Fernando Alonso to Ferrari to kick-start 2010 F1 driver market moves

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Kimi Raikkonen is expected to return to McLaren in 2010
Kimi Raikkonen is expected to return to McLaren in 2010

It seems only a matter of time before we get official word that Fernando Alonso will drive for Ferrari in 2010.

Once that piece of the 2010 F1 driver line-up puzzle is in place, the rest of the picture should be assembled very quickly.

Other key moves expected for 2010 include a surprise return for Kimi Raikkonen to McLaren, Nico Rosberg displacing one of the Brawn drivers, and Robert Kubica signing for Renault. How will the rest of the grid shape up?

Kimi Raikkonen to McLaren

F1 Fanatic understands Raikkonen was one of three names under consderation by McLaren for the seat alongside Lewis Hamilton. That selection has now narrowed to two drivers with Finnish passports.

Heikki Kovalainen, who joined the team in 2008 and had a one-year contract extension for 2009, is still in the running. But his results this year have not compared well with his team mate’s, even taking into consideration the fact they have not always had the same equipment available to them.

Raikkonen is, in some respects, a surprise contender. He left the team somewhat under a cloud after a win-less 2006. He won first time out for Ferrari and claimed the 2007 championship.

However he remains popular with McLaren, who he was championhip runner-up for in 2003 and 2005. The installation of Martin Whitmarsh as team principal in place of Ron Dennis (who is overseeing the company’s road car production including the MP4-12C) is also believed to have attracted Raikkonen.

Nico Rosberg to Brawn

The third name under consideration at McLaren was Rosberg. He is now expected to drive for Brawn in 2010, as Mercedes prepares to invest in the team.

But will he replace Jenson Button or Rubens Barrichello? Either driver could win the championship, but with Button having led it all season long and Barrichello admitting last week he’s unsure about where he’ll be in 2010, suspicion falls on the Brazilian driver losing the seat.

Robert Kubica to Renault

Following Renault’s wrist-slap punishment from the FIA last week and the team’s first podium of the year at Singapore yesterday, the future for the team in F1 now looks brighter.

Presumably Romain Grosjean will be able to keep his newly won seat until the start of next season. But idealy the team needs a more experienced driver to partner him.

Kubica is being widely tipped for the drive. Although the future of the BMW team appears to be secured, details on the teams new investers Qadbak are hard to come by. And Kubica was not impressed the team did not tell him it would be quitting F1 before it made its public announcement.

Kubica got his break in F1 after winning the World Series by Renault in 2005, which earned him a test for the team.

What other moves will happen?

GP2 champion Nico H?â??lkenberg’s graduation to F1 with Williams is being widely predicted.

Toyota will not know until November whether their team will still be in F1 next year – though Timo Glock’s podium finish at Singaore may help win support for their cause.

However the team has already dropped a substantial hint that Jarno Trulli will not be driving for them after this season.

What other driver moves are you expecting for 2010? Have your say in the comments.

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  1. I really hope Kimi returns to Mclaren.

    1. agreed, it’s where he belongs.

      1. Little bit if of Coincidence or irony …Why is that Kimi always has to move out of a team to make way for Fernando ? Nature is always playing a cruel joke on him.

        In fact the last time he moved out of a team to make way for Fernando he won the championship with the new team and the other team was in disaster with Driver Equality Issues.

        FOR SURE (in Kimi’s style) it will be real fun to see Kimi winning the WDC next year in McLaren and Fernando-Massa fighting in Maranello with Equality Problems. Remember Fernando is currently moving to a team where his team mate Massa already has spent 3 years and almost won the WDC and also has the sympathy of the team due to the accident. Kimi will have a huge laugh at Fernando.

        It is not Surprising that Santander is negotiating the whole deal. I mean they have everything to gain. Eventually they will have 3 WDCs and 1 almost WDC representing their logo next year. Nice business deal.

        1. It is not Surprising that Santander is negotiating the whole deal

          Agree on this. B Santander has recently renewed his deal with McLaren. I think that has been a key for moving Kimi.

          I only have a little doubt: Has had B Santander to equalize Kimi fees for 2010, or just, with the renewal of their sponsor agreement, McLaren will take care of the whole fee for Kimi?

          I read somewhere Kimi had 47M$ agreement for 2010?

          F Alonso seems to have agreed something around 30M$ per season.

