Schumacher won’t get F60 test (Poll)

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Schumacher drove the F2007 but won't get a go in an F60
Schumacher drove the F2007 but won't get a go in an F60

Michael Schumacher will not get to sample a 2009-spec Ferrari F60 after three teams blocked the move.

The opposition came from Williams and Red Bull/Toro Rosso. The latter objected because they claim to have made a similar request for Jaime Alguersuari which had been turned down. Williams, meanwhile, said Ferrari should have used one of their nominated reserve drivers.

Should Schumacher be allowed to test a 2009-spec F1 car?

  • Yes (34%)
  • No (66%)

Total Voters: 2,481

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Mercedes’ Norbert Haug, who was in favour of granting Schumacher a test, seemed to think Red Bull had not made such a request for Alguersuari:

Giving Jaime a test would have been justifiable, but having said that I don’t think there was an official request.

He added:

You will find some guys that will try to block it. But what goes around comes around. They will need some help at another stage. It’s not giving people presents, it’s being fair when it’s justifiable.

Williams would presumably respond that this is what reserve drivers are for and their nominated third driver, Nico H???lkenberg, drove the FW31 over the winter.

It’s not hard to see why Ferrari plumped for Schumacher when the opportunity arose, nor why they chanced their arm on getting him a test in the current car.

He has, of course, already logged 67 laps at Mugello in an F2007 using GP2 slicks. There were rumours the FIA were unhappy about this but there has been nothing forthcoming from the governing body.

You don’t need me to rattle off Schumacher’s daunting career stats to prove how gigantically experienced he is. If the F60 is as competitive at Valencia as it was at the Hungaroring then even if he hasn’t tested it yet he’s a candidate for the win.

And you have to wonder if that’s part of the reason why some of the other teams don’t want him testing.

Do you think he should be allowed a day’s driving in the F60?

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  1. If Schumy had decided to come back in a Renault after replacing Piquet, would Ferrari have agreed to the waiver??? Hehehe, we all know the answer to that one, don’t we?

    When five time Wimbledon winner Bjorn Borg retired and decided to play only Wimbledon, he was told he would have to play in the qualifier, which he immediately declined. He too expected waivers to the rules because of his status not unlike Schumy’s situation.

    Can’t wait to see him race, it is a great mid season twist along with McLaren’s resurgence.

  2. I think this was a fair development. Some kind of practice of allowing rookies entering the sport during the season some more preparation than simulator and straight line tests should be discussed, but right now, the situation is as it was defined, and under those circumstances, no driver, no matter how successful or promising, warrants any exceptions from that rule.

  3. I’ve got it… Ferrari should lend the F60 to Top Gear for The Stig to test drive…


  4. The way this is being reported, you’d think that the majority of people think Schumacher should test, but from this poll, it is clear that most fans are fair and agree that he shouldn’t be allowed to test. For more details

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