Massa takes title lead – full championship points after Malaysia

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Drivers’ Championship

Pos Driver Points
1 Felipe Massa 39
=2 Fernando Alonso 37
=2 Sebastian Vettel 37
4 Jenson Button 35
5 Nico Rosberg 35
6 Lewis Hamilton 31
7 Robert Kubica 30
8 Mark Webber 24
9 Adrian Sutil 10
10 Michael Schumacher 9
11 Vitantonio Liuzzi 8
12 Rubens Barrichello 5
13 Jaime Alguersuari 2
14 Nico H???lkenberg 1
=15 Bruno Senna 0
=15 Sebastien Buemi 0
=15 Vitaly Petrov 0
=15 Jarno Trulli 0
=15 Heikki Kovalainen 0
=15 Karun Chandhok 0
=15 Pedro de la Rosa 0
=15 Kamui Kobyashi 0
=15 Timo Glock 0
=15 Lucas di Grassi 0

Constructors’ Championship

Position Team Points
1 Ferrari 76
2 McLaren 66
3 Red Bull 61
4 Mercedes 44
5 Renault 30
6 Force India 18
7 Williams 6
8 Toro Rosso 2
=9 HRT 0
=9 Lotus 0
=9 Sauber 0
=9 Virgin 0

2010 Malaysian Grand Prix

77 comments on “Massa takes title lead – full championship points after Malaysia”

        1. Absolutely right. Rosberg has stepped up to a higher level this year I feel though, more than the step up to Mercedes alone can be accounted for. Rosberg put in some good quick qualifying performances with Williams, but never really seemed to underline it on the Sundays.

          But this year, with the prospect of Michael Schumacher as team mate, it was always going to be a case of pulling out all the stops, or look forward to 10 years of being branded a F1 also-ran who was a shoe-in because of his name. Bravo Nico, extremely positive response to what could have been a career killer.

          But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. We are 3 races in and Schumacher has been out of any competitive racing for 3 years. He said himself it would take several races to get up to speed. Today was mechanical failure after a positive start, not an aging egoist being beaten by all the young dudes.

          1. Brundle said on the f1 forum that Rosberg has to step it up a gear as he hasn’t shown if he is hungry enough. He may be good but I completely agree with Brundle

          2. From last year, I think Rosberg has stepped up Steph, but yes, he still needs to do more than hold station in the race, as he did today.

            Schumacher’s result today had nothing to do with driver ability and everything to do with car reliabilty, though Michael had made some ground toward the front, whereas Nico had fallen back a smidge.

            Again, early days, but we were all relishing the in-team battles at Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes this season, during the off season. Seems they are bearing fruit already ;)

  1. 1. Massa 39

    7. Kubica 30

    The first 7 split by only 9 points! When you can score 10 points for a 4th place.

    I think there’s gonna be 5 drivers fighting for the WDC. What a season!

    1. Yeah, before the race I was wondering if this might happen since the highest ranked drivers were all so far behind.

      In fact it’s like the championship starts from scratch for these drivers.

    1. I really dont think Massa has been driving too well. He got ripped apart by Alonso in Bahrain, and was not as quick as Alonso in Australia. Inspite of Alonso’s downshifting problem today, he looked much quicker than Massa. I think Massa is just lucky to be leading his teammate and the World Championship.

        1. er no, Raikkonen did not look quicker than Massa for a lot of 2008. Massa looked the dominant partner an not ahead by luck. This time Alonso is definatley driving better.

          1. Though, Raikkonen was much faster (and leading the WDC) through the beginning of 2008. Until they developed the car away from him.

            When they got the car back, Raikkonen was instantly faster than Massa again too. Although he crashed out of most races in an effort to do a do or die and get back points.

  2. Nice to see Massa in the lead, despite not showing his best in any of the races so far.

    Great work by Kubica as well, he has already gone up a lot in my books this year.

    1. It sure is great that it’s so close but lead of the WDC certainly flatters Massa at the moment after two so-so races but he is consistent I guess.

      Most impressed with Kubica this year though, in the title race in a Renault is unbelievably impressive.

  3. Points according to the old system: Kubica would be higher up, actually 2nd place finishers are the losers of this new point system. Hamilton would be in the lead if his team held his 3rd place in Melbourne.

    Massa 39 16
    Alonso 37 15
    Vettel 37 15
    Rosberg 35 14
    Button 35 13
    Hamilton31 12
    Kubica 30 13
    Webber 24 9

    1. What 3rd did Hamilton have in Aus? This year he finished 7th and it was never his at any point of the race. “if” has no place in F1. “If” all the drivers who have not survived had car problems before they crashed etc.

