Sergio Perez, Sauber, Abu Dhabi, 2010

2011 F1 entry list confirms Sauber name change

2011 F1 seasonPosted on Author Keith Collantine

Sergio Perez, Sauber, Abu Dhabi, 2010
Sergio Perez, Sauber, Abu Dhabi, 2010

The FIA has published the drivers and teams entry list for the 2011 F1 season as it stands.

The list shows 14 drivers confirmed in the 24 places available on the grid next year.

Among the few changes are Sauber changing their official name from “BMW Sauber” to “Sauber”.

The list indicates Lotus will retain the same driver line-up of Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen.

Neither of Toro Rosso’s drivers are confirmed despite the team announcing in July that Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari would be retained.

2011 F1 entry list as published by the FIA

1 Sebastian Vettel (DEU) Red Bull Racing (AUT) Red Bull Racing Renault
2 Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing (AUT) Red Bull Racing Renault
3 Jenson Button (GBR) Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes (GBR) McLaren Mercedes
4 Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Vodafone Mclaren Mercedes (GBR) McLaren Mercedes
5 Fernando Alonso (ESP) Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (ITA) Ferrari
6 Felipe Massa (BRA) Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro (ITA) Ferrari
7 Michael Schumacher (DEU) Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team (DEU) Mercedes
8 Nico Rosberg (DEU) Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team (DEU) Mercedes
9 Robert Kubica (POL) Renault F1 Team (FRA) Renault
10 TBA Renault F1 Team (FRA) Renault
11 Rubens Barrichello (BRA) AT&T Williams (GBR) Williams Cosworth
12 TBA AT&T Williams (GBR) Williams Cosworth
14 TBA Force India F1 Team (IND) Force India Mercedes
15 TBA Force India F1 Team (IND) Force India Mercedes
16 Kamui Kobayashi (JPN) Sauber F1 Team (CHE) Sauber Ferrari
17 Sergio Perez Mendoza (MEX) Sauber F1 Team (CHE) Sauber Ferrari
18 TBA Scuderia Toro Rosso (ITA) STR Ferrari
19 TBA Scuderia Toro Rosso (ITA) STR Ferrari
20 Jarno Trulli (ITA) Team Lotus (MAL) Lotus Renault
21 Heikki Kovalainen (FIN) Team Lotus (MAL) Lotus Renault
22 TBA HRT F1 Team (ESP) HRT Cosworth
23 TBA HRT F1 Team (ESP) HRT Cosworth
24 TBA Marussia Virgin Racing (GBR) Virgin Cosworth
25 TBA Marussia Virgin Racing (GBR) Virgin Cosworth

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141 comments on “2011 F1 entry list confirms Sauber name change”

      1. I suppose the numbers here are given more or less according to who had the lower number this year.
        That is, until the teams start moving them around like Mercedes did with Schumacher at the start of the year.

      1. I think itz like this, the WDC guy gets #1, his partner gets #2, then the next team in constructors gets the next 2 numbers, and so on. the team then decides who gets which number.

          1. I prefer the yellow helmet/yellow t-bar combination for Lewis, I like keeping things symetrical like that. Especially on internet streams.

            Button has a lot of red, so red camera. Webber is yellow hatted and will have yellow t-bar, christ knows what Vettel’s colours are. Massa will move to yellow camera to properly match helmet. Mercedes again line-up in proper colours, Red Schumi, Yellow Rosberg.

            Yes, that’s the way, the main runners and riders in the proper t-bar colours, keeps things nice and organised. Let’s hope McLaren don’t decide to spoil it.

            Lewis also does his best work with an even number on the car. A 2 was enough to keep pace with Alonso; Mosely’s spite saw him with two 2s, 22, and he won a championship; #1 lumbered with a hopeless silver pig to drive; a 2 this year saw him in contention again; so if we say 4 is actually just two 2s, then you should really get a crafty early tenner on him for the 2011 WDC.

          2. I like Feynmans take on the numbers there. It is probably just coincidence, but you never know (if Schumi is superstitious, why would Lewis not be).

    1. I notice how controversial Button and Schumacher having the wrong number is but McLaren and Mercedes could be doing fans a favour.

      Button and Schumacher have red helmets and as the first driver, it will match the red T-cam’s on their cars.

