USF1 car undergoes crash test (Video)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

There’s been some speculation about how far along USF1 are with their F1 project. A new video released by the team today showing their car’s nose structure undergoing crash testing may help address those concerns.

The team revealed the crash test took place last week, but it’s likely most of the existing teams had crash-tested their designs late in 2009. Lotus had also done so.

With USF1 planning to test in Alabama before joining the other F1 teams at Spain in February, they must be expecting to get the first car finished fairly soon.

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  1. Cool. I wish there were moe of these and other tests for us to see…

  2. ok its 20 days to the first race and I speak for all the f1 fans…where the hell is the car??

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  4. g-force is very nice, i love all the characters in that animated movie *”.

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