Horner hits back over Webber criticism

Korean Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner described claims that driver Mark Webber tried to take one of his championship rivals out during the Korean Grand Prix as “absurd”.

After crashing into a wall on lap 19 of the race Webber’s car swung into the path of Nico Rosberg.

The Mercedes driver was running fourth at the time in between Webber’s championship rivals Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton.

Gerhard Berger was quoted saying it was “clear” Webber hoped to take another driver out after crashing during the Korean Grand Prix, adding “He took out Rosberg, but it was the wrong one. I think in his mind he would have preferred Alonso or Hamilton.”

Horner told the Daily Telegraph:

As with every incident in Formula One, opinions will always be made without all the facts. Just to be absolutely clear ?ǣ Mark?s intention was not to take out another driver after his crash in the Korean Grand Prix and it?s ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

After Mark?s impact with the wall, it was clear on the TV and from the data that his car was badly damaged. However, the natural and immediate instinct of any competitive driver is not to give up and to keep going.

In the atrocious conditions, Mark made the snap decision to continue as every driver would in that situation ?ǣ it?s absurd to suggest that Mark would ever deliberately take out another driver.
Christian Horner

Rosberg also questioned Webber’s actions during the crashsaying it was “crazy” of him to allow his car to roll back across the track.

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205 comments on “Horner hits back over Webber criticism”

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  1. Be nice to see the in-car footage of Webber, if a front wheel is bobbling round the nose then it looks bad. Plus telemmetry would give an indication of his actions. But id still look at a mans character first.

  2. I said this debate would ring on……..

    In my personal opinion, given the fact I can remember him running into Hamilton twice wrecklessly in Australia through desperation to get past and impress his home crowd, and then again in Singapore which seemed either ridiculously stupid or deliberate, I wouldn’t put it past him he would try it again here seeing the championship slipping away after he hit the wall. Schumacher did it in 94, and with how safe the cars are now….. I’d probably do it to in the ‘heat of the moment’

  3. Great debate!

    Did he? Did’nt he?
    Only problem is, only Mark Webber really knows the answer…

  4. Webber’s ‘move’ after crashing is no worse than Sutil’s in Singapore in 2009 where he spun then tried to rejoin and hit Heidfeld, and he only got a token fine and a telling off by the Stewards

    1. That may well be the case, its still wrong though.

  5. certainly he will not win a championship 2010 due to his actions! shameful if he does winning this year.

    1. Apologies I Screwed Up The Link =(
      Just Click On The Highlighted Text It Will Take You To The Footage.

      1. DeadManWoking
        28th October 2010, 23:20

        The Link isn’t the only thing you Screwed Up!
        Webber spun and hit the wall going backwards and he continued going backwards across the track to the other side. Rosberg would only have been in mirror for a split second before he hit him.


        There has been 4 pages of this nonsense over what was clearly an unintentional racing incident.

  6. Keith, a poll for this one please …
    a) voluntary doing nothing to prevent an avoidable crash
    b) deliberately steering across the track
    c) undecided

    1. – purposefully rolling back on track when the car could have stayed off track.

  7. Berger should never be asked to steward a race again. Not a very impartial comment made by a former steward, who has no RB telemetry to back his accusation.

    You conspiracy spitters are rediculous. Get real.

  8. One thing is certain, conspiracy theories and biases will only grow in intensity as the season comes down to the wire. No matter what, people will be blinded from the facts and share their own skewed viewpoints — I don’t think it’s worth taking too seriously ;)

    I love this… It’s like a political race.

  9. 1. Webber left the steering wheel just before impact and grabbed it after impact (for obvious reasons). he had no imput into steering.
    2. Webber had broken his rear left suspension losing road contact with front right and rear left tyres. Leaving only two tyres to even attempt braking.
    3. It would have taken Webber a second to realise he had terminal damage, the same time it took for Rosberg to collide with him.

    Anybody that has followed Webber’s career knows he is just about the cleanest racer going around, and to suggest otherwise is misguided.

  10. Gazz. He was not looking in his mirrors, and he did not do any steering. He was looking at Rosberg to know if he should tense up for collision. Webber is innocent. He is also belting his much more fancied team mate in the championship. When are people going to give this driver the respect he deserves?

    1. In Reply To Joe’s Comment

      “He was not looking in his mirrors, and he did not do any steering. He was looking at Rosberg to know if he should tense up for collision”

      Well If he was Looking At Rosberg Then He Was Clearly Using His Mirrors To Do So!
      And C’mon He Was CLEARLY Holding The Steering Wheel In The Given Position, His Hands Are On The Damn Thing!

      “He is also belting his much more fancied team mate in the championship”

      Really? Yes The Points Speak For Themselves But Thinking about Pure Pace Then As Much As I Hate Vettel, He Should Be Leading This By A Considerable Margin. I Respect Webber Fully, Id Rather See Him Win The Championship Than The Likes Of Alonso Or Vettel, But On This Occasion I Think He Has Done Wrong. OPINION Not Fact.

      1. DeadManWoking
        30th October 2010, 15:22

        Well If he was Looking At Rosberg Then He Was Clearly Using His Mirrors To Do So!

        He was going Backwards On The Track ,Rosberg wasn’t in his mirror until they hit!

        Why do you persist in this absolute nonsense?

        1. All Im Saying is That He WAS Looking In His Mirrors, Yes It Was Literally For A Split Second But This Reverts us Back To the Original Debate Why Didnt He Brake? No One From RBR has Mentioned Brake Failure! So He Could Have Avoided That Incedent, Therefore He Should Get A Penalty At Interlagos.

  11. The more I look at the footage the more I’m convinced Webber should be penalized. Unless he suffered from brake failure, which has not been stated by Red Bull, then he had ample time to process the idea that he should have braked; Webber himself said the whole thing felt like it was in slow motion, and most importantly, he said it was all his fault – not the cars (meaning no failure). His Fault because of how he managed the situation which lead to crash into the wall and for taking out Rosberg.

    But…As a Hamilton fan, I think it would be better for Lewis if Webber is not penalized, as he needs Webber to take points from Alonso.

  12. Wow what a great debate!

    If Berger hadn’t decided he needed some attention because he hasn’t been in the news for a while, and if Rosberg hadn’t gone “Great this would justify me out of a potential podium, why didn’t I think of this”, then I don’t believe anybody else accused Webber of a delibirate accident. (i.e Ferrai or McLaren)

    Afterall everyone seems to thin that Webber was trying to take out Hamilton. Wouldn’t Alonso be the bigger threat and what about his team mate Vettel??? some people just have no idea.

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