Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2011

Furious Massa hits out at Hamilton after crash

2011 Singapore Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2011
Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2011

Felipe Massa said Lewis Hamilton “could have caused a big accident” in their collision during the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver referred to their run-in during qualifying yesterday, saying: “My thoughts is that again, I told you yesterday, he cannot use his mind. Even in qualifying, so you can imagine in the race.

“So, again, you know, what he did could have caused a big accident. And he’s paying for it, that the problem, he doesn’t understand, even paying for a problem, you know?

“Anyway, the problem was that I was in the middle so I had a puncture in my tyre and I pay a lot. I was not even lucky on the safety car because I’d stopped for the super softs in that moment to gain lap time.

“But them after five laps, six laps, the safety car came inside, and I had the wrong tyres to finish the race. So I was not very lucky as well with the strategy.

“And also, again, something happened with a guy who did how many times something with me this year? So many times.

“As I said it’s important the FIA is looking and penalising him all the time he is going in the car because he cannot think about it.”

Massa confronted Hamilton while the McLaren driver was conducting a television interview after the race.

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  1. Massa needs to stop whining about Lewis and concentrate on saving not his Ferrari career but his F1 career in the coming 12 months.

    I really dont see which other team on the grid would take him right now, especially with all the various young up and coming drivers they have on their own books.

    1. Considering your first point, of course he would be angry if another driver ruins his race after such a promising start.

      Massa had every right to be frustrated, and made some perfectly valid points in his interview.

      1. When Lewis clipped the back of Massa’s car, the contact caused damage to his front wing and a rear puncture for Massa. Certainly it was a mistake on the part of Hamilton, who was then punished with a drive through. That is racing. Certainly we have all seen incidents where far worse judgement has caused more serious accidents, nevertheless Lewis accepted his penalty and got on with his race.

        It is fine for Massa to vent some frustration in post race interviews. It is not fine for Massa to take things to a personal level and start talking about Hamilton’s relationship with his father. And for Massa to then approach Lewis in the way he did does nothing but shows how unprofessionally he has reacted.

        Massa certainly deserves to be serverely reprimanded for his behaviour. If he can’t act like an adult, he has no place on the grid. Yes, Lewis can be impatient and certainly rather pushy, but that is who he is and more often than not it is only himself who suffers. Massa has let himself down, and this is just another reason for Ferrari not to sign him next year.

        Adeus Felipe.

        1. How about when Lewis accused the stewards of being racist? That was far worse than Massa sarcastically patting Lewis on the arm.

          1. Doubtful. It’s not really comparing like for like is it. Lewis used a well known phrase recognised by many for it’s comic value, and he used it against a faceless body. And to be fair, it is well known that the stewards strong>do punish Lewis more than most other drivers.

            Massa’s insults were directly related at Hamilton, and then for Massa to approach Lewis mid-interview…? I certainly hope Lewis takes it further.

          2. What sort of eye tests to the drivers take regularly?.Lewis seems to always repeat the same manouvre and clip the corners of the other cars..He misjudges about the same each time.

          3. How about when Lewis accused the stewards of being racist?

            It was an idiotic remark but it was clearly intended as a joke.

            I’m not getting into whether what Massa did was worse because I don’t want to be a teacher on a primary school playground. They both need to take a look at their behaviour.

          4. Even if it was a joke, he obviously felt that he’d been victimised by the stewards without perhaps considering that he himself was to blame for all his penalties. If he realised this and learnt from his mistakes, it would be much more mature.

            For another example of why I think that it’s a storm in a teacup, I don’t think anybody minded in Canada 2008 when Kimi tapped Lewis on the shoulder and pointed at the red light he’d just ignored.

          5. In the interview when Hamilton ‘accused the stewards of being racist’ he was quoting Ali G who is a fictional character with a TV series who always says ‘is it cos I is black’ which is why after he said it Hamilton laughed. He was joking.

        2. ‘If he can’t act like an adult, he has no place on the grid’ – congrats, many are going out including your favorite driver

        3. It is fine for Massa to vent some frustration in post race interviews. It is not fine for Massa to take things to a personal level and start talking about Hamilton’s relationship with his father.
          >> All that the Brazilian said was someone has to talk to the Briton and calm him, maybe his father. He has not said anything about the Briton’s alleged relationship with his father.

          So making up statements is not professional IMO

          And for Massa to then approach Lewis in the way he did does nothing but shows how unprofessionally he has reacted.
          >> Coming from some one who’s driver’s color card interview post monaco is on record.
          And who mangled Massa’s statement to start with the definition of Professionalism takes a new meaning I suppose :D

        4. Notice Massa’s attitude after being spun around by Webber at Monza.


          Contrast that with his outrageous actions towards Lewis today……his father????


          1. That was a bit unnecessary from Massa when Lewis was talking but I agree with the commentators that things didn’t turn out for the bad as it should have had in the European GP 2007.

        5. SN, there is nothing unpredictable or revolting about the way Massa reacted. If Driver A gets taken out by, or pays the price for the mistake of Driver B, Driver A would obviously be angry or would criticize him publicly. But life goes on, and both drivers would forget this.

          Massa does have a point here – Lewis has been making the same kind of “accelerate first, think later” mistakes this year. He isn’t learning. We all love the flat-out, heart in the mouth driving of Hamilton but he needs to channel the aggression in an intelligent manner that delivers results in the end. Look at where Jenson and Lewis are in the standings – this certainly wasn’t in the script. Lewis’ talent deserves much more than that.

          Maybe Lewis’ new management has to be blamed.I haven’t seen this kind of repetition of mistakes even in his rookie year in 2007!

          Finally, Massa isn’t the first or the last driver to confront another driver who he feels has wronged him.

          1. Massa’s actions at the interview were revolting indeed, but what I meant was that there was nothing unpredictable in Massa feeling angry or openly complaining about Lewis.

        6. At least someone else thinks like me, I understand he was agrieved, but what he did, or more to the point the manner in which he did it, whilst Lewis was in the Media Enclosure, clearly in the middle of an interview was totally unproffesional. And is filmed for all to see him quite clearly goading him.
          Yes Lewis has made some bad calls or judgements of late but paid for them each time. Bit this was totally out of order.

        7. Then what about Massa saying that I tried to clear the air with Hamilton and he just walked away without even bothering to answer.
          Isn’t that an uncalled for attitude? I think it’s time Hamilton is thrown outta F1 and let him find a relatively non-descript place in WRC or somewhere.

          1. In my personal ranking Lewis now drops behind Alonso, Vettel and Button. JB proves that he can be very fast and he continues to improve. He is learning, unlike Lewis.

            Still, I think that Massa acted like a child here and people calling for Hamilton to be thrown out of Formula 1 are just ridiculous, to put it mildly.

      2. He’s right to be frustrated but the whole thing was a totally clear race incident, no need to shout “he cannot use his brains”.

        I think he overreacted because of what happened yesterday, because he had a clash with Webbo last race (which also costed him dearly) and didn’t say a thing. Or maybe it’s this track that brings him bad memories…

        It wasn’t a massive blow in the end, just a tiny little touch enough to puncture the tyre. In any case, Ham also had to pay the price twice, first with the broken wing then with the penalty.

        1. I get that he was frustrated. He could have controlled himself better, but I think this has been blown out of proportion a bit- if he wants to look a little unprofessional then that’s fine by me.

          Felipe Massa said Lewis Hamilton “could have caused a big accident” in their collision during the Singapore Grand Prix.

          I think that’s a bit of an over-reaction. Clipping somebody with your wing in a slow speed corner is hardly going to cause a big accident.

        2. My guess is, that Massa is still carrying the grudge from Monaco, (and possibly the disappointment of 2008) and holds it against Hamilton. Didn’t he say similar things post Monaco?

          The funny thing is, it might not be coincidence its happening to these two repeatedly (just as Schu has relatively many such incidents) as I find Massa’s driving a bit insecure, and therefore unpredictable. Hamilton is trying to overtake everywhere, also being hard to predict where he’s going.
          Just compare it to moves between Button, Vettel, Alonso (and Webber in Spa and Monza), it was close but they never tangled.

          1. That is well said, I was looking for a way to characterize that Massa too has had his share of incidents, and not all with HAM, but usually with Massa feeling himself to be the victim, often when defending against an overtake.

          2. Think you may be nearer the truth there with the reference to 2008. Maybe not a huge grudge held, but certainly to the point that if he has a chance to dig at him he will gladly take it, any move by the FIA on Lewis, will certainly be to his & Ferrari’s advantage, and it also keeps them focused on him. Also forgot about Massa having tangle of same kind with Webber in last race and nothing of this magnitude happened or was said.
            On the flip side I was bit confused that Lewis was given drive thru for his little clip, yet Schumachers move was given a ‘reprimand’ !!! inconsistancy yet again by the FIA Stewards, not just on Lewis but in general, there needs to be a set of them that travel to all races, and stick to the same guidelines and parameters. I initially thought driver stewerds was a good idea, but they all see it differently, despite their experiance. And I hate to see the race that Nicki Lauda is on with regards his views of Lewis!!!

      3. Precisely. Massa was on course for a good race, he was just behind Alonso after 11 laps (how often has this happened? He’s usually seconds/places behind) and had better pace. How Lewis turned into Massa from the outside is out of my reach, it was a crazy mistake, he braked early and turned into him when he had plenty of run-off and he could have simply braked earlier to change racing line or brake later to remain on the outside. When he saw he was going to hit him he continued turning, crazy.
        Possibly because he hit my favourite driver ruining what so far was a great race, Hamilton has dropped considerably in my appreciation list. In 2008 I “hated” him for taking the title off Massa, but then I liked him more as he was a great talent. I was “ok” with his accidents this year, some bad luck can happen, but now it’s too much.

        1. Toothpick Bandits
          25th September 2011, 19:48

          You could see that Hamilton was going to try the undercut and come back up the inside of Massa, but locked up which meant he couldn’t slow down and thus clipped Massa’s tyre. 100% Hamilton’s fault, but it was just an unintentional mistake, no malice, no over-aggression, just a racing incident. Everyone’s going mad about this because of the consequences of the ‘victim’, when in fact it was similar contact to Rosberg/Perez and nowhere near as bad as Schumacher/Perez. You don’t anyone going mental over any of the Merc drivers.

          The way that Massa reacted is far more shameful behaviour in my opinion, than Hamilton’s contact.

          1. I agree and if the inside undercut had of worked we would have said thank god Hamilton got it back. The incident was Hamiltons fault but it is clear cut racing incident. As for qualifiy maybe we need some rules stopping drivers backing up! Whatever the rules they need to be applied in a even handed and balanced way – they so far this year have not demonstrated this and its this that drives unsightly reactions like Massa’s hands on public verbal assult..

