Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button, Monaco, 2011

Calls for F1 to change red flag rules

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In the round-up: calls to change F1’s red flag rules after the Monaco anti-climax.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

F1’s red-flag rules need tune-up after robbing Monaco of feisty finish (The Guardian)

“The rule allowing work on the cars, and specifically to change tyres under red-flag conditions, has its origins in concerns for safety. Red flags most often occur because of the onset of very heavy rain, which requires competitors to take on grooved tyres. It’s an essential rule but one that now seems ripe for some fine tuning according to circumstance. It would not be too much to expect the race director to decide, given specific race conditions, whether a tyre change is necessary for safety purposes or not.”

Pirelli eyes red flag tyre rule change (Autosport)

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery: “I’ve had a lot of people shout at me from the boats around the harbour and say, why were they allowed to change? It took away something from the race – and the big question was could they have lasted? That is what we were all asking with six laps to go and that was going to be the excitement: would Sebastian hit the [tyre degradation] cliff?”

Lewis Hamilton: I will never stop racing the way I do. I do it because I love racing (Daily Telegraph)

“At the end of the day this is motorsport and we are supposed to see racing. Not many people overtake in Monaco and I tried to do that.”

Remorseful Lewis Hamilton heeds fatherly advice at his lowest ebb (The Times, subscription required)

“There was no one from XIX Entertainment, his new management company, to turn to, only Nicole Scherzinger, his pop-star girlfriend, not exactly versed in Formula One crisis management. But Anthony took only minutes to find his son in the McLaren motorhome to talk him down from the fury that led to his explosive BBC interview that triggered a visit to the stewards for a humiliating apology.”

Kubica’s manager keeps doors open (Daily Express)

Robert Kubica’s manage Daniele Morelli: “I think you have to ask [Gerard] Lopez why he made such a statement that is in clear opposition to what the specialists are saying.”

I tried to the very end (Ferrari)

Fernando Alonso: “Already today, I?ve been talking to the engineers about the new parts we will have in Montreal, but above all, of the steps forward we must take for Silverstone, when we will back at a track which requires a lot of aerodynamic downforce. That?s where we will really see how our season is going to pan out.”

Didcot road to honour Formula 1 legend (Oxford Mail)

“Now South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councils have agreed to call the road Sir Frank Williams Avenue, to honour the Grove-based F1 boss.”

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Comment of the day

Joey-Poey witnessed the astonishing finish to Sunday’s Indianapolis 500 first-hand:

By the luck of our choice, I watched that accident happen right in front of me.

After the insanity of the lead changes over the last ten laps, we thought JR had it in the bag. I said to my brother ??here he comes?? as they came around, I turned and saw him go high and SLAP!

Everyone was shocked. I hadn?t even been cheering for JR the rest of the race, but when it registered what just happened I started shouting ??GO! GO! COAST!?? We weren?t even sure if he won or not until we heard over the loudspeakers that Wheldon passed him before the line.

As gutted as I am for Hildebrand, I have to say that I?ve been waiting my whole life to get to go to this race and this is a memory I will never ever forget. I feel like I got to see a historic moment that will be repeated again and again for years to come.

I hope it doesn?t sound like I?m bragging, I?m just still on a high that my first time going was so special.

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What other races should we cover on F1 Fanatic Live in 2011?

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to The Dutch Bear!

On this day in F1

Gilles Villeneuve scored a surprise win in the Monaco Grand Prix 30 years ago today.

The start of the race had to be postponed for unusual reasons: a fire broke out in the Loews hotel above the tunnel, and water used to extinguish it had flooded the track. Once the surface was declared sufficiently dry, the race got underway.

Nelson Piquet led but crashed out while trying to lap Eddie Cheever and Patrick Tambay at Tabac.

That left Alan Jones in the lead, but he felt the Cosworth engine in his Williams hesitating occasionally. Villeneuve drew him in, and burst past on the start/finish straight to claim victory.

Here are the final laps of the race: