Lucas di Grassi, Virgin, Korea, 2010

Ecclestone brands new teams “cripples”

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Lucas di Grassi, Virgin, Korea, 2010
Lucas di Grassi, Virgin, Korea, 2010

In today’s round-up, Bernie Ecclestone still isn’t happy with the new teams and an F1 Fanatic reader tells of their experience at the 1990 Brazilian Grand Prix.


Ecclestone backtracks over F1 flotation (Financial Times)

“They do nothing for us, they are an embarrassment. We need to get rid of a few of those cripples. Richard [Branson] should put some money in there shouldn?t he? He could do what [Red Bull founder] Dietrich Mateschitz has done and put some money in.??

A predictable line from Ecclestone which has more to do with the money the new teams have received this year to compete than that benefit they bring to the sport.

Nick answers the questions of his fans (Nick Heidfeld)

“I did always run exactly the same downforce setting as Kamui. But I might be in the worst position in regard to the (right now much discussed) engine situation. The team lost three of just eight allowed engines on my car this season. To make matters worse this happened at an early stage where the engines were pretty fresh. Therefore the remaining engines have to cover a lot of extra miles. This unfortunately leads to an engine power loss owed to the fact of having ??older?? engines, which is the reason for [losing] out on acceleration and top speeds.”

Senna in ‘well-advanced’ talks to replace Trulli at Lotus (Crash)

Not a surprising rumour given his home race is coming up.

Baguette turns back on F1 (ESPN)

“I have received offers to participate in the upcoming test in Abu Dhabi, but I don’t care to spend our budget on a programme that I suspect will not lead to anything. Instead, I am focused on Indycar, where I have the feeling I can build a career. I don’t want to spend any more of my time looking for an opening in F1, where a driver who has proved himself in the lower categories is not given a chance.”

Chandhok: My focus is very firmly on 2011 (F1 Pulse)

“The Delhi monsoons slowed things down a little bit. But now that it?s finished, the rate of construction has ramped up massively. They have nearly doubled the workforce since the rains have stopped. They are now pushing ahead a lot quicker than they were before the rains. The first thing to do is to remove all fears that it would be the next Commonwealth Games. I don?t think that?s going to be an issue.”

A karting masterclass with Lewis Hamilton (F1 Badger)

“Lewis, whether he likes events like this or not, was in a top mood the whole time. He didn?t get frustrated with the media attention, was great with the fans, and showed no signs of being a man who?s less than a week away from a decisive, championship-critical grand prix. Maybe he?s just used to it, but you?ve still got to hand it to the guy.”

Gerard Hetman (The Times Leader)

Gerard has written some excellent guest articles for F1 Fanatic in the past – make sure you check out his new blog here.

Comment of the day

Lopes saw the first race at the new Interlagos in 1990:

I attended that very first race in the revamped Interlagos circuit in 1990 with my father (I was eight years old). I sat in the ??A?? sector, which was just before the last kink leading to the pit straight.

I couldn?t see Senna entangle with Nakajima, because the Bico de Pato turn was hidden from my point of view, but I still remember the huge disappointment of everybody in the stands when Senna had to come in for a new nose.

One thing that I realised many years later was how good it was to watch the race live in Interlagos. Because it?s in a bowl you can see a lot of the track.

From my position close to the pit entrance you could see the whole pit straight then almost the whole Reta Oposta with turns four, five, six, beginning of seven, nine and eleven. You could definitely have a good understanding of what was going on, even without any screens at the circuit (at that time).

Also see this comment from Guilherme Teixeira on when the perimeter circuit was used at Interlagos.

From the forum

The “F1 2010” patch has begun to appear for PS3 users – according to Codemasters (and verified by people on Twitter) it was released by Sony on Sunday. At the time of writing Xbox 360 and PC versions are yet to appear.

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