Furious Massa hits out at Hamilton after crash

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2011

Felipe Massa, Ferrari, Singapore, 2011

Felipe Massa said Lewis Hamilton “could have caused a big accident” in their collision during the Singapore Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver referred to their run-in during qualifying yesterday, saying: “My thoughts is that again, I told you yesterday, he cannot use his mind. Even in qualifying, so you can imagine in the race.

“So, again, you know, what he did could have caused a big accident. And he’s paying for it, that the problem, he doesn’t understand, even paying for a problem, you know?

“Anyway, the problem was that I was in the middle so I had a puncture in my tyre and I pay a lot. I was not even lucky on the safety car because I’d stopped for the super softs in that moment to gain lap time.

“But them after five laps, six laps, the safety car came inside, and I had the wrong tyres to finish the race. So I was not very lucky as well with the strategy.

“And also, again, something happened with a guy who did how many times something with me this year? So many times.

“As I said it’s important the FIA is looking and penalising him all the time he is going in the car because he cannot think about it.”

Massa confronted Hamilton while the McLaren driver was conducting a television interview after the race.

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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323 comments on Furious Massa hits out at Hamilton after crash

  1. NinjaBadger (@ninjabadger) said on 25th September 2011, 18:22

    As much as I like to see lewis battling to move up the field, and I can sort of see what he was planning to do (I think); I feel he sometimes gets too caught up in the moment.
    Was there really such a rush to pass Massa?

    Sure, Massa was on the back-foot, but someone of lewis’ capability must know they can get passed within the next lap or so.

  2. SafirXP said on 25th September 2011, 18:25

    As a big Lewis fan, yes he drives very, very stupidly sometimes but I don’t think he’ll ever put anybody’s life in danger. Lewis wass to blame here, and he got a drive through penalty for it. Chapter closed as far as I was concerned. This was the long race and Massa’s obviously frustrated. And after having so many incidents with Lewis he’s bound to be angry. Who knows, other drivers might’ve said or done more. He made his point by interrupting during the interview. Lewis didn’t take the bait, that shows he has some brain.

    One more point. They say Senna matured during the 1992 season. Give the guy some more time and hopefully a decreasing amount of crashes. He’ll get better! :D

  3. plyschak said on 25th September 2011, 18:26

    Massa should shut up and think about himself. After the penalty Lewis was behind Massa and he finished way ahead. And the penalty was just ridiculous. From the footage in TV, I believe that Massa slid a bit into the turn, was too slow and because of that Lewis hit him. Constant slamming, criticism and penalties would help no one and I can understand that his season goes from bad to worse. Especially after most of the penalties were too harsh. Lewis is still one of the best, he can overtake like no other and is very good in the wet. Vettel’s only ability is to drive away and no fighting, that unfortunately winning his championship. From my point of view, I agree with Nick. Lewis needs to finish this year, then find his inner peace and get a good car to fight for the title in 2012.

    • Button also finished 54 seconds ahead of Alonso even with the mid-race SC. Obviously the McLaren was a far superior car to the Ferrari in the race, hence it isn’t really a huge surprise that Hamilton cleared Massa. Furthermore, Massa was caught out by the timing of the SC as he said in the interview in relation to his tyre strategy.

  4. Stephen Higgins said on 25th September 2011, 18:30

    Massa is still bitter about losing the title 2008 and cannot bring himself to admit he has been blown away by Alonso.

    He had to look of a man resinged to losing his seat, possibly sooner rather than later, and to be honest he has never been the same driver since his accident.

    Sad to see.

    • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 25th September 2011, 18:54

      How on Earth does that apply in this situation?

      He had a puncture as a result of another drivers actions.

      You’re basically saying that Massa shouldn’t complain because it’s not like he had a chance at decent points anyway.

    • That’s ridiculous, as he has no reason to be bitter to Hamilton over 2008.

      The only people he can be bitter about, completely justifiably, are Briatore, Symonds and Piquet.

