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It’s the last race-free weekend of the 2010 season. What are you doing with yours? Have your say in the comments.

Here’ today’s round-up:


Williams indicates Hulkenberg will stay next season (BBC)

Frank Williams: “It was a little disappointing, maybe, in the first few races, perhaps because he was being over-cautious. But lately he has become very competitive and we have just seen the beginning of something exceptional.”

Schu ‘very impressed’ with Merc spirit (ITV-F1)

“The season is coming to an end and I have to say that I am very impressed with how our guys have coped with it, especially in the last few flyaway races. Even though we have not had any big developments recently, we have still delivered promising performances.”

‘I crossed myself and faced Modena’ (ESPN)

Stirling Moss: “When you’re 20 years old and you’re asked to go to meet Ferrari you cross yourself and face Modena. It’s a big deal.”

Comment of the day

DB was in the stands at Korea:

Sunday was cold and rainy as you probably saw on TV. It wasn?t that it was raining hard, just that it never stopped sprinkling from the night before so the track could never dry out. We were sitting in the very top left corner of the grandstand facing the section between turns 9-10 as if you were facing the stands. You could probably see me standing there if you were able to slow down the footage enough. It really did get quite dark at the end of the race. On TV the cameras amplified all the ambient light but in reality the sun was set already. Lucky they finished when they did.

From the forum

Here’s a great question: Do drivers sneeze?

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On this day in F1

This Michael Schumacher retrospective I wrote following his first retirement four years ago makes interesting reading since he’s returned. Particularly:

Fernando Alonso is a relentlessly fast, exceptionally professional driver cast in the Schumacher mould, only without the controversial edge.

Since writing that I think the ship has sailed on that last part.

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