F1 links: Alonso will be at WMSC hearing

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It’s been a quiet weekend for news so far, but there have been some small developments in the ‘Crashgate’ saga. Fernando Alonso will be appearing at Renault’s WMSC hearing on Monday.

Meanwhile the boss of the Spansh motor sport federation has strongly criticised both Piquet and condemned the FIA for offering Piquet Jnr immunity.

FIA summons Alonso to appear before the World Council (James Allen)

"Fernando Alonso, the driver who benefited most from Nelson Piquet’s deliberate accident in Singapore last year, has been summoned by the FIA to give evidence to the World Council on Monday."

Gracia: Piquet should not have immunity (Autosport)

"This kid, if it was up to me, wouldn't be allowed to walk blind people on the sidewalk. It's such yobbish behaviour from which he has also benefited, because, like he says in his sworn statement, he did it so he would get a contract renewal for 2009, and he will be paid until the end of the year. […] He is a silly kid who doesn't know if he has pushed the throttle or not, because it's no coincidence that he's had 17 accidents since he's been at Renault." Why is Carlos Gracia, the boss of the Spanish motor sport federation, slating Nelson Piquet Jnr?

Ferrari move for Fernando Alonso will have to wait for FIA verdict (The Guardian)

"If Alonso is implicated in the extraordinary deed that led to the departure of the team principal, Flavio Briatore, and his chief engineer, Pat Symonds, the former world champion will be less attractive to Ferrari despite his reputation as one of the best drivers in Formula One. That, and Renault's possible ban from F1, is the here-and-now implication of the case."

Interviews with Jonathan Legard, Lee McKenze, Ted Kravitz and Jake Humphry (F1 Badger)

"At the Italian grand prix last weekend the “Goodnight Horse!” podcast team bumped into Lee McKenzie, Jake Humphrey, Jonathan Legard and (super) Ted Kravitz around the circuit and had the pleasure of talking to them about the 2009 season so far."

Soucek eyeing F1 shot after F2 title (Autosport)

"Andy Soucek believes he has done all he can in Formula 2 this season to prove that he is worthy of an opportunity in Formula 1."

David Coulthard: Renault scandal sparks debate over ‘bending the rules’ in motorsport (Daily Telegraph)

"At least in F1 we hit the culprits hard. I know it's easy to stick the boot in just now but I would say that as a sport we deal with these things. The Renault thing happened and the FIA reacted. Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds have paid with their heads. You look at football and Eduardo has just been let off the hook for what seemed to me to be a blatant case of diving. Where is the integrity there?"

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