  5. Malassas is just a joke now. The reason he had Hamilton climbing on the back of him is because he is slow. The reason why Hamilton passed him, after Hamilton was dropped to 20th is because Massa is slow. Massa finished behind Hamilton, who finished 11 seconds behind Alonso, because Massa is slow. His lame tantrum does not gainsay the stopwatch and the results. If Ferrari were not a team that prefered to have one driver act as a footstool for the other, he would be out of the sport as of the end of this season.

  6. AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 25th September 2011, 18:51

    A deserved penalty for Hamilton, a justifiable response from Massa and a sensible reaction from Hamilton.

    I don’t know what’s worse, Hamilton getting in bother or people going to extreme lengths to justify his actions, regardless of the outcome.

    • Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 25th September 2011, 19:15

      Massa is lucky he didn’t get a foot in the face, and it’s testament to Hamilton’s self control that it didn’t come to that. Massa think’s he’s smart, but he’s not. He’s slow. End of story.

      • AndrewTanner (@andrewtanner) said on 25th September 2011, 22:07

        …yet again, Massa’s speed, or lack of, has nothing to do with this situation and in no way should it be factored in.

        • Trenthamfolk (@trenthamfolk) said on 25th September 2011, 22:24

          I disagree, it has everything to do with the situation! Need I point out that this incident happened in a ‘race’, and need I point out where Massa finished the ‘race’? ‘Races’ are everything to do with speed! I’d have thought you’d have gathered this already…

          Massa’s subsequent behaviour was unprofessional, childish and provocative, and that’s to top and bottom of the situation.

  7. Hey, if you’re annoyed at all at Massa’s antics and words this weekend just remember Brazil 2008 :D

  8. f1geordie (@f1geordie) said on 25th September 2011, 18:54

    In my view, this incident was EXACTLY the same as Webber and Hamilton at the same corner last year. Then, Hamilton was put out of the race, let alone given the puncture, yet it was deemed a racing incident. Now where is the consistency in that?

    I dont mind if hamilton did deserve the penalty, but if he did then surely Mark should have had one last year?

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 25th September 2011, 21:15

      this incident was EXACTLY the same as Webber and Hamilton at the same corner last year

      No they weren’t, they were completely different.

      Last year Hamilton and Webber were side-by-side in a corner and made contact. Racing incident.

      This year Hamilton was behind Massa and turned into his rear wheel causing contact. Clear penalty.

      • I agree it was a very different incident and last years was far more complex. However this type f incident happens pretty much every race and only a few get punished. Schumacher spun someone out recently in a similar move(I think at monza) but was not penalised. Yet someone else (I think Sutil) did get penalised at the same race a bit earlier for the same sort of thing.

        I am getting a bit annoyed at the inconsistency in the rule enforcements, at some corners you are allowed to go off the circuit but at others you get penalised, some crashes go unpunished where other identical ones are punished. Some moves are great passes where identical ones where an opponent turns in early etc are punished! I do talk to some casual fans that are baffled by all of this and it puts them off a bit. Just like the offside rule in football baffles and puts off casual football fans.

        They also seem to use some rules to punish people (Going off circuit) for other incidents……

        • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 26th September 2011, 9:44

          this type f incident happens pretty much every race and only a few get punished. Schumacher spun someone out recently in a similar move(I think at monza) but was not penalised. Yet someone else (I think Sutil) did get penalised at the same race a bit earlier for the same sort of thing.

          I am getting a bit annoyed at the inconsistency in the rule enforcements

          Until you can come up with some solid examples I can’t agree with your claim of “inconsistency”.

          • Those are solid examples.They definitely occured but I am just unsure of the other driver that was punished (pretty certain it was a force india though)
            Well if someone can help me out here with which race the force india got punished and Schumacher did not?

            I am sure it was the last race but I might be wrong. It was replayed on the TV a few times but I have deleted the last races due to Hard drive space.

            However you must agree that this type of incident is very common and I can’t recall all of them being punished. In fact I can’t recall many being punished. To me it is a racing incident and it was simply unfortunate that massas tyre was punctured.

          • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 26th September 2011, 10:29

            Those are solid examples

            No they aren’t. Who is Schumacher supposed to have hit at Monza (maybe)? At which unnamed track did Sutil possibly hit some unidentified driver?