      Same with Hamilton and Rosberg, both have yellow helmets to match the yellow helmets.

      Of course it’s much more fun and more of a talking point to claim it’s favouritism.

    2. My guess is that Jenson requested the team give him the number three car. Four is bad luck for the Japanese because it sounds close to the word for death, as Jessica (Jenson’s main squeeze) is Japanese, it makes some bit of sense.

    3. There are plenty of reasons why Button might be number 3. Maybe Hamilton specifically requested to be number 4 because it’s a significant number for him or because the yellow camera mounting matches his helmet. Maybe Button won a coin toss. Maybe McLaren want to show there is no favouritism between their drivers. Maybe they had a deal whereby the first driver to win a race this year would get the first number. Maybe McLaren have decided to go alphabetically instead of based on championship results.

      1. if i had lived a different life and become a F1 driver i would have demanded the no 13 on my car as its a lucky number for me, especcially if i was champ.

    1. It’s one of the dumbest things they do. Odd numbered cars would have a red bar and even would have a yellow bar. As it is the lower numbered car is red and the higher numbered car is yellow. Oh well.

    1. Ok, I’m wondering whether anyone can confirm my logic here: Because there is a difference between teams and constructors, the 9th GP of 2011 championship will be Team Lotus’ 300th GP, but it will be Lotus’ 319th GP? Am I right in saying that one year not racing as Team Lotus has muddled up the statistics a bit?

        1. If that is the case (that I am wrong) then Fernandes and co look pretty dumb: flogging the idea – and expensive merchandise – that Valencia 2010 was Lotus’ 300th race, when actually Lotus’ 300th race will be Valencia 2011!

          1. Actually, Fernandez jumps ships as long as he gets all the benefits! He sold all the fans the idea LR was the real Lotos, ´cuz that´s the only “Lotus” he could get! Now he´s got TL, so he throws all that talk about LR being THE Lotus reincarnation to the trash and says LR is not the real deal… A vile snake that Fernandez…

        1. Sorry, yes I meant 500. Perhaps I’m just getting carried away by how Wikipedia keeps listing Team Lotus and Lotus Racing as separate. As far as Wikipedia is concerned Valencia 2011 will be Team Lotus’ 500th GP. It probably shouldn’t matter in the whole scheme of things but it still gets on my nerves.

      1. If you are being that picky, don’t forget the 3 Italian GP’s ’70, ’71 & ’72 where for legal reasons the cars were not entered or run by Team Lotus but as World Wide Racing…. and the cars wern’t even officialy Lotus’s for these three races but John Player Specials :-)

        1. True, the more you think about it, the more you realise just how crazy Lotus’ f1 history is. Enzo Ferrari had the right idea: one team, one licence, one company. Colin Champman embodied the British spirit of not knowing how to administrate properly!

          1. From reading about him, Colin Champman seemed to be a master of risk management. Setup different companies for different aspects of the business, and if one goes bust, it protects the other arms of business from also going under. It’s quite common for businesses to operate like this.

          2. I stand corrected, I’ll take your word for it, especially seeing as he must have done something right to ensure Lotus still survives today (Group Lotus didn’t go under in the 90’s like the F1 team).

  1. A couple of questions, I thought Toro Rosso had already confirmed they would be keeping Alguersuari and Buemi again for 2011.

    Also as this list includes Team Lotus does this mean that they will get to keep the name for 2011?

    1. It seems they will, I hope we can take this as a confirmation of that.
      Or it will be very expensive for Proton (they would have to pay the money for coming in 10th place, as Bernie would probably not have to pay when the team changes).

      1. If they get the agreement of the other teams to change the name then its fine. Otherwise they lose the “Hirstorical benefits” of the money from CVC.

        It basically pays more to teams who have been there longer, and then there is the prize money. It’s a wierd system, but as far as I can gather (Joe Saward is the man to ask about this) Lotus would not lose any historical benefit by changing their name other than their measly one year, 10th place money. (I believe this is different to the prize money they get for being 10th – this also lifts them to a catagory A team whereas HRT and virign stay cat. B and on the same deal as last year)

        1. Fernandez’s operation (Team Lotus / 1Mayalsia) might not lose money by changing names, but if the rumours are true and the Proton mob want to rename the current Renault F1 Team as Lotus, then the current Renault F1 team would lose a stack of “historical benefits” money, by being renamed to “Lotus”.

