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The “rate the race” polls have been a popular feature on F1 Fanatic since they were introduced at the start of the 2008 season.

Since then almost 100,000 votes have been received. The results have been compiled below to show what you thought was the best of the last 50 races – and which was the worst.

50. 2010 German Grand Prix – 3.74/10

It’s no great surprise to see which race comes out as the least popular of the last 50 Grands Prix.

Felipe Massa may not have been quite as quick as team mate Fernando Alonso at Hockenheim this year – but he got into the lead and Alonso couldn’t find a way to take it off him.

Sadly an absorbing battle for victory was abruptly cut off when Ferrari gave Massa a coded instruction to let Alonso pass. Race over.

2010 German Grand Prix review: Controversy as Alonso wins manipulated race

49. 2008 European Grand Prix – 3.977/10
48. 2008 Chinese Grand Prix – 4.446/10
47. 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix – 4.587/10
46. 2010 Spanish Grand Prix – 4.919/10
45. 2008 Spanish Grand Prix – 5.085/10
44. 2009 Turkish Grand Prix – 5.276/10
43. 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix – 5.284/10

42. 2009 Spanish Grand Prix – 5.33/10

There have been three races at the Circuit de Catalunya in the last 50 Grands Prix and all of them are ranked in the bottom ten.

It’s hard to argue with the track’s reputation as an overtaking-free zone. Until recently it at least had a couple of interesting corners at the end of the lap, but now they’ve been turned into a slow chicane, which serves only to make the race take even longer.

The 2009 instalment was decided by Jenson Button using a different fuel strategy to Rubens Barrichello. If there’s a less interesting way to win a race I haven’t seen it.

2009 Spanish Grand Prix review: Button wins again with the old two-stop

41. 2009 Singapore Grand Prix – 5.336/10
40. 2009 European Grand Prix – 5.355/10
39. 2008 Bahrain Grand Prix – 5.364/10
38. 2010 European Grand Prix – 5.454/10
37. 2009 Monaco Grand Prix – 5.504/10
36. 2008 French Grand Prix- 5.548/10
35. 2009 Japanese Grand Prix – 5.58/10
34. 2008 Malaysian Grand Prix – 5.738/10
33. 2009 British Grand Prix- 5.755/10

32. 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – 5.794/10

For the mind-boggling amount of money spent on Abu Dhabi’s F1 track, it couldn’t buy an exciting race. Which was hardly surprising given how the dreary circuit failed to live up to its spectacular surroundings.

A promised battle for victory between Lewis Hamilton and the Red Bulls fizzled out. But there were a few highights: the last-lap scrap between Jenson Button and Mark Webber, and Kamui Kobayashi’s pass on Button after his pit stop.

2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix review: Vettel leads a Red Bull one-two in finale

31. 2008 Hungarian Grand Prix – 6.202/10
30. 2010 Monaco Grand Prix – 6.217/10
29. 2008 Singapore Grand Prix – 6.302/10
28. 2009 Bahrain Grand Prix – 6.42/10
27. 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix – 6.654/10
26. 2008 Japanese Grand Prix – 6.66/10
25. 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix – 6.684/10
24. 2009 Chinese Grand Prix – 6.69/10

23. 2010 Italian Grand Prix – 6.759/10

Not all good races are packed with overtaking. This one had tension in spades as Fernando Alonso piled the pressure on Button for lap after lap.

Elsewhere, a novel strategy helped Sebastian Vettel to fourth while Mark Webber did the bulk of the day’s overtaking.

2010 Italian Grand Prix review: Alonso beats Button to Monza win

22. 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix – 6.808/10
21. 2008 Turkish Grand Prix – 6.816/10
20. 2009 Italian Grand Prix – 7.049/10
19. 2009 German Grand Prix – 7.096/10
18. 2008 German Grand Prix – 7.18/10
17. 2010 Singapore Grand Prix – 7.194/10
16. 2010 British Grand Prix – 7.203/10
15. 2008 Australian Grand Prix – 7.609/10
14. 2008 Belgian Grand Prix – 7.736/10
13. 2008 Canadian Grand Prix – 7.809/10

12. 2009 Belgian Grand Prix – 7.852/10

One of the great ‘underdog’ races of recent times (along with Vettel’s 2008 win at Monza in ninth place).

Giancarlo Fisichella started from pole position but couldn’t repel Kimi R??ikk??nen at the re-start following a huge first-lap crash.

Fisichella never let the Ferrari out of his sights, chasing R??ikk??nen around every corner of the sublime 7km Spa-Francorchamps track.

2009 Belgian Grand Prix review: Kimi R??ikk??nen edges Giancarlo Fisichella for win

11. 2009 Australian Grand Prix – 7.937/10
10. 2010 Turkish Grand Prix – 7.984/10
9. 2008 Italian Grand Prix – 8.153/10
8. 2008 British Grand Prix – 8.164/10
7. 2008 Monaco Grand Prix – 8.177/10
6. 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix – 8.309/10
5. 2010 Chinese Grand Prix – 8.326/10
4. 2010 Belgian Grand Prix – 8.368/10
3. 2010 Australian Grand Prix – 8.638/10

2. 2010 Canadian Grand Prix – 8.668/10

If there’s one characteristic that marks out a good race, it’s unpredictability. That’s usually something you associate with wet races, but here was a dry race that had just as many twists and turns.

There was overtaking throughout the field. The lead changed hands on the track and in the pits. Somehow even a Toro Rosso got in front at one point.

So you don’t need rain to make a great race. But whatever they’re paved the track with at Montreal, can please they send a few tonnes of it to the Circuit de Catalunya?

2010 Canadian Grand Prix review: Hamilton heads McLaren one-two in Montreal thriller

1. 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix – 8.756/10

However exciting a race can be, the thrill is amplified when a championship hangs in the balance. And it increases exponentially as the laps tick down and the result could still go either way.

The 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos was a masterpiece of unscripted tension. It came about on one of the world’s great racing circuits thanks to two sprinklings of rain and a down-to-the-wire championship showdown between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa.

Two astonishing twists in the final three laps changed the destiny of the world championship first one way, then the other. As fresh rain fell in the closing minutes, most of the drivers changed to intermediate tyres.

But Timo Glock gambled on staying on grooved tyres. By not pitting he moved ahead of Hamilton, who was now fifth and could not afford to lose another place.

As Robert Kubica un-lapped himself Sebastian Vettel pounced – and took fifth place. With two laps to go, the destination of the championship switched from Hamilton to Massa.

But the rain continued to fall and in the final two laps Glock was struggling badly. Even so, it wasn’t until Hamilton reached the final corner that he took fifth place back and the championship along with it.

It’s hard to imagine how any race could out-strip that one for drama, but with four rounds to go this year and five drivers still in the running for the championship, perhaps we will.

2008 Brazilian Grand Prix review: Lewis Hamilton is champion in epic climax to final race

Thanks to everyone who’s participated in our ‘rate the race’ polls over the past three years. I wonder if the races at the top and bottom of the chart will have changed in another 50 races’ time?

Last 50 F1 races as rated by F1 Fanatic readers
Last 50 F1 races as rated by F1 Fanatic readers
Last 50 F1 races as rated by F1 Fanatic readers (with trendline)
Last 50 F1 races as rated by F1 Fanatic readers (with trendline)

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