Ferrari confirm 2010 Santander deal, stay tuned for Alonso announcement…

Santander were behind Alonso at McLaren in 2007

Santander were behind Alonso at McLaren in 2007

Ferrari have confirmed Banco Santander as a major sponsor for the 2010 F1 season.

The deal has been rumoured since last year, and is soon expected to be followed by confirmation that Fernando Alonso will race for them next year.

Alonso’s move has been something of an ‘open secret’ in F1 recently, with McLaren’s Martin Whitmarsh even acknowledging it publicly a few weeks ago.

Ferrari have lured Santander away from McLaren after the Spanish bank has spent the last three years with the company. Although Lewis Hamilton features heavily in adverts for their British brand Abbey, they clearly want to be associated with Alonso again. The two developments should reunite Santander and Alonso for the first time since 2007.

There’s an element of tit-for-tat involved as well, as McLaren captured former Ferrari sponsor Vodafone at the beginning of 2007.

Who will Alonso’s team mate – or team mates – be in 2010? Both Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen are contracted for 2010. It is not yet known whether Massa will return to the cockpit at the start of next year – although he won’t race again this year. Ferrari is understood to be trying to buy Raikkonen out of his contract, despite his recent resurgence in form.

Giancarlo Fisichella, who races for the team this weekend, has been tipped to become the team’s test driver in 2010. But Luca di Montezemolo is lobbying the FIA and the other teams to be allowed to run a third car for Michael Schumacher if he is able to drive.

I’m not keen on the idea of three-car teams, but a Schumacher-Alonso-Raikkonen line-up would give Ferrari a squad with ten world championship titles between them…

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109 comments on Ferrari confirm 2010 Santander deal, stay tuned for Alonso announcement…

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  1. S Hughes said on 10th September 2009, 15:56

    What a shame.

  2. mp4-19b said on 10th September 2009, 16:01

    But Luca di Montezemolo is lobbying the FIA and the other teams to be allowed to run a third car for Michael Schumacher if he is able to drive.

    but a Schumacher-Alonso-Raikkonen line-up would give Ferrari a squad with ten world championship titles between them…

    Why does he want to run Schumacher? We will definitely have FOUR world champions next year. When was the last time we’ve had four champs race together? Not even during the piquet-prost-senna-mansell era. This could be the dawn of a new era & yet maddy luca di monty wants back the “pastmaster” ? Why?
    Why do they want to involve schumi in everything they do? Is it a veto or something?

    Why are ferrari so reluctant to look to the future? Why give schumi another drive? Isn’t 7 Wdc enough? its a mad mad mad idea that deserves to be heralded to trash.

    I think we must stop discussing about the three car theory. It will never happen. No one, except Ferrari are in favour of it. Big Boys Merc have made it very clear its nonsense, Once Ferrari faithful R.Brawn will not have much of a say in this matter, Merc have seen to that. I personally think ,schumi after all these years of cheating has lost his soul, its the perfect time for him to be doing some soul searching. Instead he chooses to stand & block upcoming drivers. What a pathetic man.

    • Don’t be one-eyed man! :)

    • When was the last time we’ve had four champs race together?

      Hill, Schumacher, Hakkinen and Villeneuve was the last time.

    • Isn’t 7 Wdc enough? its a mad mad mad idea that deserves to be heralded to trash.

      Because it is a competition, not a thing that everyone has turns at. If he came back and bet his team mates, to win a WDC then good for him and too bad for his team mates. It would be a fantastic pairing having all those drivers for that team, it would be extremely interesting. However, i would rather have two car teams.

      • Harv's said on 11th September 2009, 3:51

        I think that ferrari just want to fill up the grid in thier favour, if 3 ferrari cars end up in the points, that means that there is one less spot in the point scoring 8 to go around the rest of the feild, 3 car teams would be toatally unfair to the smaller teams and out of sync. with the fia’s cost cutting plans of trying to get spending down to a early 90’s level.

        And its stupid! do ferrari now think that it is impossible to win with just 2 cars, there is no piont in it. if they want to win fair they should run the race with the same amount of cars as everyone else, or have 3 cars and only 2 of them can quailfy for the race, id be happy with that.

        I would like to see a legal battle if ferrari are not alowed to have 3 cars and Massa, Kimi, and eyebrow man can have a scrap in court on who will drive the scarlet cars.

