Horner hits back over Webber criticism

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Red Bull team principal Christian Horner described claims that driver Mark Webber tried to take one of his championship rivals out during the Korean Grand Prix as “absurd”.

After crashing into a wall on lap 19 of the race Webber’s car swung into the path of Nico Rosberg.

The Mercedes driver was running fourth at the time in between Webber’s championship rivals Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

Gerhard Berger was quoted saying it was “clear” Webber hoped to take another driver out after crashing during the Korean Grand Prix, adding “He took out Rosberg, but it was the wrong one. I think in his mind he would have preferred Alonso or Hamilton.”

Horner told the Daily Telegraph:

As with every incident in Formula One, opinions will always be made without all the facts. Just to be absolutely clear ?ǣ Mark?s intention was not to take out another driver after his crash in the Korean Grand Prix and it?s ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

After Mark?s impact with the wall, it was clear on the TV and from the data that his car was badly damaged. However, the natural and immediate instinct of any competitive driver is not to give up and to keep going.

In the atrocious conditions, Mark made the snap decision to continue as every driver would in that situation ?ǣ it?s absurd to suggest that Mark would ever deliberately take out another driver.
Christian Horner

Rosberg also questioned Webber’s actions during the crashsaying it was “crazy” of him to allow his car to roll back across the track.

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  1. I suppose that it’s possible that the outcome could have been different had Webber kept his foot planted on the brakes (if, in fact, he hadn’t), but to suggest that he made a split second decision to allow the car roll out in an attempt to take out someone behind him is quite a stretch. I don’t buy it.

  2. Berger is trying hard to be the new Lauda of controversial comments.

    Back to the point though, I believe Webber just tried too hard to recover from the crash and didn’t take into consideration the other cars. The way his car hit the wall it appeared like it had come to rest, then suddenly swerved back onto the track which appears to me like he tried to recover.
    The fact that the front right tyre wasn’t making contact with the ground as he came back on track, makes me believe he had left rear suspension failure, that might also explain why he couldn’t execute a recovery spin and hence wandered across the track.

    Alonso was just fortunate, by the time Rosberg arrived, the dynamics had changed Hamilton was just lucky that the second accident didn’t throw the car back on the road.

    1. Alonso was just fortunate, by the time Rosberg arrived, the dynamics had changed Hamilton was just lucky that the second accident didn’t throw the car back on the road.


  3. about the ‘splitsecond’ point… I ve been in a couple of carcrashes in my life and i can tell you i had complete stories in my head in those split seconds. It s adrenaline and in such a situatin you get a big shot of it. So that is no point in this debate.

  4. Alonso was just fortunate

    I beg to differ. Watch the vid (there are plenty of youtube links already in the thread) Alonso swerves to avoid Webber. At first he goes right, in the same direction Webber is going, a split second afterwards he turns left to avoid him. How he did that without losing grip is beyond me, but by going straight ahead he would certainly have t-boned Mark begore he got to the wall. By the time Hamilton arrived, both Mark and Nico were safely off track.

    1. So you agree that Alonso met Webber while he was going off track, and Rosberg met Webber while he was coming back on track. Two very different situations. Because the first spin was a somewhat predictable motion of the car, hence Alonso being fortunate. The second spin was unpredictable hence Rosberg’s misfortune.

  5. utter nonsense… the damage for him was already done.

    Why taking out someone that, at that point, wasn’t his major rival?????

    hope this is the end of this stupid theory. And don’t look at my Webber avatar.

    1. Alonso was behind and his main threat, he wouldn’t of know he was clear at that point he decided to let the car slide back across the track… and it was split second it happen relatively slowly in F1 terms. More than enough time to think about it. As a top sports man if you can’t think that quickly… well…

  6. dragon_2712 (@)
    28th October 2010, 0:53

    Why are you all arguing with Alistair? Please just ignore him. His posts are stupidity to the point of trolling.

  7. Okay, I’m really not trying to be contentious. But look at around 20 sec on this clip:


    After spinning, hitting the wall and facing the approaching traffic, Webber clearly seems to accelerate across track and *into* the path of the oncoming car – as it happened, Rosberg. Other clips appear to support the idea that he accelerated backwards into the oncoming driver’s path.

    If so, draw your own conclusions. But personally I think Berger is probably correct. Not that it matters much now!