          Not bad in both cases, there are some days in which I cannot spend such amount…

        2. I had this impression that Schumacher was moved out to make way for Kimi in 2007 too…

          I for one, would welcome Kimi’s return to where he really belongs, and not having control freak Ron in the management structure probably gives him more incentive to return.

          I would also like to see Massa and Alonso arguing in Italian, just like Nurburgring 2007…

        3. Kimi will never win a WDC with Lewis at Mclaren. Given the same equipment, Lewis will always do better over an entire season. However, this could lead Mclaren to be in the fight big time for the constructors title.

    2. i heard that alonso would drive a ferrari at japan, unless the reporter just muddled his words!!

      1. I disagree. I always thought that it was Montoya slated to be shunted out to make way for Alonso – and Ron Dennis’ aim was for a Nando/Kimi pairing. Only Kimi put the kybosh on that by signing with Ferrari once Schuey retired -slash- got pushed aside in favour of Kimi. Hence the inclusion of Hamilton in the 2007 line up, as Montoya was already stateside by then.

        1. But Kimi was rumoured to have signed up as early as 2005….

        2. I also reard that Montoya left McLaren because he knew that Hamilton was coming and that Ron Dennis would arrange the things for him. So: multiple theories…

        3. @PinkPeril

          Well, Ron was so wrong about being able to “handle temperament” of the fiery latino. Montoya by his own admission warned Alonso to not go to McLaren as Hamilton was to be moved in for a drive in ’07. Montoya was not very pleased with his McLaren experience and then another fiery latino made his move to the team who walked out within a year as well. They weren’t the only ones, Mansell and Andretti also left McLaren for some reasons which frighteningly resemble Montoya’s and Alonso’s. Ron’s inept handling of his driver situation.

          Kimi was long frustrated with McLarens blowing their engines left right and center for the last 4 years that he was with them. Luca did the unthinkable and slotted out Schumacher, and Kimi was not the one to decline a generous offer as that, which came with a huge retainer. I heard upwards of ÂŁ20 million.

          1. Kovalainen crumbled in the face of Hamilton but the Iceman will not.

            The story is that 30 minutes before his career first F1 start Kimi was tight asleep in the motorhouse. Imagine that.

            You cannot fake that. Kimi has no nerves. Let us hope that LH will put the spark and hunger back to him.

            My prediction is that LH will blink first.

          2. Mansell didn’t leave the team, he was sacked. To start with Bernie had forced Mansell on Mclaren.

    3. With all this driver movement, Red Bull are looking rock solid for next year. Bring it on.

      1. It’s going to be great next year, but I’m sure Lewis has more hunger than Kimi. I think Lewis will be un beatable!!

        1. He should be worried about not imploding under the pressure of Kimi’s lack of emotions to mind games. Lewis going down the toilet bowl. This isnt alonso. But in the process mclaren will loose any decent chance of the title because of the one-sided moaning and fighting.

  2. It’ll be a real shame if Barrichello is ousted from Brawn.

    1. I wouuld keep him over Button.

      1. Because you like the color of his eyes or something?

        Button performed a huge amount better than Barrichello. Why would you keep Barrichello?

        1. exactly, Button has more points than Barichello at the moment, therefore he is slightly better.

        2. I doubt that Button has performed a lot better than Barrichello. Look at the last few races. Barrichello was clearly better considering that they both had the same car.

          I would expect Button to be a lot better than Barrichello since he is a lot younger than him, right?

          Its either Button isnt good enough, or Barrichello is too good for his age.

          1. Why would you only look at a few races where Barrichello was marginally better than Button?

            Button is A LOT better than Barrichello. He has 6 wins to his name while Barrichello has only 2. Button is 15 points ahead! That’s a massive lead with the current point scoring system!

          2. younger? that doesnt mean anything, if anything rubens has more experience

      2. Barrichello spent the most time in F1. Its time for him to retire and it’ll be a wise decision to retire on a high ;)

    2. That sounds to me like a decision made from the heart. Use your head aand you will realise that Barrichello is very old, not a choice of the engine suppliers and almost certainly not as fast as Nico Rosberg.

      I love Rubiniho too but the reality is he wasn’t quite quick enough at his peak, never mind in 2009.

      1. I amcomparing him and Button and I would keep him as I believe he is a better supporting driver and is still as quick as some of the young lions.

