Campos Meta 1 confirm Bruno Senna will make his F1 debut in 2010

Bruno Senna will be on the F1 grid with Campos in 2010

Bruno Senna will be on the F1 grid with Campos in 2010

F1 newcomers Campos Meta 1 have officially revealed Bruno Senna as the first of their F1 drivers for the team’s debut season in 2010. The announcement had been rumoured for several weeks.

The nephew of Ayrton Senna competed in the Le Mans Series this year after finishing second in last year’s GP2 championship for iSport. After his uncle’s death in 1994, Bruno’s racing career was put on hiatus for almost ten years.

The rookie tested for Honda last year and was expected to make his F1 debut for them this year. Their withdrawal from F1 forced a change of plans.

The Brazilian’s team mate is yet to be confirmed. Campos wanted the experienced Pedro de la Rosa to fill the seat but needs a driver with a budget.

Despite being a Spanish team in search of a local driver (and with two Spanish races on the calendar), team owner Adrian Campos told media yesterday they are struggling to find a sponsor in Spain.

This is less of a problem for world champion Fernando Alonso with his Santander-backed move to Ferrari, and Jaime Alguersuari who signed a marketing deal with Seat this week.

Campos is considering Russian Vitaly Petrov and Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado for the second seat, who have four and three years’ GP2 experience respectively. Either choice would give the team an all-rookie line-up for their first championship season.

Senna is the second rookie to be confirmed for the 2010 F1 season, joining new Williams driver Nico H???lkenberg.

Campos is expected to reveal its first F1 car at the end of January.

You can follow Bruno Senna on Twitter (see here for more F1 drivers on Twitter).

Bruno Senna confirmed for 2010

Image (C) GP2 media service

That famous helmet design is back (click to enlarge)

That famous helmet design is back (click to enlarge)

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39 comments on Campos Meta 1 confirm Bruno Senna will make his F1 debut in 2010

  1. Ronman said on 12th November 2009, 11:43

    The Senna Era is Back…i just hope Campos design a decent car…

  2. seskuj said on 12th November 2009, 12:08

    im just don’t like senna…is he really that good?? how he compared to his uncle???he just resume his career a couple years ago. pedro de la rosa is much deserved for his seat. Campos look to be lack of money compared to lotus f1. lotus want experience driver so they can develop a competitive car just like brawn gp in this season while campos looking for pay driver to pay for their operation. even campos didn’t pay senna to drive for them. is this mean that senna is a pay driver???

  3. luigismen said on 12th November 2009, 16:44

    I hope they sign Maldonado, he’s a great driver and has won 3 times de Monaco gp in gp2!
    And we will have a venezuelan driver in F1 again! :D

  4. hahaha said on 14th November 2009, 18:58

    you must see this…
    that guys from “usf1 team” will destroy there reputation along with the spot for the 2010cs…

    i just dont understand why did bernie gived them a spot?

  5. Skoobie said on 15th November 2009, 19:28


    Are you saying that Sir Jack Brabham was not a good driver? Seems he won many races and a championship or two, what is the basis for your comment?

  6. AmandaF1 said on 21st November 2009, 7:32

    Yes, we will have Bruno Senna in the next season !! Here in Brazil there is a huge crowd for him. Accompany the fight this guy since his start in Formula BMW in 2004 and I can assure you that this is a highly skilled pilot to F-1!!!
    Accelerates Bruno !!!!! We are together and strong in the crowd the best ever!

  7. steph90 said on 13th November 2009, 12:14

    Massa? Bruno is just a rookie though lol

  8. Antifia said on 13th November 2009, 12:22

    it was a dog in Turkey

  9. Antifia said on 13th November 2009, 12:30

    Don’t expect too much of him.. the second generation drivers are always watered down. A few examples:
    Nick Lauda – Mattias Lauda
    Keke Rosberg – Nico Rosberg
    Nelson Piquet – Nelson Piquet Jr.
    Gilles Villeneuve – Jack Villeneuve
    Graham Hill – Damon Hill
    Jack Brabham – David Brabham
    Satoru Nakagima – Kazuki Nakagima
    Great drivers on the left-hand side, rubish on the other side. Except, that is, for the last pair: both are terrible.

  10. Kingshark (@kingshark) said on 1st December 2012, 20:34

    Interesting comments. Reading this 3 years in the future. The enthusiasm people had when Bruno came to F1. Now people don’t even rate or care about him anymore.

    Also, Atifia; how is Rosberg a rubbish driver? If he was, then surely a man with the intelligence of Ross Brawn wouldn’t have signed him with Mercedes, would he?

    Also; frankly, Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve were also very rubbish drivers. So rubbish that they both won a world championship.

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