Bernie Ecclestone

Ecclestone: “Jean Todt is a poor man’s Max Mosley”

2011 F1 seasonPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Bernie Ecclestone
Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone has criticised FIA president Jean Todt, calling him “a poor man’s Max Mosley” in an interview with the Daily Express.

Ecclestone said Todt, who became FIA president in October 2009, has “not so much had a positive effect on Formula 1.

“He has been travelling around the world doing what Max didn?t do too much ?ǣ kissing the babies and shaking the hands. It is probably good for the FIA but we don?t need it in Formula 1.”

Ecclestone said the new 1.6-litre turbo engines planned for 2013 “doesn?t sound anything like Formula 1”.

He also criticised Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems, which have been reintroduced this year, saying: “It has just cost an awful lot of money and I don?t know what it has proven.

“I don?t think anyone knows or cares what it is or what it does. I get upset with these things.”

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  1. He has gone mad.

  2. Keep ’em coming Bernie! Love it!

  3. Well of course Bernie doesn’t think Todt is doing a good job. Todt doesn’t roll over and have his belly tickled the way Mosley did. Mosley was Bernie’s lap dog – when Bernie said “jump” he said “how high?”. Todt is his own man and is running the FIA for the FIA’s benefit not CVC’s.

    I think we are witnessing the early skirmishes of a long cold-war between the FIA and FOM leading up to the end of the current Concorde Agreement.

  4. Bernie needed some reason to wake up from his wet dream.

    Truth is, I think he really has Todt’s number. As I recall some years go Todt was seriously offended by someone referring to his weight and posture. He’s sensitive about more than a few things.

    “A poor mans Max Mosely”

    Jean Todt: His father was a Polish Jew who escaped to France during World War II.

    Max Molsey: His father was Sir Oswald Mosley who was arrested for being a Nazi sympathizer.

    That’s brutal Bernie…

  5. Jean Todt is a poor man’s Max Mosley

    Read: You’re all a mean bunch of mean meanies who are mean for ditching my lackey buddy trusted colleague in favour of someone I can’t influence.

    1. in favour of someone I can’t influence take roughly from behind.

  6. If Jean Todt is the poor man’s Max Mosely, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the poor man’s Bernie Ecclestone.

    He’s right about KERS though.

  7. “Jean Todt is a poor man’s Max Mosley” <<< Does it mean he can't afford leather?

    1. oh snap

  8. agree with KERS and engine statements.

    I dont know what Jean Todt is doing either. Someone mentioned killing off charismatic tracks. Thats where you’ve gone wrong, Bernard.

    And if F1 wants to go green lets have less silly fly-away races on bland circuits in the middle of flippin’ nowhere.

  9. Apparantly Ecclestone is suffering from Alzheimer. Imho opinion the engines which Brabham (owned by Ecclestone) raced in the 80’s weren’t that bad. Over 1000 hp with 1.5 litre 4 cylinder turbo engines. Although I doubt that these amounts of horsepower will be reached with the new engine, I don’t think it will be less than the 600+ hp engines of today.

    Besides, I like the ideas the FIA presents for 2013 (Formula 1 cars with turbo engines and ground-effect, brings back memories of the early 80’s) more than I like the (imho) lunatic ideas of Bernie Ecclestone like artificial rain, more Tilke-tracks and tyres which degrade too much (to improve the show, which won’t happen because overtaking is getting harder).

    1. Forgot to mention KERS, which is good when used in the right way. Not how it is used this year (which isn’t green).

      KERS should be used as a replacement instead of a supplement (power boost) to the current engines. I would rather have a hybrid solution (like in a Toyota Prius), where KERS is used for low speeds and the normal engine is used for high speeds). That way KERS will make Formula 1 greener, which it should become if it wants to maintain to be technology trendsetter for normal road cars.

  10. Whereas Max Mosley is the rich man’s Max Mosley. By rich “man” we mean Bernie.

  11. I would like to hear what Jean Todt really thinks about Bernie. Too bad he’s too much of a gentleman to really tell it like it is.

  12. My first reaction is to say that Ecclestone is only criticizing Todt because he isn’t the alley for Ecclestone that Mosley was.

    However Ecclestone and Mosley sometimes pretended to have public disagreements when it suited, either way I am sure that Ecclestone’s comments are more to with political positioning.

  13. Under Todt I don’t believe that we aill ever see a repeat of the outrage that occurred at Spa in 2008…..unlike Mad Max.

    1. Well we had Ger…that race ;)

  14. The Last Pope
    24th March 2011, 17:45

    Get your hair sorted Bernie. Then go stand under your sprinklers for an hour to claim your medal.

  15. Probably Bernie has been playing some videogames, and he got amazed on the game config setup, “ok, pressing this button I can choose rain or not, and this other turns on the “cheat mode (shortcuts)”. And if he tries again his medals idea, so all the teams on the backlines should definitely quit. That’s terrible management. Ecclestone only matters about attracting new TV viewers,but if he fulfils these “good changes” that won’t be F1 anymore, and it would be much better to see the GP2

    1. Its not more viewers he is focused on it is cutting costs so he can keep his ridiculously high percentage of revenue.But you are right, before long it will all be GP2, except current GP2 cars will be faster.

  16. Bernie is right. Max Mosley was a better looking, sharper dressing and more upscale ambassador of F1.

    KERS is a token green gesture and separates the rich teams from the poor ones.

    1. Too right, you cant beat red and black for a sharp uniform.

  17. Ecclestone should keep his (mostly stupid) opinions to himself. In fact he should just retire and F1 management needs to be shaken up, not with one person but a committee or something.

  18. HounslowBusGarage
    24th March 2011, 21:09

    A week or so ago, Bernie said all F1 needed was ‘Ferrari and noise’.
    You don’t think do you, that Luca has privately told Bernie that Ferrari would withdraw from F1 if the 2013 changes are intoduced? After all, Ferrari have no 4 cylinder or 1,500 cc history.
    Maybe this is Bernie seeking to ensure that the value of his asset (F1) remains high by trying to derail Todt’s proposed changes, thereby ensuring that it’s most prominent participant (Ferrari) stays on board.

    1. Quite right comrade, if Ferrari go elsewhere so goes the fanbase and some of the other teams not to mention Bernies cashcow.

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