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What did you think of the Japanese Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2010 Japanese Grand Prix out of ten

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174 comments on “Rate the race: Japan”

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  1. I wanna see what Kobayashi could do in a Red Bull

  2. it’s a shame that Kubica didnt finish ;/

    1. I don’t care as much about not finishing, although it’s a shame for him.

      What i mind is him not even getting a fight or two during the race, but dropping off the cameras and us finding out about 2 laps later, that he somehow crashed/stopped.

  3. The first 5 laps and the last 5 laps.
    I could of gone out for 45 laps and missed nothing.
    Sorry, 4.

    Without Kobayashi. 3.

  4. A solid 8 because of Hamilton’s issues. Ending up behind Button this year I’m afraid. Is him the new J Villeneuve maybe?

  5. Its because of the f duct that you all are calling lewis the best overtaker.mr david

  6. Let me make my point clear. In the first four races Lewis made a hell lot of passes.that was the time when They had the f duct which non other barring maybe saubar had. But slowly most of the teams copied it successfully and since then hamilton’s overtaking has been limited to the first few corners only. He couldnt overtake in turkey because the rbr were too fast in the corners and also had a half decent fduct. In canada he overtook alonso due to a mistake but was overtaken back.in italy and singapore his attempts failed. Make no mistake, i am not doubting lewis’s skill but to say that mclaren dont even need the fduct bcoz they got lewis is a bit insane to me. If you doubt me watch the replay of him overtaking webber at china (or malaysia maybe). He closed on him like a rocket on the straight.

  7. Suzuka’s layout means overtaking is difficult. I give it a 7 mostly thanks to Kobayashi!

  8. the coverage was terrible! They missed the front runners for a long time and kept us watching Sakon racing a Lotus and Virgin.

    It’s alright, he’s a japanese. But show him once and that’s it. There’s the other Japanese (who also got a lot of cameras on him) that was doing good!. They even switched to Yamamoto while pitting.

    You tell me if it was worth it. Don’t think so.

    Plus their job on the start’s crashes was poor. Only one replay that showed us nothing and that’s it.

    1. Agree, lucky us it was Kobayashi doing those overtakes, had it been someone else, we might have not even seen them.

  9. Charles Carroll
    10th October 2010, 15:42

    Great race! I gave it a 10!

    1. LOL, or are you serious?

      If so, please explain, what makes this the best race in ages?

  10. Boring race. Probably the last one of the season I’ll watch. The Singapore race really put a bad taste in my mouth after Webber purposely took out his title rival Hamilton and was allowed to collect points for his underhanded effort.

    So I’m just marking the entire season as a farce with Red Bulls suspect flexi-wings and Webber taking out his rivals. I’m just going to throw an (*) on this season, since Red Bull prepaid for the championship.

    See ya next season.

    1. Younger Hamilton
      10th October 2010, 22:06

      Comment of the day but Red Bull’s Flexi wing is no more i even sure Vettel’s on the pit straight it looked pretty static and settled their wings may be clipped but they still have a lot of performance to have the Fastest car of F1 throughout the Whole season yes i think Webber has been absolutely mad and sabotaging his rivals throughout the season,same goes to Vettel if one of them wins the title as well as the Constructors i might even call F1 a day as well.

  11. Quote of the day: Martin Brundle: “Massa’s car looks like Bambi just after he was born!” Good race. I gave it an 8. Great overtaking from Kobayashi and some good action in the midfield. Shame for Kubica

  12. A bit disappointing, with much of the field conspiring to remove themselves befor the race had really begun.

    Although at least I managed to avoid Vettels winning celebrations. And hopefully, this will put an end to people claiming McLaren have been using Team orders. If they were, why would they allow Hamiltons race to be ruined by sitting behind a rather slow Button and so not being able to use the softs to their full potential and try to jump Alonso?

  13. 5 for the race, 10 for the Kobayashi show (again),man, this guy’s the master of the brakes. Are the ‘big teams’ calling?…….they should be.

    1. He have a contract with Sauber for 2011, so it’s not happening that soon.But in the future he will be in the shopping list of many teams.

  14. Younger Hamilton
    10th October 2010, 21:59

    Will all this talk about Lewis leaving McLaren stop the chances of him leaving are very very Unlikely he has stated that he wants to stay with them forever thus he’s been with them for almost all of his racing career they are the team that his racing hero raced for and won titles with McLaren are the team that gave Lewis his first World Title you all think Lewis should go to Red Bull and Mercedes well THINK AGAIN!! because thats never going to happen McLaren and Lewis Hamilton FOREVER!!!

  15. I gave it an 8, partly on the back of Kobayashi. A fair bit of action throughout the race, although I’d have liked to see Webber challenge for the win. He had the speed – so why didn’t it happen?

  16. Very nice race. Lots of crashes but good thing no one got hurt.
    Hats off to the Driver of the day: Kobayashi. Boring race for the top 3 drivers. McLaren has bad strategy calls + a broken 3rd gear for HAM.

    Korea is unknown territory for all drivers & I guess its either the experienced drivers like Alonso, Webber & Button will top this one. Let them bring the race down to the wire! :)

  17. rather boring up front, but I voted 9 because of the large amount of accidents (I never wish for them, but I admit that they make a race more exciting) and a good deal of action in midfield.

  18. I’m usually right in the consensus on this but this race was boring. The demise of Kubica basically killed off the potential of a race among him, Webber, Alonso and Hamilton. In the end, we had a plain-Vanilla 1-2 by the 1-2 qualifiers and the other podium spot filled by virtue of retirement.

    The only bit of frisson came when it seemed that Button’s daft strategy would cause him to pack up Vettel through Hamilton; then that didn’t happen, and then Hamilton’s transmission robbed us of a hell of a battle between him and Alonso. It was a series of terrible disappointments unravelling into progressively deeper boredom. Kobbayashi mowing down midfielder was much appreciated but that is a side show.

  19. Another boring race, made boring by the cleverly designed Red Bull cars … Koba San just had fresh rubber, Kubica did the same in Singa. Rated – 2.

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