Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 2011

Hamilton: Villeneuve and Mansell ‘should keep opinions to themselves’

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In the round-up: Lewis Hamilton responds to champions’ comments on his future


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Hamilton says focus is on winning races (BBC)

“I find it kind of funny. Certain people, I’m not sure that anyone really cares what some of those people are talking about, or their opinions. I think that if you have an opinion, just keep it to yourself.”

How race promoters try to shape F1′s rules (Autosport, subscription required)

“As no less than eight promoters sit on the Formula 1 Commission – almost one-third of the total complement of 26 seats – the question of their overall influence is obviously an issue, particularly as [Australian Grand Prix chairman Ron] Walker believes the circuits are able to hold F1 to ransom over an unknown quantity, namely the sound of engines that have yet to be designed, let alone tested or raced.”

Ross Brawn – ‘Nothing Ever Stays The Same’ (The Race Driver)

“Cars are born 12, 18 months before you see them. The car we ran last year was conceived long before Michael joined us. Trying to win the championship in ’09 with a pretty slimmed-down team didn’t leave a lot to spare for the build of a good car for 2010. I think our 2011 car is not bad. It’s the first car designed by John Owen, our new chief designer; it’s the first complete car he’s designed. So I think it’s pretty impressive but it’s not where we want to be. John’s next car will for sure be a lot better.”

A good car now is a good step for 2012 (Ferrari)

“If we are competitive in England, then it confirms we have improved a lot and have reduced the gap to the other teams. We will also see how much we have improved our performance with the Hard Pirelli tyres, which we have not used them since Barcelona.”

Doughnuts galore if happy Button can win at Silverstone (The Independent)

“You can’t do those track invasions any more because of health and safety, but they’re amazing to watch. And we aren’t allowed to pick up flags any more, and it would be nice to do that, too. So if I win I would be doing doughnuts even if they aren’t allowed either; I wouldn’t care about that by that point.”

Vettel eyes British success

“If the German laps Silverstone half as fast this weekend as he did the Top Gear test track in deepest, darkest Surrey he will be celebrating a double victory come Sunday night when a special British GP-themed episode of the show is broadcast.”

CT in line to host Grand Prix (Eye Witness News)

“According to [Bernie] Ecclestone, negotiations for its return are in the final stages. ‘I’m hoping we can make a decision as soon as our lawyers have a good look at them… within the next couple of weeks.’”

Construction Site timelapse: June 1 – June 30 (YouTube)

Senna wins audience award (Working Title)

“Senna has won the Audience Award for Best International Feature at the LA Film Festival.”

Yesterday and tomorrow (Grand Prix)

“Technicians of tomorrow are easier to find thanks to F1 in Schools, an initiative that has the blessing of the F1 teams and encourages school kids to design and build miniature projectiles powered by an explosion of CO2.”

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Comment of the day

Girts on Daniel Ricciardo’s forthcoming F1 debut:

I like Ricciardo. He is positive, good looking and smiles a lot. His answers to the media questions are actually interesting to read/hear. It’s much too soon to declare him a future world champion and he has to prove himself yet. But the signs are good.

I don’t think it’s necessarily bad to start a career with a backmarker team. Alonso drove a Minardi in his first year. The engineers will see Ricciardo’s true potential anyway, no matter how bad the car is.

What I don’t like is that he will need to spend a lot of time letting the other cars lap him, which is something he probably isn’t used to. I have recently started to think that the idea of getting rid of the blue flags is actually not that stupid.

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On this day in F1

Nigel Mansell won the first F1 race held at the Circuit Nevers on this day 20 years ago.

Mansell passed home hero Alain Prost to win, leading home the French driver who was using the new Ferrari 643 for the first time.

Ayrton Senna completed the podium in third place.