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Mercedes will make a ??big step?? in 2011 ?ǣ Haug

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Norbert Haug expects Mercedes to perform better in 2011.


Rosberg: Mercedes GP will succeed (Crash)

Norbert Haug: “We have a fantastic crew, fantastic people and we are going to make a big step.”

Mosley admits Ferrari backing weakened his resolve (ESPN)

“My plan was to go through with [the budget cap] with the other teams, with Ferrari threatening to withdraw. I would have chanced it because we all know they wouldn’t really have gone. But then came the affair with the [News of the World] newspaper. Ferrari was the only team that stayed loyal, so I couldn’t really do something like that to them.”

Comment of the day

Voting is still open for who you thought was the best driver of 2010. Here’s Bosyber’s pick:

I voted for Hamilton in the end. It was close between him and Alonso, but I sat yesterday and remembered watching the races in the first half of the season, and Hamilton was really racing very well. His mistakes were for a large part not being cautious enough with overtaking and ending his race (not that of anyone else). Alonso instead seemed to suffer being too strained in getting good results in several of those races.

Apart from Australia when he found out why Button was champion in ?09 as he found him ahead on the road, Hamilton didn?t moan, but got on with the job as best he could.

Looking forward to seeing these two drivers fight it out in competitive cars for quite a few seasons more. Hamilton and his team would do well to work on fast in/out-laps to get those pit stops brushed up, as Alonso and Ferrari seem far ahead in that.

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