    2. streetfightingman
      25th September 2011, 17:26

      I really don’t see which other team would want Lewis. Top teams needs results and lower teams couldn’t afford giving him constant new cars.

      He doesn’t even belong in GP2. But to send him lower than GP2 wouldn’t be very clever. That would be dangerous for the other drivers. Lower rated series doesn’t have the sufficient safety.

      1. Nobody picks a driver who says ‘I can’t drive any slower’ or ‘I can’t drive any faster’ – courtesy Valencia. Lewis’s career ends at McLaren.

        1. Worst thing that happened to Hamilton was winning the championship so early on his career.

          He would be much better with another attitude.

          He’s a brilliant driver but he tries so hard to always show he is the best, that often ends up overdriving, and finishes against a wall or against a competitor.

          If he wouldn’t won so early, perhaps he would be trying to win races, instead of this.

          Having another young and talented driver so dominant nowadays is not helping the issue either…….

          1. I was thinking the same. He from the beggining had a winning car, and everybody, or most of people, were singing price to him.

            Now that he is not in the fastest car he is frustrated and mad.

          2. Why go this way? You and me know exactly why Hamilton or Alonso did not win WDC in 2009, 2010 or 2011. We can talk about accidents to bash or demonize drivers but we all know that when Alonso or Hamilton get a car on pair with Red Bull Vettel will not win 10 races in the same year. So we should be talking about the driver who is about to win his back to back WDC and not a fair-divers fueled by a crying baby.

            Ask the paddock and pretty much every would say they would love to have Lewis driving for them. Vettel has done worse last year! That hit on Button’s sidepod? Anyone?

          3. Vettel has done worse last year! That hit on Button’s sidepod?

            And how many results has Hamilton thrown away in collisions since then? Off the top of my head I came up with Monza, Canada, Spa and Singapore.

            Spa was the nadir of Vettel’s season last year but you can’t deny he’s been in crushing form since then.

          4. @Keith, you got my point! When Vettel needs to “force” he makes mistakes too! I love his driving skills and having such a great car it’s so much easier for him. However, I think Vettel deserves his WDC and should be getting more love from us, but we’re just spending too much time either attacking or praising Lewis.

          5. When Vettel needs to “force” he makes mistakes too!

            Canada aside, there’s been little to no evidence of that this year.

            He soaked up gigantic pressure to win in Canada and Monaco.

            And he had to overtake on his way to wins at Monza and Spa, which he accomplished very well.

            I made these very points in a recent article: Is the Vettel era “boring”? Not even close

      2. What makes me laugh is that everyone complains about the lack of decent overtaking yet when Hamilton tries to make a move and it does not quite come off everyone goes mad saying that he is driving dangerously and he should be punished. Schumacher on the other hand drives straight in to the back of someone on a straight part of the track and barely anyone bats an eyelid! Either we want overtaking and all the crashes that that brings (look at how many crashes Senna was involved in) or we simply have qualifying and hand out the points based on that as the race would be pointless as no one is allowed to overtake.

        You can not have it both ways, either have it boring and no crashes or exciting and the odd mistake causing a crash. Which would you like?

    3. Massa needs to do both of those, not just one.

      He cant allow all drivers to walk all over him. If they drive into him, he should stick up for himself.

      He also needs to improve. But that I think is more down to the car.


      Massa always plays the innocent but he is involved in a lot of incidents that are partly due to him.

      Live and let live is a concept not known to Massa, in Monza he was angry at Webber while he slammed the door.

      Massa is still ****** at Hamilton for losing the championship on the last lap.

      Massa should get reprimanded or punished for his behaviour after the race as that is much worse that being involved in a race incident because that is all it was – Hamilton should NOT have been penalized.

      On the qualify overtake – Kudos to Hamilton – Massa choose the slow down so his mistake

    5. For all who says Massa is Unsporting.. Please See official ferrari post race comments.. After the race massa had gone to hamilton to talk in private and hamilton has just walked off without saying a word.. This has prompted massa to come out and catch up with lewis in public.. Now who is unsporting…?

      1. Of course it’s Massa who is unsporting. Lewis is a well behaved top notch driver with a not-so-good car. He just can’t help others from driving into him, nor can’t stop paying his friend’s office a visit or at least give them an offer for an invite. He can call other drivers ‘ridiculously stupid’, accuse others of being racist and totally play cool with mysterious twitter posts on how awesome he is. Yes, that is how his fans view his apology which carries no meaning to anyone else including himself.

      2. It’s useless to listen to hear Massa whining. Who on earth would listen to that?

        On the other it can be really comical:
        Youtube clip of Massa whining on Alonso about a perfectly fine overtake

        Same in Monaco. Hamilton attempts an overtake on Massa in a spot where indeed you need some cooperation from the driver he was overtaking. Hamilton understood this and Rosberg too. Massa doesn’t so he just turns in and a collision is the result.

        Massa does the same thing in Tabac, but he doesn’t understand that it’s the same thing. So he whines when someone does it to him, but he doesn’t even bat an eye when he does it himself.

      3. Massa is!!, he’s rude and needs to carry himself more professionaly. better still he needs to quit F1.

    6. That’s not really the point though. How badly does it reflect on him if he doesn’t sound off? If even for his more personal than professional self.

