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What did you think of the Japanese Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

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174 comments on “Rate the race: Japan”

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  1. I went for a 9! I really enjoyed that, Maybe I’m just in a good mood!

    If the FIA throw the book at Kamui I may regret it though…

  2. Guilherme Teixeira
    10th October 2010, 9:10

    I think the circuit owners should rename the hairpin to something like “Kobayashi Kamui-sama hairpin”. Only that to keep me awake at 4am…

    I think it was a really good race, which is unusual because all races at Suzuka that I watched were a snorefest!


    1. “Kobayashi Kamikazi Korner”;)

  3. Hometown boy Kobyashi was my driver of the day, great stuff!

  4. Reasonably boring race, Kobayashi saved it from being a repeat of Bahrain. Nothing interesting happened with the front runners, apart from Lewis bowing out with a broken gearbox.

    The Japanese producers didn’t help by showing way too much Yamamoto (seriously, pitting from last, rejoining in last is not worthy of air time)

    1. The best of those moments were, when he got passed by Trulli and Glock :-(

    2. Was it really that boring? I mean you had people battling up and down the field….

      I think people use the “it was like Bahrain” line WAY too often…..

    3. Oh please – of course it’s worthy of air time if it’s your guy. Besides which: if you say the race was boring, what were we missing?

      1. They say it was boring bc Mclaren didnt win. My fav driver didnt win today, but i thought the race was great. Gave it a 9

  5. It was an ok race, rated it 6, because most the excitement came from Kobayashi (you gotta love him!)

    But the moment which grabbed my attention was McLaren. The shots of Lewis approaching the chicane with Jenson behind. Lewis’s brakes were emitting clouds of carbon, and JB arrived at the spot without any visual effects at all. This is really where you should look for similarities between Senna and Prost situation. Generally, Lewis makes this McLaren go faster, but it often fires back with reliability problems. What reliability issues JB had? None! Don’t count Monaco, it was a human thing there. Considering they both get same equipment it is pretty obvious that Lewis harasses his car more than JB does. It’s cool, he’s a fighter and all that. His fighting also gets him in trouble during the races, but sometimes makes him a hero and all that.
    But what it’s worth if JB finishes ahead of him in the championship? It doesn’t seems unlikely now. This is, i guess, how it was in McLaren back in the days. A battle between ruthless speed demon and a grossmeister.

    And it seems that both McLarens are out of the hunt for the drivers championship, ~30 points with 3 races to go it’s a bit too much to regain in my view.

    1. Except Lewis’ reliability issues weren’t with the brakes, they were with his gearbox. Dunno what the point of bringing up the brake dust shot shot since that happens a lot anyway.

      1. Whatever, but I think Leftie has a point. When all reliability issues hit the same driver to a point when the difference is already statistically significant, the only difference is driving style…

      2. But that show was nice to see, i found it remarkable as well to see how much Lewis brakes are huffing and puffing dust.

        It might be that without the lower gears he had to do a bit more with the brakes.

        1. BasCB: it was even before! at first i didn’t pay any attention to it, only when JB appeared behind the difference became pretty eye catching

      3. thanks man, i’m very aware of the fact that brakes don’t have a 3rd gear to loose :)

        well of course it happens a lot, but i’m pointing not at the fact of dust emitting alone, i’m pointing at the operating differences between two cars

    2. What have been Lewis’ mechanical failures so far this year though? Here are the 3 that I can recall:

      1.) Spain – whilst there were initial speculations that Lewis’ driving contributed to a ‘tyre failure’, it was found to be a wheel nut at fault.

      2.) Hungary – gearbox failure, as I understand it. Does anyone know anything more about the reasons for that failure?

      3.) Japan – gearbox failure. Considering it was brand new, I can’t imagine Lewis pushed it anywhere near enough in the laps he did to contribute to its failure.

      It’s always been clear that Lewis and Jenson have different driving styles and that Jenson is ‘easier’ on his car, but can you point to any evidence that suggests Lewis’s driving style has actually contributed to any of these 3 mechanical issues?

      The brake dust issue, as pointed out by Robbie, is a red herring in this case. It may indeed point to Lewis being a bit harder on his brakes, but that doesn’t mean it is detrimental in any way. He’s not suffered from any brake-related issues this year that I can think of?

      I think if Jenson does finish ahead of Lewis in the championship, he’ll point to his own mistake at Monza and (arguably) Singapore, rather than how the car was affected by his driving.

      1. How does a driver’s style affect the reliability of a car in 2010? Does Hamilton flick the steering wheel paddles too hard whereas Button caresses them like a gentleman? This line of reasoning is an excuse for Button not being able to find that usual .3s he lacks from his teammate: he’s saving the car. A Likely Story.

    3. Put it this way, neither Button or Hamilton is going to win the WDC this year. It’s over. But even if Hamilton finishes below Button, the only one of them who *could* have won this year – had not accumulated these DNFs and other problems all of a sudden – is Hamilton. That’s the difference.

    4. Maybe McLaren should build a more sturdier car for their wunderkind….one that he can actually adapt to his driving style and not suffer so many mech issues?

  6. I hope an onboard from Massa appears online as well as a better angle/onboard of Di Grassi’s enormous a la McNish ’02 crash at 130R.

    1. Massa had an onboard. He went a bit mental and went for a gap that was never really there or was never going to last long and seemed like as he went on the grass to get out of the situation he just lost it.