    3. I agree completely.

    4. I’m with you on that one. Guessing they would have renewed Button’s contract by now if they intended to. He seems to have trouble within his head to get to the end and surely one of the best ways would be for Ross to renew his contract, could the fact that it hasn’t been done be Ross sending a signal loud and clear?

    5. Im in total agreement. I rate Barichello as a better driver than Button. Many would say that the proof is in the pudding, but Rubens is much better at setting up a car than Jenson, and also better at fighting through the field. Jenson seems to drive well enough when the car and conditions are perfect, but otherwise I think Rubens has the upper hand.

      1. I’m puzzled by this surge of Rubens love. He’s made loads of errors this season, as well as accusing his own team of foul play on more than one occaision.

        Yes, he can set up a car and drive fast now and again, but cast your mind back to the start of the season and perhaps you’ll undersand why Button should get the seat.

        1. Yeah and talking about “fighting through the field”. Remember Turkey? Or even Singapore? Also remember how Button has passed many a KERS car (Hamilton and Massa). Barrichello rammed Raikkonen and was lucky to get past without receiving a penalty.

          2 vs 6 wins. Button finished ahead of Barrichello in 9 vs 4 races and Button outqualified Barrichello 7 to 6.

          It’s really mindboggling that Barrichello finally has 2 or 3 races where he outshines Button and all of a sudden people start claiming that he’s so much better than Button.

          Barrichello keeps repeating “You’re only as good as your last race” and indeed with shortsighted “fans” like this that is very very true.

          1. I’m in complete agreement, but as a williams fan I’m hoping they make a straight swap! Barichello still has some driving in him and one thing williams have needed for years now is an experienced head to help with setting up the car. I personally think that Barichello and Hulkenburg would be a perfect combination cause I believe that Hulkernburg is gonna be a huge star one day, and who better to show him the ropes than the most experienced man on the grid?

          2. Mike "the bike" Schumacher
            28th September 2009, 23:11

            How can a guy with 6 wins out of the first 7 races be struggling to win the championship. Barrichello may not always be fastest but he is consistent, on his day he can beat anyone: donnington 93, silverstone 03, china 05. Button constantly stutters, when things are against him he cant handle it, if he doesnt win the championship it will be the biggest wasted oppertunity of all time.

          3. Button was supreme for most of this season.

          4. Mike,

            If anything then Barrichello is consistent in that he is driving inconsistently.

            How manty races did he have where he messed up a least one stint. Then only to start whining how the team messed up his race?

            Even in Singapore he was inconsistent again. Button beat him because of that.

          5. I wasnt trying to insult Button whatsoever, and his performances this year clearly speak for themselves, I am simply saying that I think Rubens is the superior driver. Both he and Button have had their share of bad luck and inconsistency this year, but if we started the season over again, I really feel it could go either way between the two.

        2. Thanks for being the voice of reason!

          I can’t believe that people are doubting the fact that Jenson has had a better season than Rubens. The facts speak for themselves. Jenson 6 wins, Rubens 2. Never in the 16 or so years I have been watching F1 have I heard people saying that a driver who has won 4 more races than his (vastly) more experienced team mate hasn’t had a better season. I’d say that Rubens has been owned…

          If Jenson wins this WDC it will be because he had the best start to the season and then did what he had to do while his main challengers all made far too many mistakes during the course of the season to mount a serious challenge.

          Yes Jenson has had a downturn in form mid season (which had a lot to do with other teams catching up with Brawn as well as a few errors by Jenson) but he seems to have sorted out his probems over the last couple of races.

          1. And when has he come out of his downturn? Rubens does have shotty luck sometimes in F1. Obviously not in life since he is one of the best of all time. Take singapore, he was leading button until he was brought in because webber wrecked. Yeah I thought it was a good idea, but no sc came out and he was passed by button and some other dude. You need to look at the BIG picture not race finishes, that includes testing and car setup which teammates get off of each other. That williams swap wouldn’t be such a bad thing though. Maybe. I won’t say nico is quicker either. Look at all the races where he was shining, his teammate which we all know is crappy, has had decent races as well.

  3. Alonso heading to Ferrari could see him in championship contention again. But how will his relationship be with Massa, who has been with the team for long? Alonso will surely want to have the team leader role, but could sparks fly as in McLaren in 2007?