    7. Why did Weber not reprimanded nor penalized in Monza (last race) for causing an avoidable accident?

    8. Massa needs to stop whining about Lewis and concentrate on saving not his Ferrari career but his F1 career in the coming 12 months.

      It’s a little bit hard to “save your career” when another driver gives you a puncture and robs you of a decent race result.

      1. Hamilton has had the same along with many other drivers. You did not see Perez turn to schumacher and push him around Or Perez go over to Rosberg and push him!

        Massa is not entirely innocent in all these collisions, he tends to defend far to hard (although in this particular case it was entirely Hamiltons mistake). Also massa has caused his fair share of collisions.

        Senna used to hit others a lot yet has (quite correctly) gone down as a genius, Hamilton collides in a fairly run of the mill incident which happens every single race at least once (and almost always goes unpunished like schumachers last race).

      2. Massa was never going to produce a ‘decent race result’ even without the puncture!!

        1. Based on what? As has been already said, he was as fast as Webber and Alonso in the first stint.

    9. Oh poor Massa, strange how he finds himself in these situations now a days. Perhaps he should have retired after the Hungary accident as he lost his edge there.

      As for Lewis, keep driving the way you are, that is what F1 needs, drivers not wheeners!

      Not being able to see the front of the car makes it tricky and look what happen to Schumacher.

      After the incident and that STUPID drive through, Lewis CAME BACK big time, Massa? he came NOW WHERE !! Bet you if it was the other way round, there would not have been a penalty.

      And perhaps Lewis was right when he suggested that people are racist, no matter what he does, he always gets hammered while others get away with worse things :(

      1. he always gets hammered while others get away with worse things

        Such as?

        1. Leaving the track in Belgium 2008?

          I know it is along time ago now, but it is the most obvious one that comes to mind.

          1. I’m happy to concede that one – as I said at the time it was utterly stupid.

            Off the top of my head I would add his penalty from the start at Fuji in 2008.

            But looking at the (many) other penalties he’s received over the years, I struggle to fault any of them. Including all five of those he’s had so far this year.

          2. Keith,

            I would agree with you to a point (not sure either of the penalties in Monaco were deserved). My issue is that there appears to be inconsistency in the way penalties are handed out. Rosberg bumps and forces Perez off the road yet no penalty but di-resta is penalised in canada for bumping heidfeld. Schumacher spins Petrov out in Valencia and gets no penatly but hamilton just catches massas rear tyre and gets a penalty.

            I am not saying Hamilton did not deserve a penalty I just hope that from now on every driver that clips their wing on another car when turning in to a corner from the outside line get the same penalty otherwise it is inconsistent.

          3. Rosberg bumps and forces Perez off the road yet no penalty

            He was cleanly down the inside of Perez trying to overtake. Perez didn’t have to turn in on him.

            Schumacher spins Petrov out in Valencia

            Petrov didn’t spin.

          4. Keith,

            It is Monday morning and my brain is not fully engadged yet….. No I now remember Petrov did not spin at valencia, it was the other similar schumacher collision that I was thinking of at another race (Which he also was not punished for). I have tried hard to find the incident but due to FOMs stupidly strict take downs of any recordings I can’t find it…..

            Rosberg was not alongside perez until the final moment as he braked far later putting himself in the rapidly disappearing gap.

  2. Massa’s career trajectory is tragic. It’s no great surprise that all that sportsmanship and modesty he had in 2008 has turned into anxiety and open frustration.

    1. People keep talking about the dip in Massa’s form since his accident, and will he ever regain his former skills. I’m not convinced that’s true.

      If you look at Massa’s whole career, up until 2006 he was considered “Just good enough for Minardi” in most people’s reports. Jean Todt needed a replacement for Rubens who wouldn’t rock the boat, and chose a driver managed by his own son. Sure enough, thankful Massa came in, did the donkey work Schumacher needed, and seemed to learn a bit. By 2006 he was reasonable, and improved up to 2008.

      In 2008, only two and a half teams could realistically win races: McLaren, Ferrari and BMW. BMW gave up half way through the year. McLaren were restricted (completely fairly, before lazy readers accuse me of bias) in their car development as a result of the events of 2007. Kimi couldn’t be bothered, and Heikki wilted under the intense pressure to perform at McLaren. So realistically, it was a two-driver race, and Massa had the faster car. Even at that, he was reliant on Lewis doing badly in order to stand a chance of winning – control of the championship was never in his hands, really.

      He did well in 2009 against an even lazier Kimi (but was still beaten on pace when Kimi could be bothered to show up), and then had his terrible accident. Since he came back, Ferrari have stripped him of his dignity and kicked him around like a sick puppy. As a result, people are wondering if he’ll ever “regain his form” from 2008.

      I think this is Massa’s natural level of form. The 2008/early 2009 section of his career is the actual “blip” on the statistics.

      1. many of your points make good sense, however:

        heikki’s form wasn’t wilting so much as he was clearly no. 2 status.

        the 2008 season saw mclaren and ferrari each alternating between brilliant performances and colossal screw-ups. control of the championship was 50/50, or possibly 0/0.

      2. I can’t fail to applaud when people mysteriously forget the mechanical failures of Massa in 2007 and Kimi in 2008. ‘Bravo’

        1. There’s nothing in my post at all to suggest that Massa didn’t have any mechanical failures, so I’m not sure where you’re getting that from.

      3. On the contrary McLaren was the best car on the grid in 2008.

        On the contrary the events in 2007 made the team more resolute.