  9. StefMeister said on 25th September 2011, 18:59

    I think Massa has every right to be angry, After all he was running 5th & Lewis clipping him hurt his chances of a strong result.

    Fact of the matter is Lewis screwed up, He made a mistake which not only cost himself time but also comprimised another drivers race, In my view the penalty was completely justified.

    I know others pointed out to Schumacher running over Perez & Rosberg making contact with Perez without penalty’s however I see them as different deals.
    Rosberg hitting Perez didn’t really harm Perez’s race is any way & neither did Schumacher running over him.

    In my mind the fact that Hamilton directly affected Massa’s race made the incident more worthy of a penalty. Had he just took off his own front wing & done no damage to Massa’s race I’d say there should be no penalty.

    Final point on the stewards.
    I know a lot of Hamilton fans believe there is often some grand conspiracy where Lewis gets penalty’s while others don’t.
    However to believe that you have to believe that all of the steward’s (2 totally different stewards each race) are biased against Lewis & that every driver steward is also biased against Lewis & I find that very hard to believe.

    Incidently the FIA have bio’s for race stewards each weekend on there site:

  10. carbon_fibre (@carbon_fibre) said on 25th September 2011, 19:04

    I don’t know why you make it such a big deal of it.
    In my opinion Massa’s act is completely understandble.
    I consider it as an “emotional outburst”.
    I mean, he hasn’t pulled off a good result so far this year,clearly his luck has been bad throught this season and he has had too many incidents with Hamilton.
    And one more thing,when Massa touched Hamilton in the interview paddock Hamilton responded to him “Don’t ever touch me again.”
    Something else to consider.

    (Apologise my english.)

    • flowerdew (@flowerdew) said on 25th September 2011, 19:21

      I agree with you, but I think I’ve got some kind of culture clash going on here – I don’t understand, for example, why people get worked up if a driver waves his hand or shakes his fist while driving past another. But I guess this is a super big deal?

      Adam Cooper reports the chain of events as, Felipe tried to say something to Lewis as they got out of the car, and Lewis walked away from him. Felipe pats/slaps Lewis on the shoulder and says, Good job, mate, and gives him a thumbs up, and walks away. Lewis turns after him and says, Don’t touch me. All of these things, from Lewis walking away after the race to Lewis telling Felipe not to touch him, are just fine in my book? They’re irritated, they’re wrung out, it’s good it’ll be a week or so before they see each other again.

  11. everyone makes mistakes… to me it was just a mistake, why didnt webber get penalised last year when him and hamilton collided, and hamiltons mclaren was done for. Hamilton shouldnt have really been penalised for that, and massa needs to calm a bit.

  12. mrgrieves (@mrgrieves) said on 25th September 2011, 20:36

    This thread has really push my buttons.

    FIA inconsistency or not Hamiltons driving mistake cost Massa a top 6 finish and set him around 1 minute behind where he would have been.

    Flashback 2 weeks to Italy Schumacher was torn to shreads by the same people crying about Hamilon today because his driving was dangerous and deserved a penalty. WHAT!

    In both these cases i think the FIA made the correct decisions however Lewis did not.

    Onto today Lewis made the worst attempted move i’ve seen by any of the world champions this year actually on par with Schumacher and Petrov in Turkey. In both cases the car had been slowed and were then inexplicably drove into the back of another car. Massa had every right to be angry with what happened but his responce may have been overboard although what do we know about what went on before that.

    • Worst attempted move? Really Schumacher on Perez was not worse? Hamiltons was a slightly misjudged move, schumachers was sheer stupidity! Only one resulted in a car flying through the air. Hamiltons move could have been a fantastic overtake if had been less than an inch further back (that is less than an inch at 40 odd MPH with a wing the driver can not see and on the dirty side of the track) You really should understand the difficulty of driving these cars to realise that Hamilons incident was merely a racing incident and one that happens in every single race at least once. I would bet that massa has done exactly the same at some point along with every other driver on the track.

  13. Hamilton wasn’t trying to undercut, the problem is those kerbs on the outside.
    They damage the cars when they are run over.
    When Webber forced Hamilton wide last year, it was terminal for the Mclaren.
    This race track is more dangerous than Monaco.

