Fourth win of 2010 is Alonso’s best yet (Ferrari race review)

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Ferrari were stronger at Singapore than the headline times after practice made them look.

Even so, Fernando Alonso’s fourth win of the year was easily his best of the season so far and means he has momentum behind him in the championship battle.

Felipe Massa Fernando Alonso
Qualifying position 24 1
Qualifying time comparison (None) No time
Race position 8 1
Average race lap 1’57.818 (+1.857) 1’55.960
Laps 61/61 61/61
Pit stops 1 1

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Felipe Massa

At Singapore in 2008 Fernando Alonso’s car failed in qualifying, condemning to start from 15th place. The same misfortune struck close to home again this year – but hit his team mate, leaving Massa last on the grid after failing to set a time in Q1.

Ferrari seized the opportunity to move Massa onto his ninth race engine, accepting a ten-place grid penalty that had no effect on his starting position.

He mimicked Alonso’s Monaco strategy of pitting after the first lap to get his mandatory tyre change out of the way.

Unfortunately the arrival of the safety car shortly afterwards meant it brought him little benefit. He spent most of the race in traffic and finished tenth on the road before being promoted to eighth place by penalties for other drivers.

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Fernando Alonso

No-one could argue Alonso’s second win in the Singapore Grand Prix was anything less than fully deserved.

It was clear on Friday that Ferrari had a car to challenge Red Bull with – even if Alonso’s potential was disguised by a mistake on his first super-soft tyre lap in second practice.

He snatched an excellent pole position as Sebastian Vettel stumbled in qualifying, and held his lead at the start even as Vettel made a slighlty better getaway.

Alonso was more or less untroubled during the first stint by Vettel came on stronger after they both switched to medium tyres. At the second safety car restart Alonso ran wide at turn 20 but Vettel wasn’t quite close enough to gain an advantage.

There were a couple of worrying moments towards the end of the race as they picked off a few lapped cars. The chequered flag spared him from tackling a string of backmarkers with Vettel right on his tail – and secured his fourth victory of 2010,

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