Sebastian Vettel becomes youngest ever F1 champion

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Abu Dhabi, 2010

Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Abu Dhabi, 2010

Sebastian Vettel has become the youngest driver ever to win the Formula 1 world championship.

At 23 years and 134 days old he has broken the record set by Lewis Hamilton in 2008, who won the title aged 23 years, 301 days.

This record has now been broken three times in the last six years – Fernando Alonso the first to break it in 2005.

F1 world champions by country

Vettel is only the second German driver to win the world championship, joining Michael Schumacher, who last won the world championship in 2004.

Country No. Drivers/s
1 Britain 14 Mike Hawthorn, Graham Hill (2), Jim Clark (2), John Surtees, Jackie Stewart (3), James Hunt, Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button
2 Brazil 8 Emerson Fittipaldi (2), Nelson Piquet (3), Ayrton Senna (3)
2 Germany 8 Michael Schumacher (7), Sebastian Vettel
4 Argentina 5 Juan Manuel Fangio
5 Australia 4 Jack Brabham (3), Alan Jones
5 Austria 4 Jochen Rindt, Niki Lauda (3)
5 France 4 Alain Prost
5 Finland 4 Keke Rosberg, Mika Hakkinen (2), Kimi R??ikk??nen
9 Italy 3 Giuseppi Farina, Alberto Ascari (2)
10 United States 2 Phil Hill, Mario Andretti
10 Spain 2 Fernando Alonso
12 New Zealand 1 Denny Hulme
12 South Africa 1 Jody Scheckter
12 Canada 1 Jacques Villeneuve

2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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256 comments on Sebastian Vettel becomes youngest ever F1 champion

  1. Torkane said on 14th November 2010, 14:56

    Congrats Vettel, WDC and congrats Red Bull for the Constructors championship. What a great result for the season!

  2. BillHicks said on 14th November 2010, 14:56

    Lol, Ferrari cheated and ‘still’ couldn’t win! Big smiles!!

    The mighty Ferrari beaten by a fizzy drinks manufacturer… priceless!!

  3. RIISE (@riise) said on 14th November 2010, 14:56

    Ridiculous, why did Ferrari copy Webber? They knew the consequences of being behind all the driver son hard tyres.

    Ferrari just screwed Alonso over completely, pathetic.

    • matt88 (@matt88) said on 14th November 2010, 15:10

      domenicali told they thought soft tyres would have degraded very soon (as happened to them on Friday) but this was wrong.

    • That was great strategical thinking from Red Bull and nice teamwork from Webber to lure both Ferrari’s away like that.
      A shame they had to give up Webbers position to do that, but I suppose this was the most reliable way of making sure a Red Bull driver won the WDC, and the right one as well!

      • CarsVsChildren said on 14th November 2010, 17:13

        Red Bull were very clever today, however I don’t think in their wildest of wildest dreams would they have thought that Ferrari would be stupid enough to pit Alonso as well.

        Horner probably choked on his red bull when he saw the Scuderia mechanics walking out into the pit lane.

  4. curedcat said on 14th November 2010, 14:57

    great championship. maybe mclaren can learn a lot of things from redbull on how to design a car .

    • They already know the lesson: Pay Newey enough to keep him at the team and keep the team manager off his back.

      Everyone else now has to wait until Newey gets bored of winning from the front and goes to Force India or something. We may be in for another era of dominance such as Newey brought for Williams and for McLaren.

  5. Fer no.65 (@fer-no65) said on 14th November 2010, 14:58

    really dissapointed, but well… well deserved championship.

    Not only dissapointed about Mark loosing the champ but also at Alonso’s actitude towards Petrov. I always supported him, even if he’s been moaning too much about everything. But that fist at Petrov was way to much. What was he thinking? Petrov to move aside?? why???… pathetic.

