car with the driver who dares to pass him (like he did with Kubica). LOL

      • Patrickl said on 6th June 2009, 17:47

        No Alonso really put in a poor performance in Q3. He lost 1.6 seconds between Q2 and Q3. Based on his fuel load he should only have lost a second or so. Which means he’s 6 tenths slower than he should have been.

        • Rahzam said on 6th June 2009, 20:19

          I was unable to see Qualifying today as my TV is packed to shift my home tomorrow. So can’t say anything about his today’s performance.

          • Patrickl said on 6th June 2009, 21:27

            Just look at the time sheets and weight list. Or find some fuel corrected list.

        • Nirupam said on 6th June 2009, 21:11

          Yes, He did loose some time, but IMO thats more because of the car

    • Brian said on 6th June 2009, 17:42

      Both times in the past that VET had pole he won. How is that show boating?

  11. Mahir C said on 6th June 2009, 17:19

    How do people in latter half of the grid think they can make the soft tyre last for 25 laps and run a 1 stop race ?

  12. Tyre failure for Lewis?

    • Sush Meerkat said on 6th June 2009, 17:35

      Tyre failure for Lewis?

      Highly likely, Istanbul is his boogie track in F1 when it comes to tyre use.

      Istanbul favours “closed loop” style driving not “open loop” where the rear tyres are used somewhat for direction and foward momentum. Which is hamiltons driving style, much like ShoeMaker.

      if orbital steering was allowed he would smash the record.

  13. VXR said on 6th June 2009, 17:29

    It’s all going to go down to who gets the best out of their tyres.Simple as.

  14. Daffid said on 6th June 2009, 17:50

    Surely running less fuel DID help Alonso or he’d have qualified 10th, as he was 10th in Q2 wasn’t he? (And only just) Getting ahead of the BMW & Williams seems sensible to me.

  15. Zahir said on 6th June 2009, 17:55

    Lewis keeping his tyres for 33 laps and a one stop which means a long time on the softs? Doesnt make any sense to me.

    Is it me or are Mclarens stratergies all wrong these days, this is the strategy he should have done at monaco and what he did at monaco is what he should have done here.

    Should be interesting to see if Rubens jumps Jenson at the start being on the cleaner side and if he does…do u reckon he will have to give the place back to jenson if it looks like Vettel will win. Something tells me Rubens wouldnt stand for it

    • Jason said on 6th June 2009, 22:50

      why is there a preconception that teams HAVE to start on the softer tyre?

      • Zahir said on 7th June 2009, 1:10

        I didnt say that… what i meant was no matter what tyre he starts with he will have to spend a long time on the soft tyre.

        33 laps if he starts with them or 25 if he doesnt

      • Alex Bkk said on 7th June 2009, 9:12

        I’d start on softs…with light fuel. The “Bridgestone” softs in Turkey are worthless as far as I could tell in qualifying.

  16. Oliver said on 6th June 2009, 18:30

    Mclaren have totally lost the plot, if they have a computer making those predictions, its time to buy a new one. How can they load the car like this on a fast circuit with high tyre attrition yet in monaco they put him on a light load and started him from the back. A safety car might not even help them.

  17. Oliver said on 6th June 2009, 18:34

    @Zahir, I had not seen your post, but it seems i’ve said exactly the same thing.

  18. graham228221 said on 6th June 2009, 18:51

    Isn’t this the first race that Brawn GP have put Button on the heavier fuel load? I wonder why they decided to do that now…

  19. harisim said on 6th June 2009, 19:45

    I was expected more from Toyota and I was sure Trulli is heavy but I was wrong. Still think they get very fast car but they missing something. Perhaps driver? With all due respect for Jarno and Glock.

  20. Paul said on 6th June 2009, 22:40

    Guys, Alonso isn’t running that right. I believe Keith entered a typo with his weight figure. It is 664.5 kg, not 644.5.

    I believe some comments regarding Alonso underperforming in Q3 need to be redacted.

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