Furious Massa hits out at Hamilton after crash

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2011

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2011

Felipe Massa said Lewis Hamilton “could have caused a big accident” in their collision during the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver referred to their run-in during qualifying yesterday, saying: “My thoughts is that again, I told you yesterday, he cannot use his mind. Even in qualifying, so you can imagine in the race.

“So, again, you know, what he did could have caused a big accident. And he’s paying for it, that the problem, he doesn’t understand, even paying for a problem, you know?

“Anyway, the problem was that I was in the middle so I had a puncture in my tyre and I pay a lot. I was not even lucky on the safety car because I’d stopped for the super softs in that moment to gain lap time.

“But them after five laps, six laps, the safety car came inside, and I had the wrong tyres to finish the race. So I was not very lucky as well with the strategy.

“And also, again, something happened with a guy who did how many times something with me this year? So many times.

“As I said it’s important the FIA is looking and penalising him all the time he is going in the car because he cannot think about it.”

Massa confronted Hamilton while the McLaren driver was conducting a television interview after the race.

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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Image ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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323 comments on Furious Massa hits out at Hamilton after crash

  1. Abuelo Paul (@abuello-paul) said on 25th September 2011, 17:48

    Lewis Hamilton is master of being able to clip a rear wheel of an opponent and cause a puncture. He has used this technique several times, most notable in Brazil a few years ago on the start finish straight, just off camera, a few laps from the end.
    Its a very discreet but effective way of disposing of the opposition, and appears to be a “slight racing incident”.
    I’ve said it before in these pages, Young Hamilton is dangerous.
    And he keeps on proving me right, bless him.
    Its about time the other drivers challenged him off track, in public.

    • David BR (@david-br) said on 25th September 2011, 18:14

      Also a great way of ruining his own race. As cunning plans go, it’s Baldrick level.

    • You honestly can sit there and say that hamiltons incident was more dangerous and stupid than Schumachers? Honestly?

      Plus Hamilton has been on the other end of that type of incident before and this sort of incident happens every race with other drivers. It is a very common incident (possibly the most common type of crash).

      Is it more dangerous that Schumachers crash with Hill? Or Sennas on Prost?

  2. brxtr (@broxter) said on 25th September 2011, 17:48

    I really can’t wait until Hamilton gets a championship-winning car, so he doesn’t have to deal with this **** every week.

  3. I think its good when drivers show emotion. plus he was full of adrenaline just after the race. Its not like he swore or was offensive (like Hamilton at Monaco) or actually hit him. I dont get all this criticism. Hamilton was at fault for the incident anyway as he turned in on Massa.

  4. Massa was frustrated it’s understandable. I think too much is being made of it-he was a bit forceful but it was just one of those angry, sarcastic moments and he walked away right after. So it wasn’t the most professional thing but this is the toughest race of the year and the adrenaline is flowing and when your race has just been badly hurt of course there’s going to be a bit of anger. Drivers may be PR machines and act like terminators most of the time but they’re not robots. I actually found it quite amusing in a childish way and find it highly ironic that Massa is getting stick for having a strop at the guy who had a massive strop earlier in the year :P

    I’d also like to praise Keith’s journalism yet again. I’ve read comments and tweets from respected F1 journalists which are OTT and how Massa “shoved” Hamilton and once again Keith you’ve been dignified, calm and very balanced.

    • I think that for the stick Lewis got earlier in the year for his comments, Massa’s behaviour here was easily worse, and much less forgiveable. Lewis let his frustration get the better of him, and said the wrong things. But he did apologise afterwards, and frankly he had a point. The guy did get penalised where others would not.

      Flapping your gums is bad, but steaming over to a driver in the pen to have a go at him is worse, and you can bet Bernie won’t take kindly to it.

      • David BR (@david-br) said on 25th September 2011, 18:24

        I agree it’s different. The thing I dislike about Massa’s attitude in relation to Hamilton in general is that he counts on backing from FIA – calling for penalties, kicking Hamilton where he’s already been kicked etc. Hamilton had been penalized. Massa has already taken Lewis out of one race in very suspicious fashion – anyone remember?? Lewis’s strops, though, tend to be challenging the status quo, either his own team or FIA. At least he has some guts.

    • I’d also like to praise Keith’s journalism yet again. I’ve read comments and tweets from respected F1 journalists which are OTT and how Massa “shoved” Hamilton and once again Keith you’ve been dignified, calm and very balanced.

      Well Keith did initially slam Massa as ‘pathetic’ on Twitter, after believing the initial sensationalist report of one particular journalist, so I’m not so sure about your point there. I agree with the rest.

      • sebsronnie (@sebsronnie) said on 25th September 2011, 18:31

        But it was pathetic!

      • Most people believe Buxton’s OTT report though and if he had started shoving Lewis then that would have been pathetic. Massa was still daft but honestly, it doesn’t warrant some of the hate-filled comments I’ve read across the internet (and neither does Lewis for making the on track mistake either).