      1. Well mate, this is a blogpage where we are allowed to speculate right? Beside Ham had a 6th place, he held a 3rd place when the team pulled him in.

        You might not find it interesting but I do since I think his driving warranted something more the last few races. Especially considering that the error last time was neither car failure or driver error but a strategic blunder. You might think it doesn’t matter but I do and that’s it.

      2. Thats intersting, if McLaren held out Massa was never going to get by him in Aus, an he may have eventualy got Kubica though thats debatable. Hmm! Hammy could have been leading! well this does brighten my day. I mean it would have been luck an probably tempory but hey you can say the same about Massa’s lead. Ah well such is racing.

        My hopes for McLarens championship grow day by day. They can definately match Ferrari on race pace, seems there quali improving an tupgrades are on the way. Hopefully McLaren will keep on getting quicker.

      3. Since Hamilton was third and they called him in unnecesary, it’s fair to say Hamilton could have stayed out and taken that third.

        Then again if McLaren had simply let their drivers go out early in Q1 this weekend they might have been further up the field too. Hamilton was fastest all weekend. Would have been interesting to see where he could have ended up when he could have started from the front.

        1. My understanding is that McLaren pulled him early to give him advantage, remember that the driver who pits earliest gains the time nowadays… So I am surprised that a lot of Mclaren bashing is going on.

          If it had worked, We would be saying how great they (The McLaren strategists) are, It wasn’t nearly even close to a real mistake. A real mistake came in Malaysia.

  4. Great for Massa getting to the top, but it’s seemed to me he is trying too hard to avoid an incident and isn’t being aggressive enough.

    Hopefully he’ll start attacking again soon.

  5. I don’t really beleieve in luck. If you aren’t leading you just have to put yourself in a position to get the points to get ahead and Massa has done that. It’s not the classiest way nor the most exciting but well done to him. I feel he has more to give but good on him getting round Button even if Button’s tyres were shot.
    Alonso is the driver impressing me most of late. Hamilton has done slome good passes but not sure Mclaren are up there with RBR yet.
    RBR should win this title. They have the car, they have the driver.Alonso is the best at the mo’ in my opinion but RBR should get this job done. Whether they will is a different matter and I’m certainly not giving up on Ferrari. Thr fact RBR are so far ahead means they have the furthest to fall.

        1. They gave Hamilton a warning for his weaving down the straight in front of Petrov. Due to the events of recent years, I was fully expecting a drive-through/post-race penalty/hanging/public castration of Hamilton because of it.

          1. It was a bit naughty, warning naughty. He was trying to tow break, which is different to say the weaving Massa did in the breaking zones in Auz to Webber. As they didn’t punish that they can’t punish this. All the same, Petrov could have taken the slingshot after the first weave an had him up the inside for corner one.

            Hope Petrov scores soon, he deserves some points.

    1. Massa is there despite Alonso having had the measure of him in every weekend so far. What that says about Massa is that he gets the job done, and shouldn’t be written off for the championship by any means, especially when we get to some of his favourite circuits.

      My corollary to that is that Massa does need to start putting in the performances we know he’s capable of. If not for a spin (though his own fault) and a dodgy gearbox (not his fault), Alonso would be at the top of the table now. And have we seen Fernando at his best either?

      If Massa gets beat by Alonso over the season it will be no shame or reflection on Massa, but he has to step up if he wants to avoid it.

  6. vettel looks like the only real world champion material at the moment, the rest all made mistakes. His only problem up to today was with reliability. His driving, flawless.

    1. I detest your definition of a champion.
      A champion is never scared of taking risks and never scared of making mistakes if they are a result of going as close to the limit as possible.
      One could be flawless, make no mistakes and finish 7th or 8th at every race, or 2nd for that matter. Is he a champion? No.

    2. Vettel didn’t have to take any risks. He’s driving by far the fastest car on the grid.

      Remember what happens when Vettel actually IS forced to take risks. He almost invariably crashes out of the race.

    3. That’s rather harsh on the other 7 drivers at the top of the table I think. Vettel certainly drove well today, but was never really under any pressure due to a rather unusual qualifying put his nearests rivals, apart from team mate Webber, at the back of the grid.

      Another factor to take into account has been the adjustable ride-height system which Red Bull has been deploying during qualifying this year. Once the other teams can bring this to a race weekend, I expect we will see a closer battle for the front row.