    1. I truly hope that next year is a terrible year for ferrari and only massa shines. I hope they show preference to alonso and massa still beats him. It would be pure poetry.

      1. I really hope you are right. Im a Ferrari fan and I find it disheartening to see Alonso moving there. He drives very well, and sponsors love him, but I dont feel like he is a good sportsman.

        1. exactly, Alonso just isn’t right for Ferrari. good driver, but too involved with scandals etc.

        2. I think exactly the same.

          BUT, in light of recent events, maybe Ferrari won’t want to be associated with someone like Alonso, who won a race while his team cheated and didn’t say he was sorry or gave away his win, and even thanked the guy who did the cheating.

          1. Alonso didnt do anything wrong. HE drove impeccably and won the race. If he also says sorry , people ll feel he is also guitly which is totally wrong. He is a driver who speaks his heart out and who calls a spade a spade which ICEMAN can never.

        3. Lol, a Ferrari fan talking about good sportsmanshop.

          I gather you hated Schumacher too huh?

          1. I didnt say anything about Schumacher, but he and Alonso do seem to be cut from the same cloth. I like that Ferrari had been distancing themselves from that in the last few years.

        4. My sentiments exactly!

          I am just so dissappointed they chose him over Kimi.

          1. Jota (Spanish :P)
            29th September 2009, 23:57

            Ummm…sure? Please remember this the next year.
            Alonso is going to be way better than Massa. (And Hamilton than Kimi)

            I can´t believe that F1 lovers don´t want to see the best drivers in the best cars.
            Lewis and Fernando are now the best F1 drivers, and I want them in the best cars.
            Also if RB gets the mercedes engine and BGP gets money we could see one of the most xciting championship with Vettel and Rosberg fighting too.(And lot of cars racing…)
            Button is going down each race…next year with Rosberg as team mate…

  4. My guesses:

    Brawn — Button, Rosberg
    Williams — Hulkenberg, Barrichello
    Red Bull — Webber, Vettel (obviously)
    Ferrari — Alonso, Massa
    McLaren — Hamilton, Raikkonen
    Renault (or Prodrive?) — Kubica, Grosjean
    Sauber — Heidfeld, Fisichella
    Toyota — Nakajima, Trulli
    Force India — Liuzzi, Soucek
    Toro Rosso — Algersuari, Buemi
    Manor/Virgin — Davidson, Sutil
    Campos — de la Rosa, Senna
    Lotus — Fauzy, Villeneuve
    USF1 — sign Kyle Busch and Marco Andretti but fold in February with their car not having turned a wheel in anger.

    1. Fisichella is at Ferrari as their reserve/test driver. Heidfield will probably kept on for his loyalty (or having nowhere else to go). Perhaps Klien will join Sauber, or maybe Sauber will gamble on another swiss driver, and cousin to Buemi, Natacha Gachnang. She hasn’t set the world on fire on F2, but it might be worth testing her at least, to see where she’ll be in relation to the rest of the field.

      1. Klien for Sauber, solid driver.

    2. Sauber — Heidfeld, Fisichella

      Fisichella is retiring after this season, mate.

      Campos — de la Rosa, Senna

      Hearing this name again in F1 makes me almost shed a tear.

      Anyway, next season we could have as many as 5 former F1 champions if Villeneuve comes back, which is 25% of this years’ field.
      And perhaps even 6, if Schumi would need to drive for Massa in the initial races, or substitute one of the drivers for any reason.

      McLaren — Hamilton, Raikkonen

      When was the last time one team had two former champions?

      It must’ve been in the mid 80’s with Prost and Lauda, also in McLaren, right?

      How many times before has this happend at all?

      1. Whoops – Prost and Senna in 1989 was the last time that has happend.
        And before that: Prost and Lauda in 1984/85.

      2. Actually, I reckon Luca de Montezemelo would spout the usual crap about Ferrari having both Alonso the 2 times champion and Massa the 30 second champion…

        1. Seeing Ferrari celebrate before realising they had lost it was one of the funniest but also most incredible moments in F1.

          1. It’s just a shame there wasn’t a camera at the aforementioned Luca’s house- apparently he trashed his mega wide screen TV in a fit of Latin rage!

