Piquet Jnr: Massa blames me for lost championship

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Nelson Piquet Junior has revealed that Felipe Massa still blames him for his lost 2008 Drivers? Championship.

Massa came within a point of winning the season and was leading the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix when Piquet Jnr deliberately crashed, bringing out the safety car.

When much of the field took the opportunity to pit there were problems and Massa drove off with his fuel hose still attached and ended the race in 13th place. Piquet Jnr’s teammate Fernando Alonso won the race, with Lewis Hamilton in third place.

Piquest Jnr told Portuguese-language magazine Istoe, “Massa was very upset with me because he thinks, to this day, that he lost the 2008 championship because of me.??

??It is no use arguing that he had a DNF in Hungary, that he and Ferrari made mistakes. Not to mention his lack of luck. For the love of God, that last lap in Interlagos was pure luck for (Lewis) Hamilton (who was the champion) and bad luck to him.

??But he is still very upset. I have never talked to him again. We stumble upon each other every now and then, but we don?t keep on touch.”

Piquet Jnr also criticised Massa?s actions during this year?s German Grand Prix, saying:

Generally you?d want to make such arrangements in a subtle manner. At the end of the straight, a driver breaks a little early into a corner, let the team mate close the gap and overtake. Alright, with the fight for the first place it is harder to make it subtle, but it didn?t have to be so blatant. There is where Massa surprised me.

He wanted to expose Ferrari?s team game to cause a bit of a mess. Because the situation itself is normal. The most common code is the one Ferrari uses, that your team mate is faster than you. Massa understood, but wanted to make sure that, if it was for him, there would be no overtaking.

Ferrari will never miss the opportunity to let one of its drivers close the gap to the championship leaders. If Massa does not want that to happen, he needs to accept he is slower and race faster. He needs to work to get faster than Alonso. There?s no other way.
Piquet Jnr

Nelson Piquet Junior?s spokesperson has confirmed that this translation is accurate.

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  1. Piquet Jr is a dummy. A crash test dummy. That is all.

  2. hmm.. this was supposed to be a response to someone asking if Piquet is doing NASCAR now.

  3. I don’t think Nelson have any license to talk anything about F1. He should keep his mouth shut.

  4. “Generally you’d want to make such arrangements in a subtle manner.” yeah like crash out of the race so that your teammate wins. much more subtle that way… Piquet Jr. should be banned from motor-sport forever for coming up with the plan in the first place.

  5. Although Nelson Jr. is right, Massa should get over losing 2008 it is perfectly understandable, that Massa is not speaking to him. Massa asked him directly after the GP what happened and a year later got the proof he was right to ask, but got a lie in return. Not something you would get over lightly, even if it was not the sole reason for losing the WDC in 2008.

    It does sound a bit strange to hear Piquet Jr. give advice to Massa about the team order. What he says is very much the same we heard from a lot of (ex)drivers, TO are used frequently, just executed less blatantly than Massa/Ferrari did here.

    Actually in the interview he sounds a lot more like a grown up, than he used to be. His ambition of making an impression in NASCAR is a positive one.

    1. Hm, on re-checking, yes, you are right about those last two sentences. Good for him, but the rest of your post is also spot on.

      The comments from more or less every driver about team orders do show they need to deal with them better. They should not happen mostly during the season, for me, but if they do, they should be clear and honestly admitted, with the commenter able to explain/speculate why they happen, not if they are happening.

  6. The Dutch Bear
    16th August 2010, 9:28

    Of course what Piquet jr. did was wrong. However Massa still would have won the championship if Ferrari hadn’t made a mess of their pitstop (driving away with the fuel hose still atached, remember)during that safety car period. Massa would be right to blame Piquet jr. if there were no mistakes on his side.

  7. Piquet has to be the dumbest guy ever, if he keeps quiet and of of the headlines, then maybe some people could think about forgiving him for his past at some point in the future. But just adding fuel to the fire and opening up wounds is going to do him no favours.

  8. I truely believe that any headlines involving his name isn´t worth 51 comments (err.. 52 comments).

  9. It was just one incident among many during that season. Wasn’t Massa awarded an extra Championship Point after Bourdais dared come out of the pits in front of him? That was the first time ever I can remember that anyone was awarded anything Extra for a Potential result If… Massa can’t blame it on anyone. So many things happened, the person/car/team most suited to the circumstances won. That’s how it goes.

    Having said that, who cares what Piquet Jr is saying? Move on, get a job in Hollywood.

  10. Massa has every reason to blame this attention-seeking cheater for losing the championship. He was set for an easy win until Piquet floored the throttle and smashed his car into the wall.

    Sure, Alonso won and I was happy at that, but Massa deserved the championship.

    1. Hmmmm…..I’m not so sure I agree with you there Daykind. Irrespective of the validity of what Piquet Jnr is saying but –

      Massa did drive some good races in 2008 but he also drove some bloody shockers. Similarly Hamilton also drove some great races but had a couple of shockers as well. Personally, I can’t say with any kind of conviction that either driver really deserved it any more than the other (based solely on that year).

      However, despite the odd flash of brilliance, I don’t think there’s much of an argument refuting the fact that Massa is a second rate driver (more second rate than some people think of Button) whereas Hamilton is a top notch/first rate driver, in my opinion second only to Alonso and that’s only by a small margin – and I don’t even like Hamilton! I think he’s a smug git

      The idea of 2008 World Champion Filipe Massa just doesn’t sound right (as some people say of Button, though I do think Button is a deserving champion). Whereas some of Hamilton’s talent is very worthy of being called World Champion.

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