Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)

Name your top driver of 2009

Name your top driver of 2009

Jenson Button or Sebastian Vettel? Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso?

Who do you think was the best F1 driver of 2009? Cast your vote below to decide the F1 Fanatic driver of the year.

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211 comments on Who was the best driver of 2009? (Poll)

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  1. F1Fan said on 1st December 2009, 16:53

    Well, Keith, your audience has cast its vote, rather decisively. I agree w/ the 38% of the audience that voted for Kimi. He performed miracles in that very mediocre Ferrari. I would say Lewis was a close second and Vettel third.

    But of course the Brittish media will rate Button as the best driver (as you and James Allen did), yet more proof of ethnic bias. The facts simply do not support this view.

  2. Shankar said on 1st December 2009, 17:56

    Kimi raikkonen did miracle with that mediocre..even worst ferrari….

    Since button won the championship it is not that he should be the best driver of the year…

    My vote goes to Iceman…. in my list second would be hamilton..and 3rd vettel….

    and I consider hamilton 2nd best and not first because, he had a better car than kimi for almost half season yet finished only 1 point ahead… and liegate scandal was a shame….

  3. Shankar said on 1st December 2009, 18:03

    I dont understand why everyone is speaking about deleting votes??

    I liked raikkonen.. and I liked the way he drove during 2009 season.. so I voted..and so did 1415 persons… How can someone delete our votes??? we all liked the way raikkonen drove…

    may be some might have liked jenson..and some hamilton… in the same way we liked the way raikkonen drove…

    Now even i can say lewis or jenson or badoer or whoever… and they dont deserve the votes they managed… so will the mods or owners delete the votes??

  4. Its settled then .. Kimi it is and has to be..

  5. lailai said on 3rd December 2009, 7:50

    kimi raikkonen

  6. i had to say kimi raikkonen also my favourite driver
    though we had such a bad season
    and i like the way he drives and his attitude toward to working…XD

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