F1 Fanatic round-up: 23/3/2010

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Jaime Alguersuari waves goodbye to teenager-dom today as he celebrates his 20th birthday. Here’s today’s round-up:


Epsilon aims for F1 (Joe Saward)

Could F1 get a second Spanish team?

Blanchimont tunnel collapses at Spa (Autosport)

“The Blanchimont Entry Tunnel, which is located just before Paul Frere Corner (formerly Stavelot), provides access from the outside of the circuit to a karting track on the infield. The incident has left a hole in the surface of the run-off on the outside of the corner, though the only damage to the track itself is some cracks in the asphalt.”

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

OK we’re not going to hit 10,000 followers before Melbourne but we have just passed the 7,000 mark. One lucky follower will win a very cool prize after the Australian Grand Prix, so if you’re not following F1 Fanatic on Twitter yet grab your free account and start following today.

Comment of the day

Going to the Australian Grand Prix? Make sure you catch up with the other F1 Fanatics heading to Albert Park:

Tom, Macca, The Pope – I?m at the race too, Sitting in Jones Stand on Sunday.

Want to meet up and have a beer/coffee/soft drink? There is a two hour break between Prac 3 and Qually and we could meet up 4pm under the Golf Course Giant Screen?

That way, everyone can get there if they are grandstand or general admission entry?

Let me know!
Terry Fabulous

Read more: 2010 Australian Grand Prix discussion

Site updates

I’m planning a new series of articles designed for people who want to contribute guest articles. My plan is to have five different styles of articles to run on set days of the week and invite F1 Fanatic readers to submit their own. I’ll also produce some of the articles as well, and offer help and advice to anyone who’d like to write one.

Here’s the plan for the articles. If you’re interested in joining in or have any thoughts on the plan please post in the comments.

Monday – Poll
Put an issue of the day to a vote. Yesterday’s post on blue flags is an example of the intended format with the headings For, Against, I Say, You Say.

Tuesday – Top Ten
We want interesting, quirky ideas for top tens. In the past we’ve had Ten Best Ways to Finish An F1 Race and Ten Best Team Mate Rivalries.

Wednesday – F1 in numbers
An F1 trend or curiosity highlighted in statistics – in the past we’ve had The Rise and Fall of F1 Driver Numbers and Michael Schumacher vs Adrian Newey.

Thursday – Featured Driver
A biography of an interesting F1 driver (not a current member of the grid).

Friday – F1 Alternative
Make your case for another form of motor racing: recommend a non-F1 race or races that’s on during the coming weekend and introduce the category for non-fans. This was a series of articles a few years ago which I’d like to bring back.

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

Update: And a happy birthday to TommyC and KIBD as well

On this day in F1

Seven years ago today Kimi R??ikk??nen scored his first F1 victory in the Malaysian Grand Prix.