F1 links: FIA responds, FOTA does not

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Here’s a round-up of F1 news and other interesting links I’ve found today.

If you’ve spotted a hot news story, interesting new website or just something funny from the world of F1, please share your links in the comments below.

ACEA (FIA press release)

"The FIA's objective is to enable manufacturers in Formula One to participate as economically as possible, while maintaining the sporting, technical and marketing benefits that the sport offers. By reducing their costs of competition in Formula One, ACEA's members will be able to apply the much-needed savings to their core business, to finance payroll, working capital, capital investments, marketing programmes and dealer support. This will also reduce the industry's need to seek funding from taxpayers or shareholders." ACEA did not raise any points about cost-cutting in their release – they said they were supporting FOTA’s drive to change how F1 is governed.

FOTA (FIA press release)

"Last Thursday, the President of the FIA met a delegation from FOTA consisting of Ross Brawn (Brawn GP), Stefano Domenicali (Ferrari), Christian Horner (Red Bull), John Howett (Toyota) and Simone Perillo (FOTA). […] The FIA believed it had participated in a very constructive meeting with a large measure of agreement. The FIA was therefore astonished to learn that certain FOTA members not present at the meeting have falsely claimed that nothing was agreed and that the meeting had been a waste of time. There is clearly an element in FOTA which is determined to prevent any agreement being reached regardless of the damage this may cause to the sport." So Mosley is presumably unhappy with a person or persons from McLaren, Renault or BMW?

FOTA: No comment on FIA statement

"FOTA, whilst reserving its position on the specific issues, does not intend to comment the FIA press release issued on the 15th of June and to be involved in a prolonged series of polemical statements that generate confusion and does not help create a positive environment for the ongoing contacts."

The lie of the land

"By standing firm Mosley’s position at the FIA is perhaps stronger now than at any point in the last decade. He is the man who has stood up for the FIA’s authority against the might of the manufacturers. To the FIA he’s a hero, and one whose re-election is now in little doubt. If FOTA wanted to make this about governance, all they have done is cement Mosley’s Presidency."

N.Technology baffled by FIA’s F1 snub

"Autosport understands, however, that the team is on the shortlist of reserve teams in case any of the current squads fails to enter."

FIA/FOTA debate is about control – Ecclestone

"Flavio Briatore wants to create a new series and decide everything. Luca di Montezemolo has a problem with the FIA President. With John Howett, I wonder: what does he want? I'm not even sure he knows himself."

Astounding fact about the Brawn GP team

"According to this document Honda is still the majority owner of the team." Spotted on Twitter by BritsOnPole and debunked.

Ferrari helps the research

Luca di Montezemolo is auctioning his own Ferrari 5999 GTB (thanks Persempre!)

Motor Cars at Bonhams Silverstone

List of the old BARs, Hondas and Super Aguris being sold by Brawn.

Is 2010 the time to invest in Formula One?

"If we suppose that the cap will remain at around the €45m mark, the TV revenues and prize money from FOM will cover the majority of the associated costs. What necessity then for sponsors of the participating teams? Virgin has proven this year, even without a cost cap, that smart sponsors can invest in Formula One at a relatively low cost."

3 minutes with…Ross Brawn

“We have new front wing endplates for Silverstone and new rear wing, some different chassis settings again which have come from rig work we have done. We’ve got some upgrades over the next few races which should help again.”

Crash warning for Grand Prix company

"According to a report by business credit risk and information firm Dun & Bradstreet, DVL [Donington Ventures Limited] has a “greater than average risk of business failure” and is more likely to go under than 66 per cent of all British businesses."

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton unite in support for British Grand Prix

"Neither Hamilton nor Button have anything against Donington per se, but neither driver can fathom why the race should be leaving Silverstone in the first place or why the track should not be offered the chance to pick up the slack if Donington hits the buffers."

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