  6. I’m really happy for such race scenario instead of some tricks or dirty defence etc. Great show worth the final.

  7. Daffid said on 14th November 2010, 15:00

    Happiest man tonight? Vettel or Massa? ;p

    • David BR said on 14th November 2010, 15:08

      That thought passed through my mind too. I’m sure Massa is enjoying a quiet caipirinha, listening to Alonso throwing the toys around in the other room…

  8. Well Done Vettel..

    Great to see the smugness wiped off Alonso’s face. showed his true colours there with Petrov..

    roll on 2011 and roll on the Return of Mclaren ;)

  9. sumedh said on 14th November 2010, 15:00

    A deserving champion. And well played by RBR today. Very clearly, they fooled Fernando and Ferrari.

    • Agree, that was very clever thinking to use Webber to lure away the Ferrari’s like that and give Vettel the best shot of winning the title this year.

  10. despite having saying it in the live blog

    In Soviet Russia, Fernando is slower than you

  11. dragon said on 14th November 2010, 15:03

    I didn’t like Fernando’s gesture to Petrov, who drove excellently, one bit. Yes he just lost a championship he should have won, but take it out on the team that screwed you over!

  12. Would I be considered cynical if I hypothesised that Red Bull pitted Mark early in the hope Alonso would copy and be dragged down the field with him? :P

    What a season.

    • Actually very weird strategy…

    • Red Andy (@red-andy) said on 14th November 2010, 15:22

      The thought did cross my mind, but I think what happened was that Red Bull just decided to split their strategies. If the soft tyres had degraded quickly Webber would have been up there, as it happened he wasn’t.

      Ferrari couldn’t split their strategies as they only had one driver in the hunt for the title. Using Massa to cover off Webber failed so they had to get Alonso to do it; I guess they figured it was better for him to end up behind one Red Bull than behind both, especially as he didn’t necessarily need to beat Vettel to win the title.

    • I think that was pretty clever thinking by them to get at least one of their guys the best possible shot at the title. And it worked!

    • sumedh said on 14th November 2010, 16:00


      Red Bull simply fooled Ferrari. Ferrari on the other hand naively concentrated only on Webber and no one else, neither Vettel nor the drivers who had already pitted – Petrov and Rosberg.

      Its like a game of chess, Mark Webber was Red Bull’s sacrifice pawn.

      • CarsVsChildren said on 14th November 2010, 17:15

        I think Red Bull were gambling to help Webber. I don’t think they even remotely believed Alonso would pit as well.

        • RBR didn’t care what Alonso would do, because their aim was to jump him. He could stay out, and Webber would eat him up with the fresher tires, or he could stop and cover, but there was nothing to do about that. Their misfortune of getting stuck behind the STR, was ironically the miracle that saved them. Because Ferrari saw this and, with their minds in mode of being super-safe, they thought, we can 100 percent cover Webber, so lets just do it. But they took their eye off the ball. Their aim was to achieve 5th, not beat Webber, and with the latter in such a desperate position, and showing poor pace, they would have been best to just forget about Webber.

          As in many sports, from tennis to volleyball to baseball, espeically american football, you see when a team or competitor has an advantage, they play not to lose, and they loose the entire logic of their game-play and they fall apart. Ferrari should have known, especially as it was this same scenario where they won in 2007 and all but won in 2008.

  13. David BR said on 14th November 2010, 15:06

    Congratulations Seb Vettel and Red Bull! A deserving winner. As it seemed it might, the race turned on Button: getting past Alonso at the start suddenly made it game on for Vettel. The Schumacher-Liuzzi was obviously the turning point though. Amazed that Webber wasn’t even capable of pressing Alonso. And Alonso’s fist shaking at Petrov made everyone neutral happy, I’m sure, that he didn’t win! What an idiot!

  14. alejandro said on 14th November 2010, 15:07

    Sebastian Vettel ist den jüngste Weldmeister!!!

    I can quote a friend saying: “Fernando, Vitaly is faster than you.”

    And A little song for him: “Fernando: Look at the stars, look how they shine for you… and all the guys you couldn’t pass, yeah, they were all yellow ♫”

  15. EPIC race of epic season.
    VET, PET, and KUB greatly impressed.
    VET had fantastic end of the season. and today confired he’s a fighter. He won without controversy like Schumacher.
    PET – hero of the day – quality drive, no mistake, I keep thinking he’s better than Hulk.
    KUB was impressive doing such a tempo on 1st set of tyres unitl about 5 laps remaining. Great tactical execution.

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