  5. elchinero (@elchinero) said on 25th September 2011, 17:51

    L. Hamilton needs to go to NASCAR.

  6. Err Bob said on 25th September 2011, 17:53

    Hamilton did lock He`s front tyre just before turning in but I think Massa was trying to be clever with a slow through the apex trick allowing Him the choice of when they would put the hammer down for the next straight, it was a racing incedent and nothing else.
    Massa is just angry because He knows He`s racing days at Ferrari are over, and as for taking risky overtakes Fuji 07 springs to mind.

  7. lebesset said on 25th September 2011, 17:53

    hamilton haters out in force as expected …after all he misjudged his turn in by about an inch or so

    of course schu driving into the back of perez and causing a much more severe accident only merited a reprimand , and he got away with his illegal defensive driving against hamilton in the previous race

  8. I was the biggest Ham fan. I am now very tired of him as a driver and a person. IMO he is massively distracted in a ultra-competitive environment where other top drivers don’t lose focus like he has over the past 2 years, so he needs:

    – ditch the gf or at least put her in the background
    – drop the earings
    – get a proper manager, not a pop music expert
    – stop going to night clubs
    – stop being seen with celebrity stars and useless rappers etc…

    Then he’ll be back to his 07/08 form very easily. In the meantime he has become almost as arrogant as Senna.

    When you have the talent, it’s all about the focus and the mental approach. Atm, he is being ridiculed by his team mate.

    McLaren should drop him for Di Resta. Job done.

    • At least get the year right if you’re going to criticise someone.

      Of course any driver can make mistakes, but they can only get the benefit of the doubt for so long.

      For example, there was little criticism of Webber after his crash with Massa at Monza.

    • hamilton is becoming the Kournikova of F1. more of a marketing product than a pure sportsman. the style, the girlfriend, the family soap opera, the various stories outside the track, his childish changing mood, etc…
      he is really impressive during the races, but he still acts like a rookie, a spoiled child.
      his radio message was frankly unacceptable for someone at his level (something like “what is the point ot carry on?”)
      he even says he is not happy if mclaren doesn’t give him a winning car…for someone who arrived in F1 on a red carpet, it is a shame

  9. maxthecat said on 25th September 2011, 17:56

    Massa may well need to get a grip but it was Lewis’s fault 100% and Eddie Jordan trying to make out Lewis didn’t deserve a penalty was just embarrassing.

    • flowerdew (@flowerdew) said on 25th September 2011, 18:34

      Eddie Jordan asking Martin Whitmarsh if he puts his arms around Lewis and tells him that he cherishes him while Martin Brundle stood there looking like he was choking on something was A+ comedy gold, though.

  10. Alex (@smallvizier) said on 25th September 2011, 17:58

    Not classy at all from Massa. But then from his point of view, Hamilton has put his life in danger over and over again this year. I wonder how much of that we could take before making some snarky comments.

    • I don’t buy that at all. This was a low speed racing incident and Massa was never in any real danger, unlike Schumacher’s shunt later on. It’s hyperbole, and clearly Massa needs to take his frustration out somewhere, and this weekend he chose Lewis. He has some justification for that, but the incident he’s using doesn’t back him up at all.

      And if Lewis needs to take more care about where he puts his car, I think Massa needs to start paying attention to the cars around him, and what they’re doing on track. More than once this year, and last year, he’s been involved in incidents where another driver has come out and said “he just turned in on me” or “he didn’t leave me any room” or “he just didn’t see me”. Too many for them to be all the other driver’s fault.

      Think back to Monaco earlier this year, another incident with Lewis. Yes, Lewis made a dumb move that probably wasn’t going to pay off. But Schumacher and Lewis at the same corner earlier on in the race had enough capacity to not only attempt something at that corner, in traffic, but be aware of where the other car was and leave space. Massa fails far too often at that, in my book. Either he feels he doesn’t have to give space to the other driver (possibly because he feels the need to stamp some form of control on the racetrack, as he’s not allowed to do it within the team), or he just doesn’t seem to be aware of where another driver is, was, or might be going.

      Equally, he might be annoyed at Hamilton barging past him in qualifying to get some clear air. But it’s not the first time that Massa would be guilty of dawdling along at a snail’s pace on the racing line during a qualifying session, or holding up other drivers. I don’t blame Lewis for wanting to get him out of the way.

      Bias disclaimer (for the fanbois):
      I like the McLaren team.
      I dislike the Ferrari team.
      I like Massa.
      I dislike Lewis.

      Hopefully those contradictions will either fuse your brains, or help you understand that just because I have come to view things differently to you, does not mean that you are correct, and I am biased and wrong.

      • Alex (@smallvizier) said on 25th September 2011, 18:52

        I am aware that this was not (in the grand scheme of things) a particularly dangerous accident. I am just trying to be understanding of a young man at the edge of his temper.

        To us on our sofas these look like run-of-the-mill incidents, but to sit inside a car and be hit at over a hundred miles an hour must be terrifying. You brought up Monaco, when Massa was put into the tunnel wall. How could he not be traumatised by that?

        All this will have played on his mind throughout the last hour of the race. Again, I think Massa reacted badly. But I can still show some sympathy for him after what must have been a very trying day. These guys have a really tough job.