          2. Well we got to see the crazed mechanic who punched his head through a display in the Ferrari garage.

        2. Or maybe Massa the 2008 champion if the gossip on Brazilian TV is right about Ferrari finding a loop hole in the regulations to annul the Singapore race and crown Massa champion…

      3. Fisichella is retiring after this season, mate.

        Really? Didn’t Di Montezemelo say Fisichella was free to race for another team next year as well as fulfilling the Ferrari reserve driver role?

      4. “Fisichella is retiring after this season, mate.”

        Well, that’s not strictly true, Monte has stated that Fisi is free to drive for another team – If he gets an offer.

        1. Damn! I didn’t see your post Chris.

        2. Oh, I didn’t know that.

    3. What is your reasoning behind Nakajima beating Glock to a seat with Toyota? :S

      1. Both at mclaren ;) guess other teams don’t have the ballz to hire two 2 world champions.

        1. ferrari had prost and mansell at the same time just before mansell retired.

          1. But Mansell hadn’t been champion back then, so it doesn’t count.

        2. They might also not have the money…

      2. @adz2193

        Glocks been sacked

      3. Like TommyB said,

        Glocks been sacked, but in addition, Williams is dumping Toyota engines and Naka is backed by Toyota, so it makes sense.

        I just wonder who the second driver would be for Williams!

    4. stupid question but why do you got to pretty much bad mouth usf1? I mean the other 3 new teams have just as much of a chance of not ever doing anything either? why would the u.s. team stand out? I mean yea they arnt goin to spend the money some people will but you got to give them just as much a chance as you do the other new teams. Oh and one more thing they will not sign kyle busch. He seems to be a nascar guy all the way and another thing is he is hated here in the usa. why would they want someone like that in a car thats for the u.s. people pretty much and also he has no experience with open wheel racing? I would hope they would use their heads a little too if they signed marco. I love the andretti’s i have even worked for them for a short time but he just dont have what it takes…. neither did his dad sorry to say. I think they will get a guy like ryan hunter reay. They would also need someone who has drove F1 befor to give them feed back on a car. They never said both drivers would be american. lets all pray its not scott speed

      1. and another thing is he is hated here in the usa. why would they want someone like that in a car thats for the u.s. people pretty much and also he has no experience with open wheel racing?

        If only you were to go by US people not recognizing inexperience or for that matter giving a seat to someone who is hated by many, look no further than 2000 and 2004 elections. The “precedent” is not working in your favor (pun intended).

      2. Actually I am thinking Mark Martin and Danica ..
        Chill out dude I think he’s just joking why so serious..

        1. Good one, but Martin is driving seriously well this season. It’s probably a bit too late for him to make an F1 switch though :(

      3. Two reasons. One, no Indy driver has been good at F1 in a long time. Two, Windsor is damn annoying.

        1. I think the only Indy driver that would step up to F1 is somebody like Scott Dixon. I say this because his racing heritage was not on oval tracks like many of the others in Indy and because he seems to excel on the street and flat circuits the Indy cars go to. I think he’d be a great fit in USF1, even though he isn’t an American. I think he’d be accepted by the US public. Trouble is it will never happen. :(

          (Should also point out that I am a Kiwi so would like to see another NZ’er in F1 – it’s been too long)

        2. who says they are using indy drivers….

      4. I dont believe Micheal Andretti was ever given a fair shot in F1 by Mclaren. His fist 4 races he was taken out in the first lap by others and not his fault. He was having to learn new tracks and then they had the stupid 25 laps practice rule back then. By monza when he was finally coming to terms with the car, he got a podium finish and then Ron sacked him for mika.
        as far a teamates go he and Senna got along well as Senna didnt feel threatened by him.
        Andrettis biggest downfall was trying to race in F1 from the US and not moving to England, that made some feel he wasnt devoted to the sport and he didnt last.
        Will usf1 do well, who knows but I dont give them much hope in the first 2 yrs. but 1 thing is for sure. with the testing ban after the season starts, they could test in the us all the time and no one else would know, so they might could become competitive, all though it would be by btreaking a rule.

    5. Why would USF1 fail, but manor, campos, and fake lotus stand a chance? Illogical given that they have good resources and ample cash.
      Kyle Busch??haha I guess. I think they will sign a non-US born driver and then try to create some sort of US driver campaign.

      My guess is that your guesses are less than 50% correct….

    6. Ya know, I’m really laughing- yes, laughing- at all of you who think USF1 isn’t going to be up and running at Bahrain next season.