  8. what i find to be somewhat troubling about the Webber slide is that his rear wheels were actually rolling in reverse. this means that either his engine had shut down, while in no gear, or he had actually shifted the tranny into reverse. this would explain the sudden acceleration after his initial contact with the wall. This still does not mean that he was trying to take out any other drivers, he simply may not have known exactly how long he would slide and thought that the trajectory would be a little straighter than it was. In any event, there will always be victims in unexpected crashes, just take a look at any NASCAR race.

    1. Phew, not just me seeing that acceleration then! Everyone is discussing whether he braked or not when it looks like he’d shifted into reverse and maybe accelerated too, just after the car had realigned from roughly parallel to the wall to pointing across the track. Presuming he’s the one responsible for these movements, what was he up to? Maybe he was trying to return as fast as possible, reversing and then looking to spin on track to the face the right way. Which would have been fine on an empty freeway. Or maybe he knew his race was over and he drove straight into the path of what he thought was a championship rival. Either way, pretty mad.

  9. I doubt that Webber is stupid to do something of that magnitude.It is more about putting the media pressure on Webber (as someone pointed in the web) so that he crack some other wins the WC.

  10. i think as Hornor said…Every driver would try his best to continue..thats what he was trying to do….i believe these things are just crap…

  11. When I saw Webber reverse back across the track, my first initial reaction was he was trying to take out Hamilton (unaware Rosberg had passed him).

    Looking back on it, I’m not sure. I agree that where he initially crashes is not ideal however reversing along the track is 10 times worse in my opinion. I don’t think he was thinking about taking any driver out though, but just made a mistake in where to park it.

  12. Let me guess if this is right. Webber leading championship in horrid conditions choreographs to lose it around an off camber corner and plan to hit the wall and hope the car is still driveable enough to go back across the track and take out opponents.

    Wouldn’t this have just allowed Vettel to have the edge going into the last two races and hinder his chances?

    Has anyone sensible thought of the possibility that he made an error a lap earlier and was losing time to Vettel with Alonso closing in and took the corner a little wrong and had an ACCIDENT and panicked when he realised he was off and tried to keep on racing as most race drivers do and probably didn’t realise the car was as damaged as it was. hmmm.

    And Berger. where have you been for a while. what a great way to get back into the spotlight. noticed you mentioned great drivers like Senna, Schumacher and Alonso. Wonder if any of these have blatantly taken off other drivers to claim drivers titles. maybe you’re upset that Webber may win one and you never did.

    1. er, yeah, of course dropping it on the wet kerb was not planned.

      The subsequent deliberate crash is the issue here.

  13. The moment Mark came off the wall he knew his right suspension was damaged and he might as well make the most of the incident by accelerating backwards and cause some collateral damage to one or more of his rivals.
    It’s just another example of his “over my dead body” mentality he’d shown in Turkey and Singapore,not only remarkably scoring twice 15 points ,but also getting 2 close competitors DNF’ed.
    I’m not putting the blame on him for those 2 racing incidents,I just want to point out the guy has been playing “all in”in tricky conditions even with a properly functioning car!
    Alonso should not be lauded for avoiding a collision with a car sliding away from him and the racing line and only impacting the wall after he had passed.
    He should just be counting his blessings he wasn’t in Nico’s situation who didn’t stand a decent chance.
    I’m just wondering if Schumacher would get punished if he had pulled off the same trick ?
    He did get demoted to the back of the grid for hampering the other racers at the end of qualifying in Monaco 2006,also without full proof evidence of intention…

    1. ‘Accelerating backwards’ hey. In turkey Webber gave Vettel enough room to do what he needed to. Webber would have to be retarded to just hand it to him. Vettel was just greedy. And in Singapore, Webber hit his braking marker perfectly and Hamilton came across his front. Webber cannot brake any harder or just disappear. In all of these situations the most professional people were in position penalise Webber though they did not. You obviously know more with your racing expertise.

  14. My intital thoughts were not good about how it looked but I am a Webber fan and decided to think the best of him.

    After looking a little further I would like to think perhaps that by the time he got his hands back on the steering wheel the rear of the car was already pointing into the middle of the track. At the speed he was travelling, had he swung the wheel back around and veered back toward the wall he may have in fact spent more time on the racing line and caused more danger.

    Thoughts on this theory?

    1. The video supports your theory. Webber catches the steering wheel and the car is already turning to the right.

    2. Come on!


      I just watched the onboard, he steers on to the racing line quite deliberately!!!!!


