KERS return could improve racing – Simon

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

The FIA’s director of powertrain and electronics, Gilles Simon, has given another indication that F1 could return to using Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems soon.

He stressed the potential benefits of reintroducing KERS in an interview with the FIA magazine In Motion:

I think that could actually add to the show because with reduced displacement engines and lower torque, you could use additional electrical torque to differentiate between the cars, while at the same time developing and showcasing hybrid technology and performance that will be used in passenger cars.
Gilles Simon

Although Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems are legal under the current F1 rules, the teams have entered into an agreement not to use the devices this year.

To prevent a team from breaking the agreement the FOTA teams have apparently agreed that should anyone run an F1 car with with KERS in a race they would pay a significant financial penalty to the others. Several F1 teams made a similar agreement not to break ranks over Max Mosley’s budget cap plan last year.

Simon added the FIA could look into running a fully-electric formulae in some classes:

The trend towards smaller turbocharged engines in passenger cars is going to make them less noisy. But I am an engineer and I love the noise as it?s a main part of the show. I think it would be useful to test a fully electric formula to understand how we can deal with a no-noise engine and to see if there is some route for that. In rallying, for example, you could have silent cars at some phases of the event and noise at others.
Gilles Simon

Read the full interview with Simon on the FIA website.

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