      But hats off to Seb today, nice clean drive. Great 1-2 for the team.

        1. Um… 4 WDCs. With a total of 11 WDC titles between them. Seb has none yet. But has a very good chance this year to be honest. Newey has given a very fast driver a very fast car. Does put me in mind of the glory days for Williams.

          1. I knew it was 4 WDCs, but I basically meant “in the hunt challenging him” or something like that, since Schumi is getting quite far behind. I’m not writing him off and I want him to do well by the way.

    1. The thing is though, that if you get a bit of winning consistency, you will be mile ahead. Think about it, today was the first “easy” race in that pole went on to win, every other race has been thanks to circumstances.

    2. Yeah, the “new” points system only devalues the 2nd place. Other than that it’s identical to the old system.

      They should have brought back the 10-6-4-3-2-1 system and stretched that to 10 places by multiplying it by 10.

      Or make th system a pure sliding score. Start with a 100 points and make the next place worth 60% of the previous one.


      1. No, no, that’s just awful. With such big numbers, you have then scores like:
        …where there is far too many digits, and the 3rd digit is actually quite irrelevant/redundant.
        This is much more clearer and eye-friendly:
        …and allows easy calculations, WITHOUT the need for a calculator.

      2. Personally, I thought there were only two alternatives:

        1) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, with a winner-takes all system for the WDC

        2) Double last year’s points and fill the gaps in between. So 20-16-12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1

        I really think they should have gone with the second one. Not only does it shy away from rewarding the lower Top 10 too much, but it’s sensible and easy to follow. Off the top of my head, I still can’t remember what comes after 18 points for 2nd. Best of all, we have the old 4-point difference that served the 10-6-4-3-2-1 so well, but still gives 2nd great value (and even better than 3rd than the old system), and makes 3rd two points better than 4th instead of one, which I think underscores the achievement of a podium a lot more (one might say twice as much ;-)). Of course, the current system makes them even more rewarding, but I can’t help think it’s too much when you consider outside factors such as reliability which can leave drivers far behind if they fall out of the big points by bad luck.

  7. This table shows that the new system is not a big deal expect for them runnerups in the race, they lose out compared to before. 4th finish lose out slightly while from 6th place to 10th place all gain with the new system in relation to the old one. The gain being especially big for the 7th place finishers, cue Massa taking the lead today (he “lost” out being 2nd in Bahrain)

    10 10
    7.2 8
    6 6
    4.8 5
    4 4
    3.2 3
    2.4 2
    1.6 1

  8. Rosberg is looking good and taking his chances well and looking like the dark horse for the WDC. When Ross Brawn finishes the car we should see more from Rosberg and maybe a fair few wins through the season.

    7 drivers though in the running for the title with webber coming back to make 8 drivers, roll on China I say.

  9. Four drivers within 7 points – the margin of victory over 2nd, of course it’s close because we’ve only had three races, but a lot closer than I entertained! Two drivers – including a serious championship contender – being only a few points off as well just underscores it.

    The situation reminds me a little of 2007, Hamilton ahead without having won a race, let’s see if Massa can step up a notch and lead from the front, or if there will rather be a lot more chopping and changing. Great stuff, F1 2010!

  10. good for Massa. Hopefully that will spur him on to beat Alonso.
    BTW, Alonso is 2nd and Vettel is 3rd. there is no ‘=2nd’ Alonso is ahead due to previous finishing positions.

  11. Massa is no good. Soon he will start throwing races away.

    Fast Fred will fry the opposition this year, including Red Bull. And he is light years better than his teammate Tentative Phil

  12. After 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 system:
    Massa 16
    Alonso 15
    Vettel 15
    Rosberg 14
    Button 13
    Kubica 13
    Hamilton 12
    Webber 9
    Sutil 4
    Schumi 3
    Liuzzi 2
    Bari 1

    After 10-6-4-3-2-1 system:
    Alonso 13
    Vettel 13
    Massa 10
    Button 10
    Kubica 9
    Rosberg 7
    Hamilton 6
    Webber 6
    Sutil 2
    Schumi 1

    1. It should be Button ahead of Massa, because of him having a win.

      Alonso 13
      Vettel 13
      Button 10

      And all three race winners at the top. That’s the best point system, no doubt!

  13. On Speed channel in the US we saw a shot of the Redbull mechanics all standing around the rear suspension of Vettel’s car-obviously to block the camera from seeing the setup! Are the FIA looking into what Redbull have there as obviously they themselves think they have something to hide??

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