Hamilton apologises to Massa and Maldonado

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monaco, 2011

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monaco, 2011

Lewis Hamilton has apologised for comments he made after the Monaco Grand Prix in a series of posts on Twitter.

Hamilton said: “Hey guys. I wanted to apologise for last weekend’s performance and also my comments after, I never meant to offend no one.

“I would also like to say thank you to everyone on here, for their positive messages and also to the angry messages. I can respect them both.

“To Massa and Maldonado, with the greatest respect I apologise if I offended you. Both of you are fantastic drivers who I regard highly.

“To my fans lost and my fans won, I wish you nothing but love and happiness. God bless you. Onwards and upwards, Montreal next.”

Following the Monaco Grand Prix Hamilton accused the two drivers of causing collisions by turning in on him while he was trying to overtake them, saying “these drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous, it?s stupid.”

2011 Monaco Grand Prix

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152 comments on Hamilton apologises to Massa and Maldonado

  1. Daniel said on 31st May 2011, 1:42

    Just saw “Senna” documentary today and It couldn’t be more appropriate.

    Being brazilian and having watched him race when I was a kid, I really rate him as the greatest myth in any sport…

    Seeing it as an adult now, I can identify the same hot-blooded personality for which Hamilton is crucified now.

    Lewis really did spoil Massa’s and Maldonado’s races, was far too aggressive, but they were almost as harsh on their defence than he was attacking…

    The worst part of all was his unfortunate comment, not the racist-victim joke, but calling his colleagues “ridiculous” for something he was, at best, as guilty as them…

    But Hamilton once again proved his bravery: he was brave enough to say he is sorry…

  2. CarlD (@carld) said on 31st May 2011, 1:43

    I can understand the apology to Maldonado.

    But in his shoes I would not apologize to Massa because Massa has in a recent past begged for sanctions to be placed on Hamilton and has also viciously impeded his progress even when totally outclassed in previous races. As a matter of fact it seems that Felipe’s new job is not racing but to secure Alonso’s back as much as possible.

    It is obvious Massa resents Hamilton for “having robbed him of his deserved WDC”.

    If I were Lewis I would see him as a mortal enemy on and off track.

    • bosyber (@bosyber) said on 31st May 2011, 9:58

      I think he would be better served to apologise for being so harsh in the heat of the moment.

      Even if what you say is true – and do take into account that Massa also was disappointed when he was asking for those penalties, and annoyed by Hamilton remarks, most likely, and he also has had a couple of tough years since the disappointment of ’08 – it doesn’t harm Hamilton to be decent to him, even if he wouldn’t be able to be decent to Hamilton.

      Maybe Hamilton has to be more careful with being on track near Massa, knowing that Massa somehow is apt to defend aggressively towards him, but off track how would it help him to create animosity? Even with Alonso he seems to have come to a sort of reluctant respect by now.

    • kenneth Ntulume said on 31st May 2011, 15:59

      i second

  3. PassingZone said on 31st May 2011, 1:50

    Sounds like a heart to heart from daddy cooled him off and wised him up regarding his own performance and responsibility. The apologies should have been, and hopefully were, made personally to both Massa and Maldonado for ruining their races.

    Still, the consequences should be greater in the Maldanado incident than an irrelevant, non consequential 20 second penalty. A 5 grid spot penalty in Canada would be more appropriate.

  4. wasiF1 (@wasif1) said on 31st May 2011, 2:30

    That’s the best he can do.The damage is already done but by doing this may help him a little.

  5. The Limit said on 31st May 2011, 4:27

    An apology was needed that is for sure, but I fear the damage has already been done and I am not talking about Lewis’ relationship with the other drivers. His decision to openly criticise the stewards may come back to haunt him at a later date when he has far more to lose than what he did at Monaco. We all remember Spa 2008 after all, the race in which Hamilton was stripped of first place which was instead given to then title rival Felipe Massa.
    In Hamilton’s defence, he is not the first driver to complain in public about stewards decisions. Fernando Alonso let fly in Valencia last year following an incident involving Lewis for instance. However, its the rascism accusation that is going to leave a few collars ruffled, even if it were meant in jest.
    As others have suggested, the positive thing about Hamilton is his ‘personality’ and willingness to speak his mind in a way like Villeneuve and Montoya did before him. And they were certainly not afraid of offending anybody were they? However, the frustration in Hamilton is there for the world to see.

