Paul di Resta, Force India, Jerez, 2011

F1 teams considering more young driver tests

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In the round-up: F1 teams are considering bringing back some in-season testing.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

F1 teams ponder testing rethink plans (Autosport)

Sam Michael: “There has not been a vote yet. All they have done is put a few ideas out there about what you could potentially do, which might involve doing an extra young drivers’ test during the season.”

Formula One chiefs reject fighter jet pods for driver safety (Daily Mirror)

“Grand Prix aces have given the thumbs down to proposals to fit F1 cars with F16 fighter-style safety canopies.”

Whitmarsh looks to the future (F1)

“We had the tobacco era, then the automotive era, who were natural investors, and now we don?t have enough of them. We have Renault half in, we?ve got Mercedes and Ferrari, but actually we need to create an environment of governance, of regulations, of stability and entertainment which convinces the Hondas, Toyotas and BMWs that it was wrong to pull out and I believe that in time we will get them back and probably can add the Volkswagen/Audis, the Hyundais, whatever.”

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Comment of the day

Alianora la Canta gives an excellent explanation of why Paul di Resta is doing a better job than Adrian Sutil this year:

Paul would have finished ahead of Adrian (and scored some points) in Britain had it not been for a tyre mix-up in the pits due to Adrian having a puncture when Paul planned to pit. It affected both drivers but affected Paul a lot more. Had it not been for that, Paul would be beating Adrian in the race ratings.

A lot of Adrian?s points advantage is due to Monaco, where he was lucky to finish after crashing. While I maintain the car had damage prior to the crash from an earlier contact with Kobayashi, the fact remains that without the Safety Car Adrian would have had zero points instead of three, and possibly a non-finish.

What makes it worse for Adrian is that Paul is a rookie. As a general rule, rookies are not supposed to defeat drivers in their fifth year of competition that are on the way up, as this makes the rookie leapfrog the experienced driver in the consideration of team bosses.

The statistics in this case do not tell the full story, and that is why Paul is riding so high, relatively speaking, in reviews like this.
Alianora la Canta

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Michael Schumacher took an easy win in the French Grand Prix at Magny-Cours on this day in 2006.

Fernando Alonso finished second ahead of Schumacher’s team mate Felipe Massa.

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