        On the contrary Ferrari car struggled in low track temperatures ( their current problem of getting heat into styre stems way back to 2006)& most races in 2008 season did happen under variable conditions and most European races under low track conditions.

        Please review the race videos and see how robustly McLaren handled versus badly the Ferrari handled out of corners. Ferraris never used to have any tractions out of corners.

        To make matters worse Ferrari Pitwall read weather wrong and put both their drivers on wrong setups in races like Silverstone ( it was not just Massa that spun 7 times on same corner Kimi spun 6 times).

        It was only in the final three races when Luca Di Montezemello coaxed the Ferrari team to sort out the technical weaknesses on the car did Ferrari looked a bit of match to the McLaren.

        Its Ok to be fan of the team, but to blatant misstate the fact to suit one’s argument is shoddy.

        Please watch all the race videos of the 2008 season

        1. How can you make accusations of bias while making comments like “Mclaren was the best car on the grid in 2008”?

          The simple fact is that we have no idea which car was the fastest in 2008, they had different drivers and would have each been better at different tracks.

          1. I have laid out entire 2008 season progression in support of my statement
            “Mclaren was the best car on the grid in 2008″

      4. People keep talking about the dip in Massa’s form since his accident, and will he ever regain his former skills.

        People keep talking about the dip in Massa’s form since his accident to avoid the bigger issue here: once again, Lewis Hamilton ruined someone else’s race.

        1. Incidents happen. Many times during each race. Massa has had caused fair share. If not more than his fair share.

          If Massa wasn’t performing so poorly he would have just shrugged this off. He has to make a big deal about it now to deflect that he’s about to lose his drive.

  3. Perhaps Ron Dennis should have told Lewis that he was ‘over zealous’ after the Monaco 2007 race.

    1. Well they did try to keep him from winning that race in China earlier this season. No don’t attack Button you might ruin your tyres. Don’t attempt to gain on Rosberg. Just keep looking after the tyres …

  4. I agree, Massa needs to get a grip… He has put himself in a position where he has to suck Ferrari **** on a daily basis. I don’t blame him for being bitter, but it’s his own fault, not Hamilton’s… He can delude himself all he likes, saying that his poor performance is Hamilton’s fault, but everybody knows it’s because he is forced to play second fiddle to Alonso, and has a slow (relatively speaking) car.

    1. Nothing you said has anything to do with the fact that yet again Hamilton ruined another drivers race with a completely dumb and pointless crash.

      1. streetfightingman
        25th September 2011, 17:42

        I agree. Why is even Massa put on the line here? It’s just ridiculous the way Hamilton is behaving and ruining F1.

        1. If it wasnt for Lewis there wouldnt be a great deal to talk about after that race. The guy is entertaining at least, and causes a bit of controversy.

          1. Clowns are entertaining, they better stay at the circus than drive cars

          2. @GameR_K – F1 too is called a circus ;-)

        2. Because every time Massa see’s Hamilton behind him, he goes into “thou shalt not pass” mode and usually ends up worse for ware.

          1. F1 drivers are supposed to defend. It is a part of racing.

          2. Are you actually saying that Massa should share a part of the blame in today’s incident? Massa does defend over aggressively from time to time, but today’s incident was caused by another Lewis brain fade moment.

          3. @W-K – Public memory is short, remember the driver that Jenson Button could not get past lap after lap, till he decide to overshoot the chicane at Oz’11. That driver incidentally was Massa.

            While Massa may not be a prolific overtaker, but he is always robust in his defense.

            Lewis needs to indeed sit with some experienced person (maybe an ex driver like Sir Jackie Stewart0 and review his host of mistakes this season.

            Lewis is amazing driver and brilliant racer, but he seems to have lost the plot this season and is in need of a calming influence in his life (somebody like Jessica Michibata ;-) )

        3. No, he’s not ruining F1! Lewis Hamilton is the LeBron James (NBA Basketball player) of Formula One.

          We have “haters” rooting for his failure and those who like him and praise his “amazing skills”. The former will always over-react when he hits someone and the latter will always over value his wins.

          The clean proof that Hamilton is important to F1 is that you’re talking about the about to be WDC, you did not talk about Webber’s accident in Monza or when Alonso hit Hamilton the same way earlier this year… sorry

        4. Did Senna ruin F1?

      2. Ruined whose race? Hamilton was behind Massa (several cars in fact) after his drive through, the fact is Hamilton was able to recover, but Massa was not.

        1. Exactly, is Massa angry that Lewis was able to pull his race back from the brink and get 5th, when Massa was lower down?

          Ok, Massa has a point but Lewis was punished, he got a drive through which also ruined his race a Hungry a month back. What more does he want? Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you.

      3. Nothing you said has anything to do with the fact that yet again Hamilton ruined another drivers race with a completely dumb and pointless crash.

        Just as Massa himself has done in the past.

        Fact: Massa is an inferior driver in a top team. In 2008 he became psychologically dependent on FIA helping him in the championship fight against Hamilton with some ludicrous decisions, and since then he’s cheaply called on penalties for Hamilton whenever possible. This frustration clearly stems from being second driver to Alonso.

        As for Hamilton, he needs to grow up too. He’s not happy with the McLaren? Have the courage to go elsewhere. His attitude has become if he doesn’t get what he wants to beat Vettel, he’ll drive however badly he wants. He’s giving every reason for McLaren to invest heavily in Button instead – in fact, they probably should now. I don’t buy the line that Hamilton is a more reckless driver than others, many of the penalties like today’s are misplaced. By challenging more on track, he exposes other peoples errors too – a factor never taken into account. But that doesn’t make his present state of mind productive for himself or his team.

        1. Explains Lewis’s substandard performance playing second fiddle to Button, thanks for enlightening us

          1. Button was on the clean side of the track on the start and webber defending from hamilton left the door open to button. Hamilton had to back off to avoid a collision which put him into the slower cars while button had clear air behind Vettel.

          2. @ Lee1

            A classic ‘lets stop Hamilton’ maneouvre from Red Bull (bit like Interlagos 2007 when Ferrari sandwiched him very effectively off the grid). Webber went so off line he compromised his own start, which suggest to me his primary job early on had been to take Hamilton out of the equation (i.e. the msot likely of the two McLaren drivers to bother Vettel from the off).

      4. Thanks for that dennis. Everything I have said is still relevant though, thanks for pointing that out!

        I agree that Hamilton is inconsistent. However, every race Massa enters is ruined ‘automatically’ by the fact that he drives for Ferrari. He will always be forced to submit to cry-baby Alonso, and well he knows it!

        He’s frustrated, and acting like a baby as a consequence. His bad attitude after the race goes to show that he’s as much to blame as Hamilton. I think he’s been taking lessons in childish behaviour from Fernando himself.

      5. Can you just show me a motor race where there are no incidents between drivers on the track? It is RACING for god sake!! And yes there will be incidents. Incidents WILL ruin races for both the parties involved!

        All I can see is Hamilton could not overtake Massa before the turn of the incident. His intention was to undercut Massa after the turn. Massa was having none of it and there was a collision. I am 100% sure Hamilton’s intentions were not to ruin his nor Massa’s race. Another 5 inches would have left both of them with no incidents and Hamilton would have finished way up. It is not always easy to judge where your front wing end plate is in a race.It is just a racing incident.

        Hamilton has been in the pits 5 times. Which is more than any one in the race. Yet he still managed to finish 5th. At one point he was 18th on the grid. Who stopped Massa from doing the same? After Hamilton’s drive through penalty he was actually behind Massa.

        1. So you’re saying that being Hamilton such a good driver, can he just damage Massa’s race, because Massa is not a good driver anyway?

          1. Dont know how you came to that conclusion. My point being racing involves collisions & incidents. There is no point in crying that a driver’s race was ruined due to an incident esp when the other driver involved can still come home with good points. What about the bad luck with the strategy of soft tyres on Massa’s car before the safety car? This ruined his race more than the collision.

    2. For any driver that would have been a harsh decision. But if Lewis does not stop hitting other cars for whatever reason, they should send him for for a few races next season to think about what he does.

      He does not learn, he is always looking for excuses or to blame other. And he does those mistakes over and over again. It’s getting tiresome. And it’s a shame for someone like Felipe, who desperately needs results for his career and ego.

    3. Certainly! What was Massa really hoping for?! Put almost any other driver on the grid in Massa’s car, and they will out perform him. If Massa is frustrated at the moment he really only has himself to blame and losing his cool just makes him look bad!

      1. Was thinking the same. Massa is a good and likeable person and all that but he lost his edge. It is a shame but any driver on the grid can out perform Massa in that Ferrari!

  5. Massa is completely right, Hamilton needs to think sometimes before just trying to overtake, especially in this season.

  6. Massa wants to realise that this sport involves RACING. During RACES, RACING incidents tend to occur.

    1. Of course all drivers get the benefit of the doubt every now and then, but when it happens on a regular basis, there is less understanding, I think.

      I agree that racing is racing, and that there should’ve been no penalty in the Rosberg/Perez incident for instance. However, driving into someone’s rear wheel is hardly racing.

      1. Stewards cant keep penalising drivers for attempting to overtake. Its already had an effect on Hamilton, as we saw in Monza. And quite obviously he never intended to puncture Massa’s tyre and take off half his front wing.

        1. Basically all the other drivers can find a balance between overtaking and avoiding incidents (look at Button), so if Hamilton can’t find another mode between Monza mode and Singapore mode, it’s not the stewards’ fault.

          1. I’m not saying Hamilton wasnt at fault, he clearly was. But if every time someone causes a collision they get a penalty we’ll end up with drivers to scared to attack. As for all the other drivers being better overtakers, one M. Schumacher could claim the title of most useless overtaker over the past couple of years.

            Button is driving out of his skin lately.

          2. If you were more objective, you would have noticed that not all overtakes or racing incidents result in penalties. It is only the avoidable incidents that result in penalties.

          3. @infy

            Every incident involving an overtake is avoidable as you do not have to make the move, or the other driver does not have to defend the move. What makes one incident more avoidable than another? The only unavoidable incidents are those that result from something breaking on a car.

        2. Hamilton’s chances of overtaking Massa were virtually nil. Massa had about 9/10ths of his car ahead, Hamilton wasn’t trying to overtake, he clumsily drove into Massa.

          1. That Hamilton was clumsy shouldn’t be open to debate, but he absolutely was trying to overtake – by doing an undercut (which seems to have now been misappropriated by the Beeb to relate to pitstops) i.e. come in wide and undercut on the exit and get a better drive out of the corner. He seriously misjudged the distances, though, which shouldn’t happen at this level.