      Last time I talked to my source inside the team, which was a few weeks ago, everything was on-target, alhtough the political wrestling had surely not helped. In fact, the source in question wants me to come to the facility in January to see for myself- I’ll be sure to send you a poastcard on that one!

      1. source inside the team? Was it eddie jordan?
        Haha, that would be a cool day out.

      2. Gman, I heard that they were going to do a launch in January with public viewing. Have you heard anything about this? I live in Atlanta so I’m only about 3-4 hours away. keep me posted if you hear anything, it’s too close for me not go check it out!!

      3. Source inside the team? Don’t you mean “nothing”!?

  5. I would really like to see Rubens win the title and have no seat in 2010. Not that I hate Rubens, it’s just interesting.

    1. That would mean no team would have a number 1 car. The cars would start at 2, so the teams would be 2,3….4,5.

      1. No, like in 1994 (When Prost won in 1993 and retired) Jenson would have Number 2 and Rosberg would have Number 0 (zero)

        1. Number Zero? wasn’t that Dick Darstardly’s number in the wacky races? 00 (double zero).

          That number should be reserved for cheats.

        2. Number Zero? wasn’t that Dick Darstardly’s number in the wacky races? 00 (double zero).

          That number should be reserved for cheats.

          1. Damon Hill had the number 0 in 1993 and 1994, and was the victim of Schu’s first attempt at cheating…so it’s not really fair to say it should be reserved for cheats!

      2. Damon Hill had car number 0 after Mansell retired.

        1. Hill also had number 0 in 1994 after Prost left.

        2. Oh yeah, in 1993 as well, forgot about that.

    2. So you would like to see the longest career in the history of F1 brought crashing to a halt, just so you could see a grid without a number 1 car on it… how very very spiteful!

    3. That would also be a great reason to retire. Win the wdc and then sign off a winner.

  6. I reckon Rosberg will only head to Brawn if Barrichello retires which I think he might.

    1. Well, I think he’ll try to stay in order to break the 300 grand prix mark…

  7. Scratch Glock from Toyota as they have just told him that they will not be taking up his 2010 option. As Toyota have told Trulli that they don’t want him either and they have not mentioned any drivers on their shortlist it looks a lot like Toyota are leaving F1 at the end of the year. Come to think of it I don’t recall any drivers mentioning Toyota as a option either?

    1. Toyota did say that they would need a win this season to persuade them to stay in F1. Everybody seems to have forgotten that. Unless Toyota can pull something out of the bag in Japan or Abu Dhabi, I reckon the board will pull the plug.

      I’ve excluded Brazil as I reckon that’ll be a win for Vettel, Webber, Barrichello or Button.

    2. Where did you hear that Glock wouldn’t be offered a new contract Kevin? I’d be inclined to agree that Toyota are on their way out, if it wasn’t for the fact that they’ve already signed the concord agreement.

      Then again, I suppose contracts never really mean too much these daays, they’re just there to be broken…

  8. I too reckon that Toyota are about to leave the sport. They now have no drivers – and while it won’t be the first time they have changed their lineup, it seems to be a silly move!

    Why is everyone saying that USF1 might fold? I was still under the impression that their development was going well!

    1. I remember Bernie said something to that effect, and everyone seems to be running with it. But we should remember that USF1 announced their plans long before any of the other new teams…

      1. Yeah exactly- you want to beleive Bernie on that one anyone? The man lies for a profession…. The one thing I’ll give him credit on is he sent me a personal reply to a letter I wrote to him a few years back, expressing support for the revival of a USGP. So he’ll get my respect for that.

        But that’s about it in my book.

  9. Kevin report that Kimi’s reps ages ago approached him about Toyota but he was less than pleased, could just have been another baseless report. I mean, Kimi would never go there.
    Shame if Barrichello does go especially if it is mainly because they want a German driver. Tbh I wouldn’t keep Button, but Barrichello’s age and results at beginning all count against him.