      1. When he catches the wheel it is upside down, he didn’t have much control over which way the car was travelling.

  15. wow i cant believe this.
    1. the conditions were terrible, on a new track that was very very slippery.
    2. Webber made a genuine error.
    3. after hitting the wall it is clear webbers car is badly damaged. on the left rear suspension.
    4. webbers front right wheel is raised off the ground due to the damage to his left rear suspension.
    5. after contact with the wall webbers dashboard is like a cristmas tree sujesting the cars gearbox was in neutral or broken.
    6. people say webber speed up this is imposible beacuse the car is not in reverse gear.
    7. webber after initaly sliding back on track steers left in an attempt to prevent the car rolling backwards but due to the damage to the left rear and the fact his right front is not touching the ground means he just keeping heading backwards.
    8. thier is no way webber meant to continue across the track like he did. the damage to his car contributed significantly.
    any questions i think that wraps it up?

    1. One question:

      Why didnt he brake?

      Why didnt he steer along the wall, off the racing line?!

      Driving for beginners.

      1. How many questions?

  16. Some of these excuses for Webber are just plain stupid and Some people even say Rosbergs fault, at the end of the day we dont know why he even came back across the track it looked like he could have rolled backwards or stopped completely but he decided to try and correct himself probably not knowing just how severe the damage was to the rear. Its a stupid decision since the race was still young and the field wasnt spread out very much. But I dont think he intentionally thought to himself ” let me take out another title runner”

  17. He doth protest too much! How could he be so sure of the motives of MW in the heat of the moment! Busted!

    It is so obvious that Webber tried to take out what he assumed would be a rival.

    Horner says he was trying to carry on… What with no suspension or front wing?

    Why would he keep going backwards, I assume he would have spun the car round the right way at some point? And maybe steered away from the second wall?

    I make it four avoidable collisions that Webber has had , three with Hamilton, and one with a silver car having just taken Hamiltons track position.

    Webber is a dirty driver, and not particularly talented.

    If Rosberg drove for RB he and they would already be WC.

    Rosberg is an outstanding driver, his time will come.

    If MW is WC it will be the lamest chmpion ever!

    1. Put it this way, if I was Hamilton, still fighting for the championship and about to pass Webber, I’d give him a lot of track room. Just to be on the safe side.

    2. Webber beat Rosberg, his team mate for Williams, in 2006. Your theory is mud. Also, if he is so ‘lame’ why is he bashing his way more fancied German team mate. And lastly, Webber is the cleanest, friendliest driver going around. All of the drivers like him.

    3. Also, Nico Rosberg just happens to be son of former champion, Keke. Daddy has obviously set him up well as a manufactured seat occupier. Ralf Schumacher comes to mind at this moment, and we all know what raw talent he had.

  18. Your posts are increasingly lacking credibility Platine. I am not looking forward to the next one you post.

    1. Your comments begin by saying “I am a Webber fan and decided to think the best of him.”, and that you are basically looking for excuses! You are not exactly credible either.

      The fact that Rosberg seems to agree with me lends me rather a lot of credibility.

      As does the fact he clearly steers across the track.

      1. You will note all of my ‘excuses’ or not excuses at all. Hence explicit justification of the fact that ‘i would like to think that this is what happened’; that this is but a ‘theory’. And I would strongly argue that wanting to think the best of someone does indeed hold credibilty.

        Now, allow me to turn your attention to but one of your responses in which the follwing ridiculous statements were made, all of which hold no credibiltity whatsoever:

        “It is so obvious that Webber tried to take out what he assumed would be a rival.

        “Webber is a dirty driver, and not particularly talented.

        “If Rosberg drove for RB he and they would already be WC.

        “If MW is WC it will be the lamest chmpion ever!”

      2. Rosberg agrees with you??? What ever you’re smoking, I want some.

        All of your comments are completely biased and offensive. You keep forcing opinion without factual backing, and it’s becoming irritating for this audience.

  19. but if it had been Schumacher…..! and only because he has previous would you consider it potentially devious.

    Its so against Webbers character that i find it impossible to believe. He may have made a wrong decision but to think he would risk himself by rolling across the track sideways is beyond anything even MS would consider. It sounds like something Lauda would say, im suprised at Berger. ( btw im not a Webber fanboy)

    As for the guy who said it was Rosbergs fault because he ran into Webber. Im lost for words, a staggeringly stupid comment.

    Still intrigue feeds F1 like seals feed polar bears

  20. i think berger is in on the psychological game against webber…

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