Virgin Racing launch VR-01

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Virgin VR-01

Virgin Racing are the first of the new F1 teams to launch their 2010 car.

See below for more pictures and information about the VR-01.

Designer Nick Wirth has created the VR-01 entirely using Computational Fluid Dynamics computer modelling. This is not a new technology for F1 – but relying on it instead of a wind tunnel to create a new car is a novel approach.

Wirth believes CFD is the best way for teams to develop F1 cars under F1’s new resource restrictions:

Today is a very proud day for everyone involved with Virgin Racing, however on this occasion, where the car is the star, I want to pay tribute to all the amazing people at Wirth Research who deserve so much of the credit for the VR-01. Putting together an F1 team, assembling an engineering group and designing a new car from scratch is an epic task in the timeframe we have been working to.

I have been fortunate to have worked with the very best designers in F1 and I am well aware of exactly what it takes to be successful in this sport. When you see what the existing teams have achieved using the conventional but proven design approach, it is unsurprising that there is a great deal of scepticism about our all-CFD approach. But we are competing in a sport that is undergoing significant change having come face to face with today’s harsh economic realities. Under resource restriction, convention will become too costly and necessity really will be the mother of invention. I have absolute belief in the digital design process and the opportunity to put the all-CFD approach to the test at the highest level – to demonstrate that this could be the way for the future of F1 – is very, very exciting.
Nick Wirth

The team, originally named Manor Motorsport, are using Cosworth’s CA2010 V8 engines this year.

Team principal John Booth said:

Not only do we have a great bunch of people at Virgin Racing, we also have a great-looking car. We are delighted with our fantastic new livery which provides a fitting integration of our racing brand with our important commercial partnerships. All in all, we have a lot to look forward to as we progress towards our racing debut in Bahrain next month.
John Booth

He also explained why the car was not ready in time for the test at Valencia this week:

The first stage in our on-track evaluation programme is our two-day shakedown at Silverstone on Thursday and Friday this week, where we will conduct systematic testing and confidence-building of all car parts and on-car systems. It was always intended that we would miss the first all-team test in Valencia this week and very early on we targeted the second Jerez test in two weeks’ time for our public testing debut. It is a testament to our methodical approach and the sheer hard work of the team that we are heading to Spain a week earlier than planned to take part in the first Jerez test next week.
John Booth

Virgin chairman Sir Richard Branson added:

I’m sure we will be measured by how fast the car is on the track in Jerez next week, but I hope that doesn’t overshadow the far bigger achievement of pulling an entire racing team together and taking a brave step that defies convention. In many ways this is an exploration, but given the absolute self-belief we have seen, I can’t help but feel very excited about what we can go on to achieve in the years ahead.

For now though I’m looking forward to seeing the VR-01 on track in testing in the coming weeks as we prepare for Virgin Racing’s very first grand prix.
Richard Branson

Virgin VR-01 pictures

VR-01 dimensions

Length: 5,500mm
Height: 950mm
Width: 1,800mm
Wheelbase: 3,200mm

2010 F1 car launches

Images ?? Virgin Racing

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278 comments on Virgin Racing launch VR-01

  1. look at this compare:
    VR-01 official lenght: 5500mm
    F10 the don’t say anything about lenght but Ferrari is loong…
    i think about Sauber C29 they have same engine but C29 is half meter shorter then F10?!

  2. Rob R. said on 3rd February 2010, 19:55

    Yuck. Another car that looks great in the studio, but horrible in the daylight…..

  3. looking good
    especially the tattoos

  4. Hallard said on 3rd February 2010, 21:22

    Damn…that looks…surprisingly nice!

  5. Bentschke said on 3rd February 2010, 21:53

    I think its great that Virgin have got thier act together to launch thier car before the first race! The other two new teams are still to anounce their second drivers. This gives VR a great platform to outperform the other ‘newbies’ as they will get quite a lot of invaluable data from thier testing that the other 2 teams are going to be missing out on. While they may have ‘sped up’ development to do this – I think it will be well worth thier while in the long run as they have some invaluable data to play with and continue development.

  6. wificats said on 3rd February 2010, 23:44

    The nose is definitely just a dev/ launch version. Nick Wirth says that “at the moment we don’t have the full aero warpaint on”.

  7. Gusto said on 4th February 2010, 1:59

    Computocar….. I hope it kicks ass, As we already have computers designed by computers with no Human interaction, we dont really understand were these quantum computer wiring diagrams come from, when we incorperate them the rise of the machine will begin. Once we solve the quantum effect of 2D tunneling of electrons in a 4D environment we will think…..Ill have a doughnut with my coffee.

  8. Prisoner Monkeys said on 4th February 2010, 2:17

    Has anybody seen the Name the Virgin F1 Car competition on Twitter?

    I’ve already submitted two name combinations: The Endless Road (Glock) and Velvet Nightmare (di Grassi), or – and this one is way better, I think – names based on stars; Procyon (Glock) and Hyades (di Grassi).

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th February 2010, 8:55

      Mine was “Pendolino 2″.

      • Prisoner Monkeys said on 4th February 2010, 11:03

        “Procyon” and “Hyades” are stars.

        “Pendolino” is a model of Italian train.

        Is that meant to be a crack at the expense of Virgin Trains, or is there some hidden meaning I’m missing?

        • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th February 2010, 11:05

          Is that meant to be a crack at the expense of Virgin Trains, or is there some hidden meaning Im missing?

          Yes – Virgin’s high speed service launched a couple of years ago is called Pendolino, possibly the same model you’re referring to.

  9. Gusto said on 4th February 2010, 2:21

    Once CERN confirms its a 10 dimensional Universe it will be a whole new ball game.

  10. Gusto said on 4th February 2010, 2:34

    Hyades is a Open Star Cluster near Aldebaron in Taurus……sorry coudnt resist, I blame Sir Moore

  11. Gusto said on 4th February 2010, 2:49

    Procyon is known as the pronouncer or lesser dog, it is the brighest star in Canis Minor and precedes Sirius in the rising sky, preceding Alpha Canis Major or Sirius. Very inportant in Egyptian times as a timer for the flooding of the nile.

    • Prisoner Monkeys said on 4th February 2010, 3:33

      The meaning of the actual word doesn’t matter – it’s just the fact that they’re named for stars. You’re welcome to submit your own name suggestions; you just need a Twitter account.

      • Gusto said on 4th February 2010, 4:10

        Funny enough i entered all my details etc, then it said account already in use, so if you see me on twitter it aint me.

        • Woffin said on 4th February 2010, 11:24

          I was going to name them ‘Silverton’ and ‘Bruce’ after the BBC newsreaders but couldn’t be bothered making a twitter account lol.

          • BasCB said on 4th February 2010, 17:38

            I just named the cars by e-mail (to the adress mentioned on the website –

            Glock: Dark ICE (ICE as for the german high speed trains)
            Di Grassi: New Dawn – not very original, but hwo nows, he might like it.

  12. The car looks great! Definitely one of the best. That picture in the daylight looks more orange than red :/ Like the red more..

  13. Macca said on 4th February 2010, 10:15

    That livery is pretty damn close to the mock-ups I did on the forum.

  14. does anyone know where i can find testing times for silverstone today?

  15. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 4th February 2010, 15:35

    Here’s the car getting ready for its first test run:

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