Official: Schumacher to make F1 return

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Michael Schumacher will drive for the Mercedes F1 team in 2010
Michael Schumacher will drive for the Mercedes F1 team in 2010

Michael Schumacher will return to F1 with Mercedes Grand Prix, the team has announced.

The seven-times champion will form an all-German line-up with Nico Rosberg in 2010. Schumacher said he was “totally fired up for next year”.

He will be re-united with Ross Brawn, who guided Schumacher to all seven of his world championship victories at Benetton and Ferrari.

Speaking to the BBC Schumacher confirmed he was offered the deal in November and insisted that being able to work with Brawn was an important factor in his decision to return:

There was no other combination I would like to work for. Ross is a long-term friend and together we have both won races we shouldn’t have.
Michael Schumacher

In a statement on his official website Schumacher said:

Until recently, I was absolutely sure that I had ended my career as a race driver at Ferrari. But sometimes things change suddenly and unexpectedly. All of a sudden, the framework conditions aren’t the same anymore. At that point, you have to reconsider the decisions you’ve made. And, to tell the truth, the failed comeback attempt last summer gave me reason to reconsider my situation. I was surprised myself how fast and how strong I committed myself to this topic again. Apparently, my batteries recharged completely during the last three years. And when – thanks to Ross – the opportunity arose to drive for Mercedes GP, I realized that my old motivation was back, full of fresh energy and great force.
Michael Schumacher

Schumacher drove for Mercedes in the World Sportscar Championship from 1990-1991, during which time he got his F1 break with Jordan.

He now has the chance to add to his record tally of wins (91), pole positions (68), fastest laps (76) and, of course, his seven world championships.

Since failing to return to F1 this year as a substitute for Felipe Massa Schumacher has kept busy, racing karts in Las Vegas (against Nelson Piquet Jnr and Sebastien Buemi) and winning Massa’s annual karting challenge in Brazil.

What’s your reaction to Schumacher’s return? Are you glad he’s back – or do you wish he’d stayed in retirement? Leave a comment below.

Schumacher and Mercedes

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  1. Can some one tell me how to change the symbol of my avatar ……..i need to change it from a Ferrari to a Mercedes symbol!!!!!!From a 13 year die hard Ferrari fan to a merc fan within 10 mins of hearing the news…

  2. Well,I guess Heidfeld will lose his shot at ever having a proper car because Schumacher wants to come back and grab some more glory.I hope he is beaten badly by half the field.

    1. You mean you think Heidfeld would do better in the same car?

  3. This is great news, and it will be fantastic to see him in a competitive car up against Button and Hamilton. Roll on 2010!

  4. Rosberg will wipe the floor with M.S.

    1. Please, show us your highly trained team of researchers to give some insight into that fact, will you?

      1. They’ll be back to enlighten you after the Xmas break. suffice it to say, he’s too old to handle a whole season. I reckon by Monaco he’ll quit.

        1. Reckon this, reckon that, but nothing you reckon is based on anything other than the fact that it’s what you want to happen.

  5. Pedel to the Vettel
    23rd December 2009, 18:39

    I still think both Schumi and Rosberg will be treated the same when it comes to the WDC title. But it’s just when everybody thinks the same: Schumi + Ross Brawn = 1 horse team for the title, but that was with Ferrari and i think Mercedes just want both drivers to do the best not just one.

    so if the car does start to look good and your into betting choose Rosberg over Schumi because i think they will be both equal the whole way this coming season because mercedes are looking more to the future then just the 2010 season and Schumacher.

  6. Amazing news, the man’s a legend & his motivation ain’t money or career advancement, just glory so should be good sport!

    Also a cheat on occassion, we mustn’t forget.

    Lewis must be gagging for a race a against the master, roll on 2010 indeed. A trip to Silverstone for a last peek is in order I think..

    1. he doesnt cheat on occasion, he cheats as easily as he breaths!!!

      1. he doesnt cheat on occasion, he cheats as easily as he breaths!!!

        No!!! GMac was right! On occasion!!

  7. I will admit,the prospect of watching Schumacher go up against Alonso in a Ferrari and watching him go up against Hamilton in a Merc powered car is promising.I still hope he is beaten though.

  8. 2010 is going to be a real firecracker. when is the last time f1 had 8 cars and drivers in legitimate contention? that would be tough to match, even in the 60’s.

  9. feels like michael jordan’s second come back out of retirement (if any of u are familiar with the nba). a few good races in a couple seasons but mostly average amongst the young guns. still exciting for the sport and fans nonetheless!! Although i would assume a 40yr old playing basketball would be more tiresome than a 40yr old racing a car.

    1. I see this more like jordan’s first comeback….

      1. Eddy or Micheal? :)

  10. I disagree with people saying this is a disaster for Nico. I actually think this is one of the best things that could happen to him. Under the tutelage of Schumi we could see Nico develop into the race driver he should be. Massa came along in leaps and bounds by having Schumi by his side, and I expect that Nico will do the same. I’m sure Schumi will be effectively mentoring Nico, so while Nico may be outperformed by Schumi, expect Nico to improve greatly and in a couple of years be a really fantastic driver because he had Schumi as a teammate and mentor.