  14. Right, can we rewind back to Monaco.

    Lewis hit Massa. Lewis admitted it was his own fault, after watching the replays and quite rightly so. It was a dumb move.

    Fast-forward to Spa, where Lewis was taken out in what most people believe was a 50/50 incident with Kobayashi, after watching the replays, he openly said it was his fault.

    In this case, it was not Lewis’ fault. You could clearly see the tyres lock up, and therefore there was NOTHING he could have done to prevent it. It also appeared Massa drifted off to the middle of the track slightly. It was a racing incident.

    After almost taking Hamilton off in qualifying, and subsequently blaming him for it, I think it was incredibly childish and unprofessional of him to:

    1) Immediately blame him without watching the replays.

    2) Making sarcastic little comments like he did.

    I did have a lot of respect for Felipe, especially having the man-fruit to come back after his life-threatening incident at Budapest, but after this I’ve lost most of that respect.

    • Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 25th September 2011, 21:56

      In this case, it was not Lewis’ fault. You could clearly see the tyres lock up, and therefore there was NOTHING he could have done to prevent it.

      Assuming the brake locking was the reason for the contact, what he should have done was brake earlier and less hard.

      But you don’t need to break down the incident in that detail to see why it was Hamilton’s fault and why he got a penalty. He was behind, Massa was ahead, and Hamilton ran into him. There’s nothing more to it than that.

  15. There are two types of defense. Positive defense and Negative defense. What Alonso did to Vettel at Monza was positive defense. What MSC did to Hamilton was negative defense.

    What Alonso did to Webber at spa was positive defense, what koby did to Hamilton at spa was negative defense.

    How Vettel defended his position at Monaco this year was positive defense and so on…

    Look how Hamilton made it easy for others at the start. His start wasn’t bad almost overtook Webber but then the situation changed so he accepted to loose few places than to risk a collision. Had it been Massa he definitely would have touched someone. Alonso made it easier for Webber at this race and also at Spa he left Webber enough room. Also he left enough room for Vettel in Monza. The good drivers and overtakers are also often good at giving others room and they know when to stop defending and that they been overtaken.

    That is why as Webber said at Spa and Vettel said at Monza that they have confidence when overtaking top drivers that ‘they will leave enough room not so much but enough’ room.

    Massa and some others like MSC(Koby a good overtaker but at Spa i think he could have made it little bit easier for Lewis) just don’t understand this. They blindly keep on defending position and therefore risk of collision increases very much.

    The overtaker now have no confidence, he thinks the driver ahead will not let him pass even if he makes a right/legal/acceptable move and will endlessly defend, so he tries some different/unconventional move to get ahead.

    After doing this a lot some drivers develop this NEGATIVE reputation. You see Hamilton done so many overtaking today. Why only with Massa he collided? Because when he approached Massa to overtake his brain automatically tells him that he is in that category of drivers who will not make it easy not positively but negatively.

    Massa needs to learn when to give up defending. Lewis just didn’t had confidence that Massa will allow him past even with a correct/legal/acceptable move, so he pounced at the first opportunity and didn’t want to stuck behind him for long time. This wouldn’t have happened if overtaker knew that the person ahead is positive and will give up if he is properly overtaken.

    • David BR (@david-br) said on 26th September 2011, 13:09

      It’s a good point about Massa’s negative defending (to which you can add his clumsy overtaking).

      However I’d say this incident shows the big mistake Hamilton has been making this year: going for the overtake a bit too early. He would have caught Massa later that lap or the next, he´s actually very easy to get past if you don’t give him a chance to collide. Massa braked very heavily into the turn, Hamilton adjusting locked up and bingo, puncture for Massa.

      Hamilton doesn’t need to adopt Button’s strategy, he just has to find his own balance, wait a few more turns sometimes. That will make all the difference.

    • I’m sorry, but that’s rubbish.

      First, Schumacher and Kamui both had every right to do what they did.

      ‘they will leave enough room not so much but enough’ room.

      It was Lewis that pushed Kamui off the track.

      Lewis has made many errors. Latest of which was to drive into the right rear of Massa at a left hand turn.

      How exactly do you make this Massa’s fault?

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