          2. If you look at the replay, Hamilton was just ahead of massa until the braking zone where massa braked very late, in doing so put his car ahead at the crucial moment but this was at the very last moment, up until then hamilton had good cause to try to overtake. He then simply misjudged the undercut and clipped the wing on massas tyre. It happens in practically every race!

        3. The reason for the penalty was because of the time Massa lost due to Hamilton’s clumsiness. He really needs to get a grip.

          Considering Hamilton’s talent and car and he should be in at least 3rd place in the WDC.

          Instead he is behind is less rated (although maybe not for much longer) team-mate, Alonso who is in a car 1s a lap slower and Webber who is himself having a poor season.

    2. You have to remember that ‘racing’ is a loose term in Ferrari speak… Just watch the movie Senna, and remember the cloud of disgraceful sportsmanship that follows the Ferrari camp around.

      Besides, Massa is simply there to get in the way, and is being paid to wind Hamilton up, as well as being shagged by Alonso every race weekend. Poor little bloke, I don’t blame him for being knobbed off somewhat, but the enemy is far closer to home…

  7. Bring the bashing on Hammy lovers, but I can actually understand Massa´s point of view…..it has been sooooooo many times and for some reason this poor lad seems to be always part of the incidents that are caused by Lewis´ over-enthusiastic/desperate driving(one may call it risky/others dumb-its a fine line-)
    Of course it was not alright to lash out at HAM in the public,but his frustration towards Hamilton just boiled over by that point…..

    1. I think part of the problem is overly agressive defending against Hamilton. Look at monaco, Hamilton and Schumacher both attempt overtakes at the hairpin. In both cases the moves are pretty much identical at the beginning. Schumacher makes the move on Di-Resta (I think) and dives down the inside. Hamilton makes the move on Massa and dives down the inside, Both are in a similar position at a similar time during the move but then the move changes as Di-Resta takes the wide line at the hairpin and allows schumachers pass to go smoothly, Massa however turns in to take the racing line even though hamilton is on the inside ensuring they clash and ensuring Hamilton gets a penalty. Two pretty much identical moves initially and only one ends up being punished. Massa could and should really have done what Di-Resta did but chose to aggressively defend. He was fully entitled to defend in that way but he can hardly complain when it ends up in a collision.

      At Silverstone Massa again chose to aggressively defend on the last chicane and again it ended up in a collision. Thankfully this time both drivers came out of it undamaged, but again Massa was entitled to defend in this way but could have avoided the whole issue by giving more room.

      As they say, it often takes two to tango.

      1. It was Rosberg and Hamilton being overtaken by Schumacher in the hairpin. Di Resta overtook someone and had an accident. Much like Hamilton on Massa. Althoug Di Resta came from further back and ran into the back of his opponent. Hamilton was fully alongside Massa.

        Then Massa continues to push when Hamilton overtakes him going into the tunnel, gets on the dirty side and crashes. Massa just goes into a red mist when he’s overtaken by Hamilton. He rather crashes than be overtaken.

        The sad thing is. The rules allow this behavior. Just run into your opponen before the corner and it’s the fault of the overtaker.

        1. Yes you are correct, It was indeed Hamilton he passed on the hairpin, which makes my point even stronger!

          Also I remember schumacher breaking his front wing on hamiltons rear at the start. (Something which I think is just part of racing).

  8. Massa confronted Hamilton while the McLaren driver was conducting a television interview after the race.

    And What else happened

  9. Massa is not a great driver and having had his peak in 2008, he hasn’t won a race in almost 3 years. He’s struggling to get good results and should be on his way out soon maybe ad a reserve or test driver at best. He can moan all he wants but at best he would have got 6th or 7th place so it wasn’t a big deal really. His confrontation in the drivers pen with LH was unnecessary and an obvious sign of his frustration not just with LH,but his future career and constant outperformance by FA at Ferrari. He literally stopped short of blaming LH for his poor season!

    1. Absolutely! I’ve never posted about anything before, but Massa’s post race conduct was just shocking. I really hope the 2012 season leaves him unsigned.

      1. why shocking? Hamilton had it coming..

        1. Compared to the ‘Monaco scale’ was it less or more?

  10. Massa confronted Hamilton while the McLaren driver was conducting a television interview after the race.

    And What else happened

  11. Also LH locked his brakes when turning in and making contact with Massa, surprised that wasn’t picked up. Its not like he drove into him on purpose or was still trying to overtake at that moment.

    1. If he was locking his brakes, it makes it even stranger that he was turning in so early. Based on his onboard video, he was almost going for his normal racing line.

      He turned in too early against Webber in 2010 and paid the price, and the same happened again in 2011, although without retirement.

      1. Hamilton 2011 – hits Massas rear wheel – drive through penalty.

        Webber 2010 – hits Hamiltons rear wheel (and puts him out of race) – no penalty.

        The stewards are a pathetic, inconsistent and downright inept bunch – shockingly incapable of anything approaching fair judgement.

        1. Singapore 2010 – Webber was down the inside and Hamilton cut him off.
          Singapore2011 – Massa was almost a car length ahead and on the inside, Hamilton ruins his own race and Massa’s.

          1. Webber was behind Hamilton, but he failed to break for the corner at the breaking point.

            Vettel did the same in Melbourne 2009 and got a 10 place grid drop after he rammed into Kubica.

            Either way, the stewarding is ridiculously inconsistent.

  12. Problem is, Hamilton just doesn’t seem to learn. Shall we start placing bets on who gets crashed into by Hamilton at the next race?