    1. under the tutelage of schumi he is going to learn how to be amazing bossy, not listen to anyones advice, and cheat and get away with it.

      would you like to be teamed up with somone like him!!

      1. Thats a personality thing. We haven’t seen Massa pull much (or any) of that. In fact we’ve seen Massa normally act with a high level of humility and sportsmanship.

  11. Schumi vs Hamilton – woo hoo! I can see the pair of them along with Fernado dominating the podiums next year. As much as I would love to see Massa up there, i have a feeling that it’s going to be a 3 horse race.

    Going to my first British GP this year :-)

  12. i for one are very much not pleased he is back. the guy should have left the sport and gotten lost!

    he thought he was above the rules of F1 and could basicaly get away with anything, his team would work entirly around him switching cars to make him seem better than he was. and then of course there was times when he would just blatently cheat, and just get a slap on the wrist where anyone else would have gotten banned.

    i’m not saying the guy wasnt a great driver, the things he could do with the car in the wet was amazing. howeever he was a losey sportsman who wanted everything to go his way and would do anything (legal or not) to get it.

  13. Today is my birthday,I am planning to visit 2010 Malaysian GP,what better treat do you need for these?
    I am glad,& hope he provides us with some entertainment.
    There are many young driver’s growing in the paddock,but with the master returning it will be fun.

    Schumacher was asked whether he’s tested in Mercedes GP simulator. Said “No, only tested in my own personal one” How cool is that!

    1. Happy birthday Wasi! Have a cracking time in Sepang next year.

      1. Thanks Keith,hope the time be the best of my life.

  14. he man is back in town.
    Make way for the big guy

  15. “Your powers are weak old man. You should not have come back.” I think we’ve heard this before. I say bring it on. This will be the first time in a while we’ve seen multiple, capable drivers in seemingly capable cars. Hopefully the engineers will be just as capable. Finally, we’ll see the Schu without driveraids. He’ll have to use the Force.

  16. It is a great news for formula one as i know many people who left watching formula one after the retirement of Micael Schumacher.So f1 will be at its peak of popularity as he will bring lot of fans along with him.with 4 worldchampions on the gruid.2010 is goin to be an epic season.i really doubt he is going to outperform hamilton or alonso.but given a good car he can rule the field again.

  17. Absolutely Awesome news that Schumi is back, (huge fan, followed MS since SC to F1 & beyond)lets not forget that Schumi is one of very few (now current) F1 drivers that has experience running on heavy tanks & on slicks, although the latter are a lot narrower than he raced on in 92-93 seasons. it is also brilliant that we see the current & very well deserved Champ Jenson Button compete in a simular engined car against the great Schumi, we’re in for some amazing racing. Rock on 2010

  18. i cant wait for march……inspite iam a fan of massa,i hav to appreciate schumi for his brave decision……….

    1. people seem to forget that all schumacher did was cheat and then throw tantrums when he didnt get away with it.

      1. people seem to forget that all schumacher did was cheat and then throw tantrums when he didnt get away with it.

        All he did was cheat? The comments are actually getting more stupid, can you believe…

        1. can i believe what? that people would support a cheater over a sportsman!! that is what sports are supposed to be about arnt they, who can do the best on a (roughly) level playing field. when one person is not playing by the rules, to me he doesnt warnt anyones support.

          1. You’ve ranted on and on, but haven’t justified “all schumacher did was cheat”. But I will stop now. I won’t feed a troll. Not one who can’t spell “aren’t”, “warrant”, or even use capital letters.

  19. Just can’t for Hami vs Alonso vs shumi and all will be in potentially race winning cars.

  20. No Human is a Saint so stop calling Schumi a cheat.

    I’m a great fan of Michael Schumacher, Kimi and Lewis. I’ll be missing Kimi next year. For me next year, it’s mouth watering to watch 2 of my fav. competing and that too with the same Mercedes engines. I would be jumping with joy when either of them wins the championship and yes they will definetly.

    In 2006 Michael Schumacher was pushed into retirement and in 2009 Kimi was pushed into WRC by Ferrari. I’m a McLaren/Mercedes fan. I’m not against Ferrari fans but you all Ferrari fans think once about the wrong judgment of your team. In your Ferrari I would like Massa to be ahead of Alonso. When is March 2010 going to come? Waiting……

    1. pull your head out of the sand the man did cheat, he just didnt get pulled up for it because he waas so popular.

      im not saying he wasnt a good driver, especially in the wet. but he is also very selfish, pompus and bossy. how many of his wins were becaause his team made the other driver move over. im sorry but thats not a sportsman in my book.

      im not saying dont support the man, but dont kid yourself that schumi is in the same league as the other two you like when it comes to being a good sport.

      1. how many of his wins were becaause his team made the other driver move over.

        Hardly any.

        1. Still, more than others, that’s for sure.

          1. thank you, somones got sense

          2. Yes, maciek, more than others, but we know what useless point “ad” is trying to prove.

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