          1. Actually there are 3 collums of teams (A,B and C) in payment scheme.

            Its a renaming of the chassis that loses the historical benefit, there was a lot of talk about calling them “Lotus Renault” with the chassis still being Renault and Lotus simply a title sponsor. If not apparently their set to lose around $50 million in Historical Benefits!! But then the folks running Lotus car company are nutters.

      1. Still hoping that with the Russian money coming to Virgin and Renault having been interested in Glock in the past, that there will just be a straight up swap of Glock for Petrov. It would make sense for all involved. Renault needs the more skilled driver to pick up points, Petrov needs the Russian backing, the Marussia would certainly be able to market Petrov well back home… Seems like a no brainer to me.

        1. But Renault need money to stay afloat. A lot of people seem to think they can replace Petrov and everything will be okay for them, despite the sudden loss of fifteen million Euros, which is roughly ten percent of their budget. If Renault follow an aggressive development strategy for the R31 the way they did the R30 (they were the only team to introduce new parts at every race), they’re doing to need every penny they can get.

          If Marussia really want a Russian driver (and Nikolai Fomenko has said they won’t take Petrov before they know they can give him a competitive car), they can always go in for Mikhail Aleshin.

          1. But if they’d had a Glock or Sutil instead of Petrov this year, they’d have had a pretty decent shot of taking 4th in the constructors, which may have made up for the lack of Russian sponsorship dollars. Just speculation, as obviously none of us know the payouts in the constructors championship, but I can’t help but wonder. Also if the Proton deal comes through that should put Renault in a better position financially.

          2. Given the way Renault’s results dovetailed towards the end of the year, I’d say it’s pretty obvious that they had less and less money to spend. Sure, a Sutil or a Glock could have secured them fourth place in the WCC … but at the same time, the would have come up 10% (or more) short on their budget because they didn’t have the fifteen million Euros Petrov delivered – which could have just as easily condemned them to sixth place in the WCC. If they had less money for development, they would have had to stretch those developments out over the season, which means their performance at certain events could very well have been compromised, even if both drivers finished. Because Mercedes out-scored Renault on twelve occasions this year. That’s not a small gap that would be reeled in. Besides, Renault weren’t expecting to be as good as they were this year. They were actually aiming to be fourth or fifth in the WCC by the end of 2011. In a way, Petrov helped them because he slowed them down in terms of the money they spent.

  2. Interesting to see only 3 teams are registerd as British. A worrying portence or irrelevant?

    When you take RBR’s Milton keynes base, and add in Newey & Horner maybe the latter but the days of a field including Tyrell’s & Tolemans and genuine Lotus’ are long gone.

    God im getting old

    1. I do not think you have to worry about britain losing its motorsport heritage. I am currently studying as an Automotive Technologist in Denmark, but my biggest dream is to go to England and get a master in motorsport. So at least for me it is the place to be.

    2. Irrelevant, I think. Practically 7.5 teams are British: Ferrari, Sauber, and Toro Rosso have entirely non-British cars, HRT have a non-British chassis but a British drivetrain, and Red Bull and Renault have British chassis and a non-British engine.

      1. Actually Ferrari has a technical base in the UK as well. And Torro Rosso are still getting tech support of some level from RB Technology. So it would mean only Sauber is completely non british (except for the ECU)!

      2. So by that logic, if a car has a British part in it, it is British? What happens, then if McLaren have an Italian-made part in it?

        Teams are considered to be of a particular nationality because their racing licence was issued in that country.

    3. Interesting to see only 3 teams are registerd as British. A worrying portence or irrelevant?

      It could be two if Marussia buy into Manor Grand Prix (and keep Virgin as title sponsor) for 2012.

    4. Does it matter? It is afterall a World Championship they compete in, therefore, it makes sense to have non-British teams.

      I reckon within 20 years there’ll be some teams based outside Europe, probably in the UAE.

