Name that race: 2009 edition

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The drivers line up for the last race of 2009
The drivers line up for the last race of 2009

The fiendishly tough F1 season quiz is back.

Can you name that race? Tackle the test below…

Those of you who tried this game last year will remember the formula. Below are lap charts for all 17 of last year’s race – but with no lap numbers and with each driver’s line the same colour.

All you have to do is name which race matches up with which chart. Post your guesses in the comments. Good luck!

To pick up a few useful tips on how best to guess the races have a look at last year’s: Quiz: Can you name that race?

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  1. Crikey what a hard quiz, makes answering NASCAR questions on the autosport big quiz seem like jokes on a christmas cracker!

    1. p.s. well done people that are answering!

  2. Race 1 Turkey
    Race 2 Bahrain
    Race 3 Valencia
    Race 4 Britain
    Race 5 Australia
    Race 6 Japan
    Race 7 Singapore
    Race 8 Spa
    Race 9 Monaco
    Race 10 China
    Race 11 Brazil
    Race 12 Spain
    Race 13 Germany
    Race 14 Italy
    Race 15 Abu Dhabi
    Race 16 Malaysia
    Race 17 Hungary

  3. Looking it and on the brackets the ones how I came up with that

    1 Turkey (Barrichello drops at the start, then drops again around lap 10 and finally retires)
    2 Bahrain (few early pit stops and only one, late DNF)
    3 Europe (Vettel troubles around first pit stops, leader change at 2nd stops)
    4 Britain (Vettel leading almost whole race, two DNFs which happened within lap)
    5 Australia (Vettel and Kubica out late)
    6 Japan (only 19 starters, domination from start to finish)
    7 Singapore (Rosberg drop shortly after first round of stops)
    8 Belgium (start crash and lead change on lap 5)
    9 Monaco (long race, Vettel troubles around lap 10)
    10 China (few early droppers during SC)
    11 Brazil (start crash, Barrichello drops)
    12 Spain (start crash, Barrichello 3-stopper)
    13 Germany (Webber losing edge at start, then dropping mid-pack around first stops and finally wins)
    14 Italy (Hamilton crash on final lap)
    15 Abu Dhabi (Hamilton out shortly after 1st stop, Kobayashi line to 6th)
    16 Malaysia (short, Rosberg from 4th to 1st at the start)
    17 Hungary (19 starters, Alonso out after 1st stop)

  4. Here is the list of races.

    1 Turkey
    2 Bahrain
    3 Europe
    4 Great Britain
    5 Australia
    6 Japan
    7 Singapore
    8 Belgium
    9 Monaco
    10 China
    11 Brasil
    12 Spain
    13 Germany
    14 Italy
    15 Abu Dhabi
    16 Malaysia
    17 Hungary

    Some where pretty easy others took a bit of counting and looking up stats =)
    Hungary, Spain, Malaysia and Japan where easy to pick out and Australia wasn’t to hard either.

  5. Promise I didn’t look at the answers!

    1 turkey
    2 bahrain
    3 europe
    4 britain
    5 australia
    6 japan
    7 singapore
    8 belgium
    9 monaco
    10 china
    11 brazil
    12 spain
    13 germany
    14 italy
    15 abu dhabi
    16 malaysia
    17 hungary

  6. how do work these out??? i havent a clue. Can someone explane to me please. thank you

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