Williams-Cosworth FW08, 1982

Smaller wings for 2013 F1 cars

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Williams-Cosworth FW08, 1982
Williams-Cosworth FW08, 1982

More details about the drastic F1 rules changes for 2013 have been revealed and how they will incorporate ground effect aerodynamics with the aim of increasing overtaking.


F1 cars set for major changes inspired by Head & Byrne (BBC)

“Cars will have much smaller wings and specially-shaped underfloors designed to generate downforce differently.”

Dirty driving clampdown will hurt Schumacher – Moss (ESPN)

“I see that they’ve done something about dirty driving and that’ll probably lessen Schumacher’s chances. It was disgraceful what he did at the Hungarian Grand Prix; Formula One is now one of the safest sports there is, but if somebody had been coming out of the pits at that moment it could have been a disaster.”

Dennis: Whitmarsh ??better than me?? at managing champions (James Allen)

“Managing the co-habitation of two world champions is often a challenge. I have tried it a few times. Martin is perhaps showing himself to be better than me at that role.”

Flavio Briatore case sees Football League fail its own test (The Guardian)

“When Bernie Ecclestone bought Flavio Briatore’s shares in QPR last week, it exposed the Football League’s supposedly stringent fit and proper person test as an ineffective tool.”

Marshals training for Indian Grand Prix (The Times of India)

“This training is part of a thorough on-going programme of support and development provided by the Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association of the UK (MSA).”

A Blast from the Past! (Lotus Cars)

Nigel Mansell: “I am delighted to see the return of Group Lotus to Formula One through their acquisition of an equity stake in Renault F1.”

Thanks to Cyclops_PL for the tip.

Comment of the day

Virgin’s decision to sign Jerome d’Ambrosio provoked a positive response from several Belgian readers. Here’s Vico:

As a Belgian I?m really happy! Finally a team that chooses talent over money. Sure he brings something, but nothing like the big bag of Euro?s from Giedo van der Garde??

As for his results in GP2. Nothing very exciting indeed. He did out-perform Kobayashi in 2009 in their season together at DAMS. I think it?s more his solid performances as the third Virgin driver that sealed the deal. His technical input was pretty impressive apparently, this combined with the speed that is obviously there.

The Abu Dhabi test with Renault impressed the Renault team also very much, so much that his Gravity management (part owner of Renault) pushed him to the Virgin management??

Anyhow, I?m very happy he will get his chance to shine! Belgian in F1, it?s been too long!

From the forum

Enigma asks an interesting question about how many battles for victory there were in 2010.

Site updates

In case you didn’t see yesterday, to vote in polls you now need to be a registered user of the site.

You can sign up here or read more information here.

Happy birthday!

A very happy birthday to Arun Srini!

On this day in F1

Who remembers Bernie Ecclestone’s ‘Spankgate’ Christmas card from two years ago?

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