Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011

Schumacher passes Alonso and more Monza moments

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Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, Monza, 2011
Schumacher tries to pass Alonso at the Rettifilio

Michael Schumacher’s off-track pass on Fernando Alonso at the Rettifilio was not shown during the race

But footage of the moment was captured by a fan at the first corner.

See that and more in this collection of the best fans’ videos from Monza.

The banking

The past merges with the present at Monza. Spectators at the first turn look over the old banking towards turn one:

HRT pit stop practice

HRT have been losing more time in the pits than any other team. But they keep on practising:

The start

This side-on view of the top four cars shows how good Fernando Alonso’s start was and how poor Jenson Button’s was. The Ferrari was past the McLaren before they reached the starting line.

Alonso grabs the lead at the first corner, prompting a cheer from the crowd:

The first-lap crash

Heading to the first corner, Vitantonio Liuzzi makes sure the HRT pit crew don’t have to worry about changing his tyres:

The restart

As the race gets going again, Vettel chases Alonso into Parabolica but Lewis Hamilton has fallen into Schumacher’s clutches:

Webber’s Red Bull

Mark Webber crashed at the Parabolica early on in the race. Here’s video of his car afterwards

Schumacher (briefly) passes Alonso

While the TV cameras were showing replays of Webber’s crash, Schumacher briefly got ahead of Alonso.

As this video shows, he ran too deep into the Rettifilio chicane on lap six, cutting the corner and passing the Ferrari.

Having cut the corner he let Alonso past again. As the world feed cut back from replays Schumacher was attacking Alonso again at the della Roggia chicane:


Plenty of passing going on in the DRS zone heading to Ascari:

The podium

Monza surely has the best podium in Formula 1. Here’s footage of Alonso celebrating with the crowd:

From hospitality

It pays to be connected. Here’s some well-edited footage from the hospitality suite adjacent to the start/finish line. Includes some great close-ups of the drivers pre-race:

So far it seems no-one captured any footage of Felipe Massa, Jarno Trulli and Sebastien Buemi colliding at the della Roggia on lap five.

If you’ve found or shot footage of that, or any other action from Monza, please share it by email, using Twitter or leave a comment below.

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