Start, Monza, 2011

Rate the race result: 2011 Italian Grand Prix

2011 Italian Grand PrixPosted on | Author Daniel Thomas

Start, Monza, 2011
Start, Monza, 2011

The Italian Grand Prix all-but ended the competition for this year’s championship.

But even so it was the 11th race this year to be given a rating of seven out of ten or higher by F1 Fanatic readers.

Here’s what F1 Fanatics had to say about the race.

Fixy appreciated a scintillating start:

The opening laps were amazing, with a big crash and great starts by Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher. I liked watching Sebastian Vettel pass Alonso, and all the laps where Hamilton was battling with Schumacher and later Jenson Button.

Mads thought the race had an anti-climatic end:

Vettel running away with it was a little boring, but at least it was unexpected to see him dominate and win on a track that generally is very bad for Red Bull.

Sadly the battles died out by the end of the race and that was a bit of a shame. Hamilton hunting down Alonso was good, but it was a bit of a long shot.

2011 average race
ratings so far

China 9.241
Canada 9.095
Germany 8.43
Hungary 8.344
Britain 7.96
Malaysia 7.775
Belgium 7.772
Monaco 7.684
Italy 7.494
Spain 7.319
Turkey 7.306
Australia 6.751
Europe 3.871

We’ve become used to seeing very high reliability in F1. But several cars dropped out at Monza, which disappointed Shu:

The loss of so many cars in the first half (eight I think) deprived us of more drama in the second half. I would?ve liked to have seen what Vitaly Petrov and Sergio Perez (on a one-stopper) were capable of today.

Schumacher’s defending against Hamilton was a major talking point. Rumfresh had this to say:

The racing between Schumacher and Hamilton looked fair and exciting.

Whether or not a penalty would be applied if the roles were reversed is not a discussion we need to have, as we have no way of knowing whether or not either statement is true.

In any case, Hamilton defined it as ‘racing’ and that is exactly what it was. I see no foul play.

While Vettel can seal his second world championship at the next race in Singapore, there are many who don’t mind an early championship conclusion:

I don?t really care if Vettel wins, so long as the races are good, which Italy really was!

This year the championship is dead and buried, but the races are still very exciting. And they will keep being exciting when the championship is mathematically sealed. I know what I prefer.

The championship is a snoozer, definitely, but the individual races are brilliant.

But Toby feels the footage from FOM leaves something to be desired:

I would appreciate a few more on board shots (perhaps of some lower-down-the-order teams) and more side-on shots, so that the viewers can really appreciate how quickly these cars travel.

How do you think the Italian Grand Prix compared to the other races this year? Have your say in the comments.

2011 Italian Grand Prix

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