    1. If Massa’s outburst was just a random one then it would be completely uncalled for. But considering he’s spoken to Hamilton politely on more than one occasion and as you said he’s still obviously not learned, I can understand Massa’s anger and outburst and he has reason for it. I still don’t condone this kind of behaviour though. I understand this incident but it’s still unacceptable from Massa.

    2. Equal odds at 1/23 unless Hamilton crashes all by himself which would put the figure at 1/24.

  13. Massa’s frustration is understandable. Hamilton tried an overtaking move where there was absolutely NO ROOM.
    i like his aggressive style, but here he just played the part of a kamikaze that reminded me of the good ol’ days of Sato (just like Schumi some laps later…).

    1. He was trying an overtake at a point on the circuit that practically 90% of all the passes in the race were made at. He was in a very strong overtaking position but massa chose to break late in order to defend the position, Hamilton merely tried to break and dive to the undercut which many drivers attempt and many drivers end up doing exactly what hamilton did which was slighlty misjudge it (an inch further back and it would have worked perfectly). Can you honestly sit there and say that you have not seen that same thing happen in almost every race this season with one driver or another? The move was not dangerous (unlike schumachers) and not stupid (just misjudged slightly) Unfortunately in F1 the difference between a amazing move and a incident is tiny and dependent on many outside factors.

  14. Well, Massa could always try winning some races. That might keep him ahead of the general riff-raff.

  15. Hamilton is like Tiger Woods and the US motocross race James Stewart, in that he has a huge amount of talent but lacks
    judgement where questionable conduct is concerned.

    Does Hamilton have to kill someone while he is not even in contention for second place in the WDC before the stewards
    take strong action against him ? Racing is one thing, but stupidity
    and poor judgement is another.

    1. Woods and Stewart? Interesting choice you made there. Don’t worry, people can year your dog-whistle.

  16. Lewis Hamilton is master of being able to clip a rear wheel of an opponent and cause a puncture. He has used this technique several times, most notable in Brazil a few years ago on the start finish straight, just off camera, a few laps from the end.
    Its a very discreet but effective way of disposing of the opposition, and appears to be a “slight racing incident”.
    I’ve said it before in these pages, Young Hamilton is dangerous.
    And he keeps on proving me right, bless him.
    Its about time the other drivers challenged him off track, in public.

    1. Also a great way of ruining his own race. As cunning plans go, it’s Baldrick level.

    2. You honestly can sit there and say that hamiltons incident was more dangerous and stupid than Schumachers? Honestly?

      Plus Hamilton has been on the other end of that type of incident before and this sort of incident happens every race with other drivers. It is a very common incident (possibly the most common type of crash).

      Is it more dangerous that Schumachers crash with Hill? Or Sennas on Prost?

  17. I really can’t wait until Hamilton gets a championship-winning car, so he doesn’t have to deal with this **** every week.

    1. I agree 100%!

  18. I think its good when drivers show emotion. plus he was full of adrenaline just after the race. Its not like he swore or was offensive (like Hamilton at Monaco) or actually hit him. I dont get all this criticism. Hamilton was at fault for the incident anyway as he turned in on Massa.

  19. Massa was frustrated it’s understandable. I think too much is being made of it-he was a bit forceful but it was just one of those angry, sarcastic moments and he walked away right after. So it wasn’t the most professional thing but this is the toughest race of the year and the adrenaline is flowing and when your race has just been badly hurt of course there’s going to be a bit of anger. Drivers may be PR machines and act like terminators most of the time but they’re not robots. I actually found it quite amusing in a childish way and find it highly ironic that Massa is getting stick for having a strop at the guy who had a massive strop earlier in the year :P

    I’d also like to praise Keith’s journalism yet again. I’ve read comments and tweets from respected F1 journalists which are OTT and how Massa “shoved” Hamilton and once again Keith you’ve been dignified, calm and very balanced.

    1. I think that for the stick Lewis got earlier in the year for his comments, Massa’s behaviour here was easily worse, and much less forgiveable. Lewis let his frustration get the better of him, and said the wrong things. But he did apologise afterwards, and frankly he had a point. The guy did get penalised where others would not.

      Flapping your gums is bad, but steaming over to a driver in the pen to have a go at him is worse, and you can bet Bernie won’t take kindly to it.

      1. I agree it’s different. The thing I dislike about Massa’s attitude in relation to Hamilton in general is that he counts on backing from FIA – calling for penalties, kicking Hamilton where he’s already been kicked etc. Hamilton had been penalized. Massa has already taken Lewis out of one race in very suspicious fashion – anyone remember?? Lewis’s strops, though, tend to be challenging the status quo, either his own team or FIA. At least he has some guts.

    2. I’d also like to praise Keith’s journalism yet again. I’ve read comments and tweets from respected F1 journalists which are OTT and how Massa “shoved” Hamilton and once again Keith you’ve been dignified, calm and very balanced.

      Well Keith did initially slam Massa as ‘pathetic’ on Twitter, after believing the initial sensationalist report of one particular journalist, so I’m not so sure about your point there. I agree with the rest.

      1. But it was pathetic!

      2. Most people believe Buxton’s OTT report though and if he had started shoving Lewis then that would have been pathetic. Massa was still daft but honestly, it doesn’t warrant some of the hate-filled comments I’ve read across the internet (and neither does Lewis for making the on track mistake either).

  20. L. Hamilton needs to go to NASCAR.

    1. yes please!

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