      1. I think they are making the point that teams like force india are based at silverstone and are run buy mostly brits, and mercedes are based in brackley, run by mostly brits, and renault… and red bull….. and so forth, are based in Britain but classed as german/indian/french/yada yada… etc.

  3. Interesting that Toro Rosso havent announced their drivers. I was fairly sure that Buemi and Algusuari had contracts for 2011, or are they subject to review on a season-by-season status?

    1. Bit odd. As I wrote in the article they confirmed Buemi and Alguersuari months ago. And their press release last week about Ricciardo doing Friday practices next year included this line:

      As already confirmed earlier this year, Scuderia Toro Rosso’s driver line-up of Jaime Alguersuari and Sebastien Buemi remains unchanged for 2011.

      1. Maybe Red Bull / Toro Rosso are planning to slot Ricciardio in during some winter testing, and assess how he goes against Buemi and Alguersuari, maybe with the view of giving him a race gig from the start of the season. Just a theory on maybe why they haven’t listed their drivers in the FIA entry list.

        If Ricciardio is as fast as the testing he has done to date indicates, than why would Red Bull want him hanging around on the sideline any longer?

    2. I remember they did the same last year. Alguersuari had a contract with them, but still was confirmed only weeks befor winter testing began.
      I still think this is one of the weakest points in the whole RB young driver thing, Torro Rosso seems just so little involved in interacting with their drivers.

      1. Yeah was gonna comment saying this that they took forever and a day to confirm Alguersuari (yes I had to look at how you spelt it :P).

        Although there was lots of speculation about him needing to bring sponsorship to the team. In saying that I dont really remember too many extra stickers on the Torro Rosso

  4. without cheating and googling or wikiing it, i seem to remember reading that, the up & coming Source 4 run by Ron Dennis bought the Mclaren team which was in its death throes at the time. COuld bwe wrong, but Mclaren is as British as a good old fashioned curry and lager.

      1. But we won’t mention the ‘M’ in MP4 because it’s naughty subliminal messaging kids ;) – well not anymore – it really means Mclaren now so they claim.

        I thought 2010 was the last year of Marlboro sponsoring Scuderia Ferrari? Did they extend the contract, surely it is stupid for the company to continue sponsering millions of pounds no doubt, to Ferrari when they get zero brand coverage on the car…
        A barcode on team overalls, one name on the garage, but the Marlboro name is never used in TV graphics ect. You barely hear of their involvement anymore.

        Still it must be good for the company when the majority of golden era highlights show a Marlboro Mclaren from the 1970,80 and 90s, or Marlboro Ferrari from the 1990s and 2000s!

        1. Well your now mentioning it and posting about it on the interwebs. Not 0 coverage is it?

          (Also due to the advertising ban on tobbacco what other markets consider to be a miniscule advantage is a lot bigger because its so hard to counter-advertise)

          Also one question for you boffins out there, isn’t tobacco advertising banned in F1 now? Unlike moto gp where in certain countries they still mention heavily Ducati Marlboro?

  5. for sure its still a great place, my nephew went on work experience at RBR FFS ! but it starts from the top, you need a blue chip race track and blue chip teams for the rest to follow. still got them, just!

    good luck btw Soeren

  6. Wow, Luizzi hasn’t been registered yet! After all of his claims that he has a contract for 2011 you would think that both he and his agent would be getting a bit worked up over this list!

    1. It’s not actually that uncommon for a driver to not appear on the entry list even when he has a contract in place. There were a few this time last year who had signed agreements with various teams that were omitted from the entry list. There will be another one released ahead of the winter testing season that will include more detail.

    1. ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 Country Codes.

      A bit of a weird mix, DEU and ESP, fair enough, using native spellings, cool, but then Red Bull AUT suddenly lurches back to English, surely OST would be more correct, and avoid Australia aswell.
      You then find the Swiss Saubers using Latin – Confoederatio Helvetica, CHE, so by that point, all bets are off. It’s just take your pick.

      1. I guess the countries that were involved in actually defining the standard (mostly West European and North America) choose their own. From there on it’s a lot about Anglocentric choises. And as a lot of codes are given, it is not always possible to change, if coutries request such a change.

        Switzerland might have taken the latin one, as it would be hard to agree on another language (take your pick from German, French, Italian and Retro Romanian as official languages in the federation!)

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