      • GameR_K (@gamer_k) said on 25th September 2011, 19:28

        More than once this year, and last year, he’s been involved in incidents where another driver has come out and said “he just turned in on me” or “he didn’t leave me any room” or “he just didn’t see me”. Too many for them to be all the other driver’s fault.

        Coincidentally, this another driver always happens to be just one person

      • BasCB (@bascb) said on 26th September 2011, 7:38

        I agree with that Hairs.

  11. Lewis shouldn’t have drama with Massa but Montoya then the Pop Corn is on

  12. In my eyes, Lewis is no longer a good driver. He is quick, but so are many drivers. He just lacks so many necessary talents or controls. He is far from the real deal.

    Even when he won the WDC, he did it against the easiest opponent (Massa). Some might argue that Massa was better then than he is now, but thats just an excuse to try give Lewis’s championship win some value.

    When you compile all of Lewis’s pro’s and Cons, you cant help but think he is no were near Alonso or Vettel.

    • Hamilton was a very very lucky champion. his brazilian race was a disaster when he should have made it a easy one. only a mistake from someone else gave him the title.

    • What about in 2007 when he bet Alonso in the same car?

      • He tied with Alonso on points in a team that was 100% backing Lewis run by a principle who was personally invested in Lewis.

        You do the math.

        • Err Bob said on 25th September 2011, 21:18

          Anthony Hamilton will give you a different version of the race as Lewis was in second at Monaco chasing first ;-)

          • in an interview in a french magazine, Jo Ramirez who was close to mclaren for many years, admitted that mclaren wasn’t backing Alonso as they were behind hamilton. clearly, hamilton was the favourite

          • Err Bob said on 26th September 2011, 1:59

            Hmm, a rookie was given preferential treament over a 2 times WDC, who was told to hang tight behind Alonso while Anthony was going mental in the Mclaren garage knowing Lewis was in for the win. combine that with Alonso`s driving Lewis off the track at Spa……….but I digrest.

          • Hamilton was a brilliant rookie and was fully backed up by Dennis since he was a kid. to be combined with the fact that alonso on the other hand was probably expecting to receive a better treatment considering his 2 WDC.

          • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 26th September 2011, 11:10

            Before the season started De La Rosa was telling about how the next McLaren was designed for Alonso. They were full out on making Alonso the champion.

            How on earth could they expect a rookie to become the champion?

            In fact they GAVE Alonso the win in Monaco 2007. The stewards investigated the way they let Alonso win, but didn’t penalise the team. If you read the verdict it’s 100% clear that Hamilton would have won that race if the team hadn’t held him back during qualifying and twice (!) during the race.

            Obviously when Alonso started threatening the team when he couldn’t deal with hamilton being faster, that’s when they stopped backing Alonso. Hamilton just had a bigger chance of winning the title than Alonso had.

            Makes perfect sense that they back the better driver more than the no 2. Alonso thinks this is perfectly normal when he’s the better driver in the team, why not the other way around?

        • Patrickl (@patrickl) said on 26th September 2011, 11:05

          Ah, you are Spanish?

  13. Some people have mentioned that the impact of Alonso have affected Massa’s reactions, but perhaps it would be more pertinent to consider the impact of Button on Hamilton’s driving?

    • David BR (@david-br) said on 25th September 2011, 18:34

      To a point. Button has been mostly error-free and consistently improving in line with the McLaren, maybe, but it’s not as though he’s changed much from last year. The accumulative effect may have had a toll, though, exposing Hamilton’s errors and incident-filled races all the more.

      I just get the impression the Hamilton-McLaren relationship is on very thin ice just now and has been since earlier on in the season. Had there been elsewhere ‘equivalent’ for him to go (Ferrari, RBR) he’d have gone. Button meanwhile looks very well embedded at McLaren (you never know though, at least the idea of him going to Ferrari to join Alonso sounds possible). Reckoning time for Hamilton. He can’t really afford the same kind of season next year, but he may very well have the same performance gap to the Red Bull in 2012. So will he adapt?

  14. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 25th September 2011, 18:03

    Hamilton fans will says Massa needs to get a grip, Hamilton haters will agree with Massa completely.

    Which means whatever point I was going to make completely arbritrary and pretty ointless.

  15. electrolite (@electrolite) said on 25th September 2011, 18:04

    Hamilton fans will says Massa needs to get a grip, Hamilton haters will agree with Massa completely.

    Which means whatever point I was going to make completely arbitrary and pretty pointless.

    • Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 25th September 2011, 19:43

      You should make it none-the-less… your comments are as valid as anyone else’s, including mine :-)

      • electrolite (@electrolite) said on 25th September 2011, 23:30

        Ok. But I’ll make my point through some else’s words…

        you don’t need to break down the incident in that detail to see why it was Hamilton’s fault and why he got a penalty. He was behind, Massa was ahead, and Hamilton ran into him. There’s nothing more to it than that.

        …and Massa, an emotional guy, was frustrated post race. I really can’t see what else anyone has to add other than this.

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