FOTA “studied very little” about rear wing

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Ferrari technical director Aldo Costa admitted the Formula One Teams Association’s plan for an adjustable rear wing next year was at an early stage and could be dropped if it is deemed unsuccessful.

Speaking in the FIA press conference Costa said:

We will have the introduction of the new adjustable rear wing. I have the same mixed feeling like Mr Sauber.

It is a completely new element. We have not tested it. We have studied very, very little about it. We are going with it next year, so we will see after a few races. Anyway it is a movable option, so the FIA and the teams can always decide to stop it in case it is not good enough or not good for some reason.
Aldo Costa

Peter Sauber said the wing was “maybe… a good idea for overtaking, but I think we have different opinions from the technicians.”

Several drivers have voiced doubts over the adjustable rear wing, which drivers will be able to use only if they’re one second behind another car. The plan has also been strongly criticised by F1 Fanatic readers.

Costa also explained changes to next year’s technical rules aimed at making the cars safer:

The FIA as usual and the teams have looked at last year and this year?s crashes and, as usual, reacted on that making the chassis safer.

We will have the front part of the chassis more robust, the roll loop more robust, the side protection of the chassis more robust. Underneath the chassis in the driver area. The driver will be more protected, so all very positive aspects.
Aldo Costa

He added that he was happy with Ferrari’s performance in practice today after revising the layout at the rear of the F10:

Not only the back of the car but also the bodywork itself, so we have got a new radiator system in terms of the shape and concept, so there?s new bodywork. And the exhaust layout is completely different and the back of the car, as you said ?ǣ floor, suspension ?ǣ there are improvements as well in the middle part of the car.

Today was a very intense day because we had to do a massive amount of checks and a lot of kilometres. We solved some issues in free practice one, very, very quickly and in free practice two we were running OK. Felipe spun but this is the game. So everything in FP2 was OK.
Aldo Costa

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