Sauber C30 launch, Valencia, 2011

Sauber C30 launch – first pictures

2011 F1 carsPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Sauber have launched their 2011 F1 car, the C30, in Valencia.

The team’s drivers Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez revealed the car, which is the first to be designed under new technical director James Key.

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  1. Quite telling that the logo on the sidepods (ie one of the prime advertising spaces on the car) is a Sauber logo…

  2. Looking a comparison between the C29 and C30, the airbox is very different. This one is held up by four struts and joins with the main body much further back than on the C29.

    1. They really undercut that airbox for the maximum amount, up to the point where it has to bend down to connect to the engine. It looks a bit odd with the squat shape of the airbox itself, but interesting.

      1. I’m thinking that perhaps they’ve had to move the engine a bit further back (perhaps to accommodate the KERS gubbins?) which might explain the strange shape of the car, and the engine air intake.

        1. Hm, but the high bit at the back really is only a very narrow slit to let out air – take a look at the launch gallery on pic 18/26 from for example)

          Sauber hide the diffuser in the on-track photos, but that area down low between the wheels really does look about as clean and empty as on the F150 – the beam wing seems to be well clear of the crash structure. even the two cables holding the floor/diffuser are there!

          I also notice on that same picture, that there does seem to be some kind of hinge in the middle of the rear wing, but nothing allowing movement on the end plates; There are however two light grey bands seperating the upper flap in three – I wonder if maybe only the middle part of that lowers – that would seem to create some issues around the edges there, but who knows.

          1. hm, forget about that last bit, just inside the endplates you can see that the flap is flanked by to narrow ridges on the side plate, it could well be that it is only fixed at the top there and actually pivots on the two grey bands halfway the width of the flap.

    2. This [air intake] is held up by four struts and joins with the main body much further back than on the C29.

      That seems to be a trend so far, which I’m not surprised by since the RB6 was set up that way (2 struts, not 4).

  3. The weather in Valencia isn’t helping the photos, because the livery looks dull the pics with studio lighting though look terrific! Could’ve gone for a bit more base color but the car looks mean. I like it!

    1. Seems to have lost a period and an enter there..

      Anyway, also the boxy lines of last years car have evolved into curves which makes it look aero dynamically much more matured.

  4. Is the front suspension mounted on a double keel, like the decade old Saubers? I thought that this design format has been abandoned for nearly a decade…

  5. From the side-on angle, the nose reminds me of the Virgin. It’s not as needle-nosed as the VR-01, but it certainly extends well out beyond the front wing.

  6. gaaahH!

    I thought with Jose on board there would be something cool going on but it just looks like a mashed transformer

    i hyped myself up so much for this

    1. Thanks Grace

    2. Wow, thanks Grace. From that picture, the sidepods look considerably narrower at the back. And the nose seems to not have changed enormously, except it has a form of the Red Bull ridges on top, and the front wing pylons are simpler.

      I think the front and rear wing are the more or less the same, so those are probably, as is the case with most teams, a 2010 version.

  7. It’s telling as to the amount of sponsorship cash the team are receiving, where and how they place the logos. And as someone said before, a Sauber logo on the sidepods is telling also.

    Maybe with a bit more cash from TM they could have had a lovely blue livery, with smaller logos for the other TM related companies.

  8. Looks like a triple-section front wing is a 2011 must have

  9. Incredibly disappointed. The car looks nice but the livery is so BORING! Are you sure this is really that Sauber team that we all know and love?

    1. Not only boring, but sloppy. Really just looks like they slapped some stickers wherever… My friend’s amateur rally car has a more cohesive and planned out livery than this thing.

  10. I don’t care about the car as long as Koba is driving it!

  11. The circle Claro logo looks horrible, like it’s from a webpage from 1999 (gel buttons, ugh).

    Other than than it looks okay at best. Sauber really do need to find their own design, though.

  12. Christopher Vissing
    31st January 2011, 11:01

    funny to see a sauber like that with SPONSORS other than burger king ;) haha
    It’s a little ugly i think.. Could’ve done a better job, but what the h…

    1. Yea thats true. I don’t know what was more embarrassing – the lack of sponsors or Pedro and Kamui having an instore appearance at a Burger King in Valencia.

      Heres hoping they take the same approach this year, but with Jose Cuervo.

    1. hum,yes the tyres look different…

  13. better than last year for sure

  14. Seeing the side by side comparison to last year’s car I noticed a small Japanese sponsor on last year’s rear wing, which is gone now. This has me wondering: how come there is not a lot more Japanese going on on this car? I now the Japanese like F1 and of course they have a lot of huge companies, many of which have shown an interest in F1 before, or even had major sponsor deals with teams. Are they not yet impressed by Kobayashi? Does anybody know if there is a reason behind this?

    1. It’s based on two reasons i believe.
      First Kobayashi’s father is just a small sushi restaurant owner. That means that his family is not some big rich family with connections to big Japanese businessmen. Most drivers also have families with connections and that’s why they get big sponsorships from local businessmen.

      Second Japan was currently under a disappointment environment from F1 with their car companies leaving and all that, not to mention their drivers never doing anything great. Now it seems is harder for them to get convinced that this guy really is great.

      Lets hope that this car really is a very good car giving Kobayashi some chances to impress again. An odd win should do the trick but that’s gonna be a hard one considering how much cars are expected to be faster than the Sauber. Even if only Mclaren,Ferrari,Red Bull and Mercedes are faster than them, that’s still 10 cars that have to do very bad or break for that odd win to occur.

  15. In my opinion, even with little sponsorship, more effort can be made to make the car more distinguishable, if nothing else but get some spectator interest in the car. I personally was hoping for something a little more radical than what it has turned out to be… I can understand that last year was rushed and there was very little sponsorship, but there could have been a bit more effort this year.

    In my opinion….

  16. There are interviews streaming live on LRGP site!

  17. the car design and livery suggest running on tight budget.

  18. it looks better under wraps
    can’t believe they paid somebody to design that livery!

    1. This is way much better than the livery Briatore designed for Renault ING.

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