  6. Ronman said on 31st May 2011, 5:55

    I like hot headed racers, but Hamilton is still committing mistakes that are beneath a world champion…he’s a great driver, but does have personality issues…he still has to learn to sustainably keep his mouth shut…

  7. LA_ OGKush said on 31st May 2011, 6:20

    Thanks J & Robyn. Mr Flanders needed to be told. As well, I don’t really think when U tweet, text, post on FB, etc Ur sposd ta wuri bout. I wk in the biz and many celebrities do this. Yer gram- mar. Doesn’t mean one don’t ;) know how to speak with perfect diction or write well. Idiots…, oops I’m sorry. Dummies.

  8. John H said on 31st May 2011, 10:04

    We seem to be in a culture of botched overtake equals penalty. The maldonado incident should have just been a racing incident. No reprimand, no penalty, just a consequence of a ‘Race’

  9. dennis said on 31st May 2011, 11:35

    Here we go again……..

  10. antonyob said on 31st May 2011, 11:38

    wow! lewis has turned a corner, at least in the fans eyes. 2 yrs ago the comments were full of haters talking irrationally about him, his personality, his true skill etcccczzzetera.

    Maybe its because he doesnt win as much nowadays but whatever the reason, the sport certainly would be weaker without him. He is a Villeneuve type after all rather than a Prost metrognomic (sic) driver.

    trouble is hes got a reputation now so drivers may feel they can turn in on him and he’ll be reprimanded.

    Regardless of whether maldonado or massa shouldve turned in, it is true to say that the sport needs more drivers to seize the moment, not less. And as Brundle said, its 75/25% in terms of the chance of having an incident at the hairpin regardless of circumstance.

    • AgBNYC said on 1st June 2011, 23:48

      This is absolutely true – but, you cannot simply give carte blanche to Hamilton (or any driver for that matter) to take a low percentage pass (25/75), knock out other drivers and call it a day…. Massa was also racing someone in front. (I’m not going to argue ad nauseum as some people simply want to believe what they want to believe.)

      As Sir Jackie said here – http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/91891

      Stewards have a lot of information available (that we don’t) – and now a DRIVER who is part of their decision making – they handed Hamilton a meaningless 20 second penalty for the Maldonado incident – perhaps to say “this was not your first and only overly ambitious move today that took out a competitor – we are watching”…

      The most distressing part of Hamilton’s actions was his total disrespect to other drivers and lack of ownership of the blame… but he is still very young…. we can all hope…

  11. Christopher Vissing said on 31st May 2011, 11:57

    saw this on his facebook page.. love the fact he keeps his writing language all gangsta :D

  12. Mole said on 31st May 2011, 12:16

    The damage is already done, when will Lewis learn not to throw his toys out of the pram whenever anything goes wrong? As a former Lewis fan, I am no longer one.

  13. Hatebreeder (@hatebreeder) said on 31st May 2011, 12:21

    I predicted that on sunday. He’ll say stuff and 2 days later come up with an apology.

  14. antonyob said on 31st May 2011, 12:32

    im not sure where this “gangsta” speak comes from. i live in west london and pretty much every kid talks like that, black or white, from Staines or from Chiswick- well ok not Chiswick. Lewis speaks no differently to any estate kid. I think its fine to gently mock Lewis but its not a put on afer meeting Biggie Diddy or whomever.

    All power to someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, he used to be criticised for being too much of a company boy. he truly is a marmite man, probably even in Denmark.

  15. Younger Hamii said on 31st May 2011, 13:26

    Overall i completely Hated what Lewis said on Sunday and i thought the way he drove this Weekend was completely reckless and Unacceptable and i thought that this was not the Lewis Hamilton i Knew.But he Spoke his Heart and Mind out with real Honesty and Emotion and that really should be touching to Formula 1 Fans at the Moment.The Lewis Hamilton that i Know was relatively calm towards the end of His Interview and was mature as well as commenting on Twitter,Apologising to everyone he probably offended over the Grand Prix Weekend.

    This is obviously coming from a Lewis Fan and to be honest right now we can critcise Lewis and respect what he said as much as we want but its in the Past and we should look forward to Montreal Next Weekend and seeing Lewis recover from all of this with another POLE POSITION AND RACE VICTORY!!

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