Ferrari not decided who will test ‘F2010′ first

Ferrari has confirmed it will join the other F1 teams for the test session at Valencia on February 1st.

However, contrary to some reports, the team says it has not yet decided whether Fernando Alonso or Felipe Massa will be first to drive the new car.

According to Ferrari’s Luca Colajanni:

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro will attend the first test in Valencia but the schedule has not yet been arranged in details.
Luca Colajanni

Massa had a late run in the F2007 in December as he completed his recovery from injury.

Ferrari are also yet to announce what their new car will be called. For the past nine years they’ve generally stuck to a clear pattern: F2001, F2002, F2003 and so on. The exception was in 2006 when they raced the 248-F1, named after the new engine configuration introduced to Formula 1 that year.

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