  10. Here’s my guess:

    1. Jenson Button
    2. Nico Rosberg

    Red Bull–Mercedes
    3. Mark Webber
    4. Sebastian Vettel

    5. Fernando Alonso
    6. Felipe Massa

    7. Lewis Hamilton
    8. Kimi Räikkönen

    9. Timo Glock
    10. Heikki Kovalainen

    11. Rubens Barrichello
    12. Nico HĂĽlkenberg

    14. Robert Kubica
    15. Romain Grosjean

    Force India–Mercedes
    16. Adrian Sutil
    17. Vitantonio Liuzzi

    Toro Rosso–Ferrari
    18. SĂ©bastien Buemi
    19. Jaime Alguersuari

    20. Pedro de la Rosa
    21. Vitaly Petrov

    Virgin–Cosworth (née Manor)
    22. Anthony Davidson
    23. Bruno Senna

    Team US F1–Toyota
    24. Ryan Hunter-Reay
    25. Alex Wurz

    26. Fairuz Fauzy
    27. Christian Klien

    28. Nick Heidfeld
    29. Giancarlo Fisichella

    1. Just a slight adjustment. :)

      5. Lewis Hamilton
      6. Kimi Räikkönen

      7. Fernando Alonso
      8. Felipe Massa

      1. It looks that way doesn’t it with McLaren’s recent performance.

        1. It’s pretty much Kimi vs Lewis in the battle between Ferrari and McLaren….I guess Kovy has a slight advantage over Fisi….

          I personally think its a great little mid-field championship battle (although I think Ferrari would have won it with Massa/Kimi). Lewis made a huge jump after Singapore, but Kimi should be back on form at Suzuka.

      2. Another small adjustment:

        Red Bull–Mercedes
        3. Sebastian Vettel
        4. Mark Webber

    2. Fisi retiring to be a ferrari test driver.
      I doubt he’ll go to sauber now.
      Villnuerve could take that seat.

      1. Qadbak will use Ferrari engines …

  11. Alonso is set to join Kimi, Nigel Mansell, Alain Prost, Gerhard Berger, Stefan Johansson, Niki Lauda, Patrick Tambay, Gilles Villeneuve, Jody Scheckter and Jacky Ickx in driving for both Ferrari and Mclaren in F1.

    However, it looks unlikely that either Raikkonen or Alonso will join Niki Lauda in winning the WDC for both teams.

    1. Unlikely for Alonso to win a title with Mclaren mabye (and that’s an understatement!), but I see no reason why Raikkonen shouldn’t be able to challenge Hamilton for the title if he ends up back at Mclaren next season. I think we’ve seen the Kimi of old since Massa was injured back in July.

      1. It would be great to see Kimi and Lewis head to head with the same equipment, but this relies on Mclaren having a championship winning car, and a fairly dominant one, as I dont see Mclaren allowing their two drivers to fight each other if another team is in the hunt. And in this situation Hamilton will most likely be the one that Mclaren get behind ;).

      2. If Kimi manages to steal all Lewis’s telemetry data, maybe ;0)

    2. Wait till september 2010 . Alonso will wrap up the championship by then

  12. Hamilton and Raikkonen at silver will be something to see. With similar testing restrictions to this year, there will be extra pressure to give them the same parts and it won’t always be possible. Similar issues will crop up at Ferrari, but we know Fred will chuck his toys from the pram if he gets a hint that Massa is getting equal treatment. I’m certain that Alonso has negotiated his status. But whatever is on the paper, we know Massa is pretty quick and will give him as hard a time as Hamilton did.

    The fact that Button is dickering over pay with his current team instead of writing his own check with a top team is sad. Brawn has been caught. And next year, Ferrari, RedBull, McLaren and Renault engineering depth, and their accumulation of terrific drivers, will mean JB will be scrapping for the final point again.

    1. I was just going to mention the disparity this year that Button has performed spectacularly this year, if a little inconsistent, and despite leading the championship still isnt really that highly regarded as a driver. I sort of feel bad for him. He has tried to prove himself but succeeded, rather, at proving his team’s worth.

      1. If Button had been driving a Ferrari or McLaren in the last couple of seasons and putting in consistent performances, his performance at Brawn now would be regarded as good. However the fact he has had troubled cars for most years of his career and also with Barrichello being consistently with him it looks as though its got nothing to do with the driver.

        We don’t hear people shouting from the rooftops that Barrichello is a terrible driver when the fact is he’s behind Button in the same car.

        1. I totally agree with you. I’m simply trying to say that it feels like the Brawn car’s supremacy has somewhat ‘stolen the thunder’ from the excellent performances that both Jenson and Rubens have had this year.

