Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monaco, 2011

Hamilton apologises to Massa and Maldonado

2011 Monaco Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monaco, 2011
Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monaco, 2011

Lewis Hamilton has apologised for comments he made after the Monaco Grand Prix in a series of posts on Twitter.

Hamilton said: “Hey guys. I wanted to apologise for last weekend’s performance and also my comments after, I never meant to offend no one.

“I would also like to say thank you to everyone on here, for their positive messages and also to the angry messages. I can respect them both.

“To Massa and Maldonado, with the greatest respect I apologise if I offended you. Both of you are fantastic drivers who I regard highly.

“To my fans lost and my fans won, I wish you nothing but love and happiness. God bless you. Onwards and upwards, Montreal next.”

Following the Monaco Grand Prix Hamilton accused the two drivers of causing collisions by turning in on him while he was trying to overtake them, saying “these drivers are absolutely fricking ridiculous, it?s stupid.”

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  1. McLaren will be my favorite team always! But, I don’t understand them since the season 2007 when they relinquished the title to Ferrari. Regarding the circumstances that was only logical thing to do but…, it was quite obvious that a colored man would win F1 championship in his rookie year. Unthinkable and unacceptable by some.
    Freaking ridiculous? Not really, when you have a FIA president with Nazi background and bunch of people that endorsed him and took advantage from his term of service.
    I think that McLaren team, instead of forcing Lewis to apologize, should be more supportive in situations like this. Or, if they find it to hard to be supportive, at least to be…, I don’t know…, more human I guess…

  2. Most people commenting here have never been involved in any competitive sport before, and certainly not at the highest level. They do NOT understand the desire to win and how it encompasses, define and shapes a persons life; This is why they expect sportsmen to behave like robots in the heat of competition.

    Most people criticizing Lewis would have said far far worse if they had gone through the kind of weekend Lewis had a Monaco. It really p****s me off!

    The guy is human for Gods sake! His desire to win is clearly above most of the grid; save for Alonso, Schumacher and Vettel – and we all know how they behave when things go against them, or they lose.

    We say we want racing, but vilify the best racer on the grid when it goes wrong, vilify him for speaking his mind, vilify him for apologizing, even vilify him when his team makes a mistake that costs him dearly!
    And in this case, he CLEARLY was NOT at fault for both incidents. I agree with Lewis that Massa must indeed be stupid; as its not the first time that he has tried to turn the car overtaking him into a pile of Lego bricks. He is even known for destroying his own race just to stop another car from overtaking him.
    Lewis has NEVER been involved in an incident where another car has attempted to overtake him – This cannot be said for Massa, Webber, Vettel etc, and i dont see crowds out trying to hang and quarter them! At worst, this was a racing incident for Gods sake.

    I just hate it when underachieving couch potatoes who cant do a tenth of what a sportsman does suddenly become experts on sports psychology and start criticizing the said sportsperson when he does something wrong. They have no idea what it take to reach the highest echelons of your sport, the effort, hard work, sacrifices and sweat. Yeah, you may have read about , but if you have NEVER been in any physically demanding competitive sport at the highest level, you just need to shut up and slink back to your unfulfilled existence, instead of criticizing those that have the guts to do it! Rant over!

    1. I hope that’s not a dig at me, because I ‘have’ raced around Monaco!

      And sometimes you realise that barging your way through the opposition is more likely to make things worse, rather than better. Hamilton was lucky to come away with the points he came away with at Monaco, regardless of whether or not he had received any penalties. His car won’t always come off best.

  3. Thank You so much @kpdavies! I have wanted to convey that sentiment forever here… Jeez, you would think the Man has committed a capital offence.

  4. I’m sorry, kbDavies!

  5. Ben Bailey
    1st June 2011, 9:25

    Check out these great photos and analysis of the Hamilton/ Schumi and then Maldanado overtakes. Causing an avoidable accident? Looks like it was Pastor that caused the accident to me when like schumi he could have avoided it and scored more valuable points for williams.
    These moves should be encouraged not penalised. Crazy for DiRista to be punished and subsequently Lewis twice!

  6. Douglas 62500
    1st June 2011, 12:22

    Well remember that he hinted at the fact that Vettel was not a very good loser ? Looks like to me he is in fact that kind of person…. Shame. Rapid driver he is, no doubt about it, but while he could control his car, he doesn’t seem to be able to control his emotions…

    1. That’s pretty much what I take from this…I don’t mind LH, but in reality I am indifferent to how he does, but my thing with him is as follows…one year the WDC was his to lose, and he lost it…the following year the WDC was his to lose and he only barely squeaked the win on a day that FM did everything right when the pressure was at it’s greatest, and in fact ‘owned’ a WDC for about half a lap. No matter the circumstances with Glock’s super slow lap, point being LH didn’t stamp his authority on the WDC that day. He came within a hair of losing it a second year in a row. You could argue he did everything right throughout the season to put himself in a WDC position, but I’m talking about as the season winds down and the pressure is at it’s greatest.

      So after Monaco I am left still wondering the same thing…can LH handle the pressure when it is at it’s greatest?…I still have doubts…this weekend wasn’t even one where the pressure should have been at it’s greatest for LH. What will he do if he is actually in a WDC fight as this season evolves? I lean toward him not handling the pressure well.

      Perhaps by heaping so much pressure on his team to improve the car, LH also then cornered himself into upping his game too…and overdid it…overdrove it…

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