      1. I think he got the rear wheel on the grass (still a bit slippery from the rain) and just lost control.

        Bur surely Massa’s mistake. At least he did not have to be Alonso’s rear gunner ;-)

      2. It must have been on the BBC only. Can you send me a link if you see it anywhere please Steph?

        1. It was just on the BBC F1 forum. Course I will Damon. I’ve just done a quick search and couldn’t find the onboard I’ll try again later but here are some replays (ignore the random kid)


          1. Thanks Steph! I saw those replays live. Has anyone seen any more footage or Di Grassi though?

          2. Could you tweet it to me if you do find anything Steph? What about Rosberg? We never saw what happened to him other than that onboard which didn’t tell us much.

  7. 7. Race was quite good.

  8. what can I say?
    if there weren`t many crashes on the start and we couldn`t see kamui on the track, the race would be so so boring.
    although it was boring…
    4. for that

    bernie, please think about the future, because i will see RC Cars :)

    1. The start was interesting, but FOM cameras missed most of the action and it gave us a SC instead of an interesting first 2 laps and then Kubica dropped out as well.

      I gave it a 6 mainly for the great passes by Kobayashi. Driving around Suzuka makes it a nice view to watch thoug, so it would not have been less than a 5 for me anyhow.

      1. It wasn’t FOM’s fault, Fuji tv did this broadcast (rather poorly in my opinion).

  9. What was Webber going on about in the post race interview? Something about “we all know the rules” and his position for the second part of the race. Were they team ordered? His last lap effort to hit fastest lap certainly pointed to a man who could have gone faster, and wanted everyone to know it. Didn’t think too much of that until his comment. Did anyone else hear that?

    1. Looked like that a bit to me as well. Maybe they were told not to battle (knowing how good Vettel is at that, and with Alonso right on their tail as well).

    2. Interesting… Webber feeling a bit disgruntled?

      1. I thought the smile on his face he tried to hide when the BBC asked him about taking the fastest lap off Vettel said it all ;)

      2. Have a look at the victory picture with “Vettel celebrating with the whole RBR team” posted here http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2010/10/10/japanese-grand-prix-in-pictures-2/ .

        The only Webber in there is from cardboard!

    3. Also, didn’t he leave the interview room before the questions were over?

  10. A 7 from me.The race was a little bit of a procession at the front.Webber was lucky in Kubica’s misfortune.Kobayashi had an inspired drive and was the highlight for me.But i did get a good laugh on the final lap when Webber took the fastest lap away from Vettel.

  11. Sometimes one man can make the difference.
    Today Kobayashi gave us great entertainment, as if he was playing in his little backyard. 8/10

    For the rest, only a processional race. Sad for Liuzzi, luck is not on his side in this period.

    1. and obviously i’m sad for Kubica, Renault’s mechanics have thrown away a golden chance.

  12. Kobayashi earned this one an 8 all by himself. I certainly hope we’ll see this guy in some top of the line machinery eventually – though if Sauber continue to develop along the same lines as this year with Carlos Slim behind the team next year… . Where are you now, oh ye of little faith who were pooh-poohing his breakthrough performances last year? Ha!

    What a bummer for Kubica – although we couldn’t ask much better than having the five top contenders fighting it out for the top five spots in the race – I can’t help but think that he might have given Vettel a harder time than Webber did. Ok so that might be wishful thinking, but we’ll never know.

  13. 3 – What a poor, boring race that was. Today Formula 1 showed its true face: drivers can’t overtake because they lose grip and overheat their brakes, engine and gearbox as soon as they start to slipstream.

    1. sorry F1 fanatics but it’s true

    2. I’m not sure what race you were watching?

      What a poor, boring race that was. Today Formula 1 showed its true face: drivers can’t overtake because they lose grip and overheat their brakes, engine and gearbox as soon as they start to slipstream.

      It make me wonder how many F1 races you’ve seen in the last 10 years to compare this race to?

      I thought it was great. I gave it an 8.

      1. Apart from a small number of passings in the midfield, particularly from Kobayashi, there race provided very little ‘racing’. As I wrote earlier: drivers lose grip and overheat key parts as soon as they start slipstreaming. Remember, with the current set of rules a slipstream in Suzuka could well cause an engine failure in Abu Dhabi due to overheating.

        1. Must agree with Pingguest. Lots of tension this year because of the close fight between the five drivers at the front but there has not been much on track action between them.

          Twitchy aero and too hard tires are spoiling what could’ve been an epic year.4/10.

          Goodbye double diffuser, hello Pirelli’s. Next year should be better.

  14. Gave it a 5. Good racing in the midfield but a pretty standard race at the front.

    One of this season’s races that catches your attention for the tension and closeness of the championship battle more than the actual racing, although that is to be expected at this stage of the season!

  15. Great racing in the midfield. It’s a shame that we did see overtaking between the front runners. Well done Kobayashi. 7/10.

  16. 7. Lots of drama on the opening lap with some major retirements during the race & for sure the driver of the day Kobayahsi provided the entertainment. I used to miss Montoya a lot ,now I think I have found a replacement. The way Kobayahsi drove today will for sure will be in many teams shopping list in the future.

  17. Suppose that new Renault’s sponsors from Russia can’t look at Kubica leadering in this team. Shame on you Renault.

  18. Would have been a seven, but with Kamui at his home race had to give it a ten

  19. 7 for a super entertaining final surge from Kobayashi. The whinging about how Hamilton being the best driver on the grid and his misfortune compared to those two ‘slow’ drivers at RBR almost make it an 8. Seriously, get over it. I can’t split the top four on talent, they each have their days (or weeks).

  20. I thought it was a dreadful race. The hopes for an exciting start were over with the appearance of the SC, any excitement at the front was ruined with Kubica’s retirement and Hamilton’s getting closer to Alonso were ruined by his gearbox. Other than that the race was pretty much a Red Bull 1-2. Gave it a generous 5 due to Kobayashi.

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