Two DRS zones but one detection point in Canada

2011 Canadian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Nico H???lkenberg, Adrian Sutil, Montreal, 2010

The FIA has confirmed drivers can activate their Drag Reductions Systems twice per lap during the Canadian Grand Prix.

However there will only be one detection point, situated at the exit of the L’epingle hairpin. Any drivers within one second of the car in front can activate their wings in both of the following points.

The first is further up the straight leading from the hairpin, and the second is at the beginning of the pit straight at the end of the lap.

This should give the drivers a significant opportunity to overtake and pull away, as Fernando Alonso explained:

“On paper, whoever manages to pass in the first zone will then have a big advantage because they will be able to use the movable wing again on the main straight, even though they are ahead of the car they are battling??.

Here is a diagram of the DRS zones for the race (click to enlarge):

DRS zones for the Canadian Grand Prix
DRS zones for the Canadian Grand Prix

As usual, drivers may use the DRS freely in practice and qualifying, except in wet conditions.

2011 Canadian Grand Prix

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Images ?? Williams/LAT, FIA