        Massa has been rumered to be at renault next year as Ferrari do not think that he will be on pace for the beginning of 2010.

        I think that Luca thinks that he might be God!

        …… and who will be McLarens new sponsor? a british brand? or maybe a german brand? (Rosberg or Hulkenburg?) Norbert repotedly in talks with Williams over buying Rosberg or Hulkenburg for next season?

        Thanks. Rant over!

    • Even if the third driver is not allowed to score points, he’d be a most useful development driver. I’m having a hard time imagining that the smaller teams could be persuaded to consent to this.

  3. James_mc said on 10th September 2009, 16:01

    I think it’s Banco De Santander is it not?

    I suspect Massa’s popularity within the team and in the F1-watching public wasn’t so great he would have been the one getting binned.

    • I think it’s Banco De Santander is it not?

      Originally the Bank’s name was Banco De Santander, meaning this bank came from Santander (Spanish region).

      But today the name is just Banco Santander.

  4. Matthew said on 10th September 2009, 16:01

    Do you think Alonso will be confirmed today? Any chance?

    • Surely they’ll wait till after monza?

    • No, 13th November at Cheste, Spain, Ferrari’s season closing party for the first time out of maranello…
      For me this “first time out of Maranello” speaks itself, do you remember the Mclaren party at Valencia in 2006?

  5. Wow dot com :)

    Awaiting Alonso confirmation now.

    I can imagine a match between Kimi’s manager and Alonso’s manager is taking place as we speak.

    Or is the Renault scandal delaying the confirmation in case Alonso gets implicated as well?

    God > infinity

  6. 3 cars with Alonso \ Raikkonen \ Schumacher?
    I wonder who would get the new parts first and who would get priority for tyres when it suddenly rains?

    • mp4-19b said on 10th September 2009, 16:27

      Scummy of course, who else would the red mafia favor?

      • … and then rather in the interest of themselves, the other two would be made to do what’s best to help Schumacher.

    • If Kimi moves out from ferrari, I really, REALLY like to see him in Mclaren´s cockpit once again. As I like ferrari much, I still believe that Mclaren and Kimi is better mix. Kimi has said that when he was with Mclaren, his freetime was very limited what he can do or not. Now when Ron Dennis is no longer there, I believe there´s no such problem anymore.

      Actually I somehowe wish that happens. Next year there will be Ferrari/Mclaren battle again, and it would be nice to see Kimi beside Lewis and Alonso next to Massa. I put my money for Mclaren in that case…..!

    • sumedh said on 11th September 2009, 6:30

      I am assuming the 3-car idea is for Massa/Raikkonen/Alonso.

      Surely, running a 3rd car is cheaper than buying Raikkonnen’s costly contract.

  7. Aardvark said on 10th September 2009, 16:16

    if they’ve signed Alonso, I hope they announce it today or early Friday – so he has the full benefit of being mobbed all weekend as next year’s Ferrari driver!

    It was a shame Kimi missed out on this – he was named after the race, when Schumacher’s retirement was announced. Then again, it wouldn’t have made a blind bit of difference to Kimi…

  8. Massa should have been shown the door years ago.

    • Mussolini's Pet Cat said on 10th September 2009, 16:23

      unkind, considering he’s pretty much out performed Kimi over the last couple of seasons.

      • Considering Raikkonen won the title in 2007 – how do you figure Massa did a better job? Raikkonen also had 2 car issues causing retirements to Massa’s one retirement.

        • Massa also surrendered a win for Kimi, the team decided quite early to but its weight behind Kimi. Finally, Mclaren handed the championship to Kimi.
          Kimi is a good driver, but he isn’t a great driver. He isn’t consistent even when sometimes he has a very good car underneath him.

        • tEQUILLA sLAMMER said on 11th September 2009, 9:16

          Raikkonen only just managed to win the title in 2007 because McmoRons chucked it away!!! moRon needs a spell in the funny farm after the way he mis-managed a double world champion and a rookie!!! Shamilton may be fast but speed alone doesnt win titles……..#:)

    • Martin said on 11th September 2009, 1:29

      Wrong, Massa has performed very good for Ferrari, he helped Kimi when he needed it He almost won last year when Kimi could get no traction and he was doing better than kimi this straight up.

  9. mp4-19b said on 10th September 2009, 16:24

    Kimi is coming back home :) Together with Lewis he’ll kick some Red a** :)

  10. I wonder why EVERYONE here takes this Alonso-Ferrari move as a certainty. Even Keith is aching to see Fernando in one the the reds, as he’s writes like it will happen, but it may not… well, I just hope it doesn’t. I can’t stand it anymore. Alonso would hate to share the atention with Massa/Kimi/Schumacher. Whoever he parterns up with, it will not be someone like Nelson Piquet or Romain Grosjean. Either will be a World Champion or a driver who is loved by everyone within the team. In the end, he will just cry (like he did in McLaren) when he start getting beat by his team mates.

    Santander would also love to have Massa in 2010, since Santander became one of the biggest banks here (they even bought Banco Real), but there’s always room to improve, and Massa is such a cherrished person here… Would be a outstanding marketing move.

    • Yorricksfriend said on 10th September 2009, 16:47


    • what about Fisi?
      if Raikkönen’s contract will be terminated, and Massa won’t be able to return to the cockpit, Alonso will have the teammate he always wanted and beated during the Renault years.
      If the Alonso-contract is clinched a while ago, as we assume, then Alosno could have negotiated a teammate of his choice, and that could be also be the casue of Fisi’s move to Ferrari…

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 10th September 2009, 18:55

      Even Keith is aching to see Fernando in one the the reds

      No, I said he’s expected to join Ferrari, which is pretty much the case.

    • sumedh said on 11th September 2009, 6:39

      Glad to find someone else who supports my move.

      Alonso joining Mclaren was definitely a big reason why Santander joined Mclaren in 2007. It wasn’t the other way round. Alonso was not brought on board to please Santander. Santander also did not move away from Mclaren after 2007.

      No reason, why Alonso would now be brought to Ferrari to please Santander. Santander are now associated with the biggest name in formula 1, FERRARI. Surely, having or not having Alonso makes little difference to them.

  11. Can’t wait to see Alonso get out of the blocks in the red car come March! It’s time to watch real racing people! Alonso in a Ferrari, Hamilton in a McLaren! No reason to whine against team unfairness. It’s two great racers doing what they do best against each other. It’s an all out fair war now! I cannot wait!

  12. Steph90 said on 10th September 2009, 16:37

    About time they announced it! I hope they announce Alonso just so we don’t have to keep guessing!
    Massa is a legend to me so I can’t wait until he comes back and possibly partners Alonso at Ferrari and hopefully would get a WDC or at least give Fernando a run for his money (I know I may be being optimistic).
    Big Kimi fan too and as much as I dislike Mclaren I do think he just fits well there and the prostpect of an Alonso-Massa- Ferrari against a Kimi-Lewis Mclaren is fantastic, like an odd jumble of the 2007 season really lol.

    • Good point – I would like to see that too!

    • Martin said on 11th September 2009, 1:39

      I dont think alonso will like being in any team that has a driver that is able to compete and truly challange him. It didnt work at mclaren and it wont work at ferrari. He wants to be the only one the team is working for.

  13. Meanwhile, new Singapore investigation leaks indicate that the evidence reflects that Flav, Symonds, and PIQ met over coffee on Race Sunday morning to plan out the crash. Recall that the team has issued no denials—they were obviously caught in clear lies in Spa, I expect, and are hoping for mercy.

    As for Santander and Ferrari, that plot is hella thick right now. Consider the timing where Alonso is claiming today in the press that he knew nothing. That is because Ferrari and the Banco obvs need to hear that on the record before annoucing his Ferrari drive. Heads would roll at the bank if they announced a mega deal on Sept 10 and then Alonso is banned on Sept 22. The embarassment as well as the financial loss would be hideous. They would definitely back away from the deal and Ferrari would be financially screwed.

    Let’s presume Alonso innocent. But let’s just remember that Alonso swore up and down he knew nothing about a certain leaked/stolen Ferrari dossier until a couple hundred texts showed up reflecting his ruminations on the same.

  14. “Ferrari is understood to be trying to buy Raikkonen out of his contract, despite his recent resurgence in form.”

    — Keith, are there any news recently about it? I hope, you don’t write unless you know something… can you please share some links if you’ve any?

  15. Yep. Renault-gate seems to be much more important now than any drivers’ moves speculations.

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