  13. I will be sad to see Kimi in a McLaren again, but i do wanna see him upset Hamilton. I very much doubt Rosberg will get Buttons seat.

  14. @DMW,Similar issues will crop up at Ferrari? what are they? one season where they have not won at least one title and they are in crisis? I waited 21 years for them to win again and that they have more than done. Mclaren are not even as fast as the customer cars over the last 3 races. Hamilton and Kimi will be good and fast but I think Ferrari with who ever will also be.

    1. Similar issues meaning a limited availablity of new parts and two extremely competent drivers. I thought that was clear.

      It is also clear now that Ferrari is not fast with just any driver. Ask Giancarlo Fisichella. Hamilton in silver and Button in yellow-hiighligher is no competion and hasnt been for a while. The mercedes customer cars are not going to be ahead next year, especially once Kofailainen is dislodged from his seat.

      1. If Red Bull get Mercedes power next year I think the championship will go to one of those two drivers. Hopfully Webber.

  15. There will be a Canadian driver in F1 next year, but I doubt it will be Villenueve.

    1. Three cheers for Wickens, I thought he was better than Algersuari. But where did you get the info?

  16. Ferrari had indicated that Fisi would likely be permitted to race for another team in addition to his duties at the Scuderia. Could work if Sauber does indeed wind up with Ferrari engines. I don’t know…somehow I just don’t see it happening. Unless , of course, part of the Ferrari engine deal is that the recipient team has to take him as one of their drivers. That way he could pirate information about the customer teams chassis!

  17. All this sounds good. McLaren will have a very strong duo. I like the fact that Raikkonen is returning to Mac.
    I wish that in the same way, Alonso would end his career either at McLaren or at the Mercedes F1 team in the making. This is a few years into the future.

    Looks like a great 2010 season, and now with the cars more equalised, after all the rules confusion of 2009.

    1. I really don’t mind seeing Raikkonen retire this year and wouldn’t want him to waste McLaren resources for next year. He may be a good driver, but he is so boring to watch! No expression on his face and when he wins a race, his expression is like as if he is going into an execution chamber. Show some spirit, RAI!

      1. It’s because he is what we know as an ICEMAN.

        1. ‘Icecream man’ surely.

          1. thats kind of the point behind raikkonen and why so many people like him.

            man really doesn’t care about you and your camera.

            cares about racing fast and getting drunk.

            I think McLaren could be going for their first WCC in a while next year and win it comfortably.

            Ferrari, hmm lets see whats Massa like when he gets back. I reckon fiery Latina temprement wont mix well with the sulky spaniard. Hope massa blasts past him

            Really want rosberg to do well for some reason. Another addition to the fantastic crop of drivers we’ve got at the moment.

            Button must prove himself next year against a balanced field. Otherwise ill truly right him of as merely a champion of luck.

            heres to a competative 2010

      2. GO TEAM GO, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y WHATS THAT SPELL VICTORY VICTORY GO KIMI. I just gave you his spirit for life, he’s run out now.

  18. My own guesses:

    Brawn: Button/Rosberg
    Red Bull: Vettel/Webber
    McLaren: Hamilton/Raikkonen
    Ferrari: Alonso/Massa
    Williams: Barrichello or Kovalainen/Hulkenberg
    Toyota: Nakajima/Glock
    Renault: Kubica/Grosjean
    Force India: Sutil/Liuzzi
    Toro Rosso: Buemi/Alguesuari
    Campos: de la Rosa/other (maybe Soucek)
    USF1: No Idea
    Manor: No idea

    Senna will get a drive next year, but I don’t know where. Barichello may retire, and Fisichella could wind up at another team. Trulli will probably head to a small team.

    Really though, I hope Rosberg goes to McLaren instead of Raikkonen.

  19. Lets hope you’re all correct about Anthony Dasvidson.
    There’s a guy who needs a good break for a change.

    Seems a pity that Rubens will go after all his fantastic work this season. Talk about life in the old dog yet, he makes most of the new young guns look like pussy cats !

  20. Rubens Barrichello to Williams


    US F1 – Jacques Villeneuve and Alexander Wurz
    Campos – Pedro De La Rosa and Giorgio Pantano
    Manor – Anthony Davidson and Adam Carroll
    Lotus – Christian Klien and ???

    I was really looking forward for Rosberg going to McLaren :(

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