F1 Fanatic’s new features at-a-glance

F1 Fanatic updates

A quick guide to the new features introduced on the site today.

For more on the changes, see here:

Community enhancements

  • Follow other F1 Fanatics and keeping up with their activity on the site
  • Private messaging system allows you to send direct messages to other F1 Fanatics
  • Refer to other users using @-messages and receive notifications when someone refers to on the site
  • New community functions available by redesigned top navigation bar and always in view

New user profiles

  • Name your preferred drivers, teams and other types of motor sport, and find others F1 Fanatics with the same tastes
  • Easier profile updating
  • Upload and edit your avatar directly to the site
  • Your own activity stream shows all your activity across the site including the main blog and forums
  • Post unique updates directly into your own activity stream
  • Configure which site notifications you receive
  • Option to report spam users

Click on “My Account” at the top-left of the page when logged in to see these new features. Not got an account? Click here to register for one.


  • Dedicated groups for different areas of discussion including race visitors, other racing series and more
  • Join the groups you’re interested in to stay up-to-date with them more easily
  • Suggest new groups for other subjects you’re interested in

View and join the F1 Fanatic Groups


  • Now fully integrated within the main site including the mobile site
  • Post videos from major video-sharing sites (YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimoe and more) easily via oEmbed

View the new F1 Fanatic Forums


  • New search facility shows results by article, username, group and forum
  • Individual results pages available for article, username, group and forum
  • Search box is always in view at the top-right of the page


  • General style refresh to incorporate new elements
  • Wider article and comment columns
  • Single sidebar layout
  • Revised top navigation bars


  • New mobile site design
  • Forums and threaded commenting now supported
  • New site functionality also supported
  • Toggle between the normal and desktop views on mobile devices

Bug fixes

  • Internet Explorer 9 commenting bug fixed

As always, if you experience any problems with the site please follow these steps to report them:

Please leave any other feedback on the changes below.

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78 comments on F1 Fanatic’s new features at-a-glance

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  1. damonsmedley (@damonsmedley) said on 5th October 2011, 20:11

    Refer to other users using @-messages and receive notifications when someone refers to on the site

    That is something I have been wanting for years.

    Keith, I love it. Every bit. Can’t wait to have a play with it all!

  2. djdaveyp85 (@djdaveyp87) said on 5th October 2011, 20:23

    @Keith Collantine and his team of testers have done a fantastic job here!

  3. dansus (@dansus) said on 5th October 2011, 20:23

    Messege notifications are one of the most important features for any site, good job.

  4. webster (@webster) said on 5th October 2011, 20:24

    everything looks great :)
    but i prefer original title font for the articles on home page

  5. Jarred Walmsley (@jarred-walmsley) said on 5th October 2011, 20:28

    This is starting to look more and more professional everyday now Keith, well done it looks fantastic!

  6. JPedroCQF1 (@joao-pedro-cq) said on 5th October 2011, 20:31

    Love this. F1Fanatic gets better and better every year. And I hope it stays like that. Good job, Keith and the testers.

  7. Lord Stig (@lord-stig) said on 5th October 2011, 20:34

    The new features are quite nice. I must say I am much more impressed by this than the iPhone 4 all over again from yesterday!

  8. irishlad (@irishlad) said on 5th October 2011, 20:40

    Great job, Keith loving the new upgrade. Theres now more of a social theme to the site.

  9. Fixy (@fixy) said on 5th October 2011, 20:43

    It will take time to get used to it, but it’s all excellent! The bold font is a bit too big in my opinion, in a few days it’ll be fine.
    This is more complex than Facebook now! A real community for F1 Fanatics, all that we can desire is here!

  10. sebsronnie (@sebsronnie) said on 5th October 2011, 20:43

    Fantastic job Keith! This site is fast becoming (actually already is) the Red Bull of all F1 websites. Congratulations!

  11. Keith has created heaven with the added bonus that you don’t have to die to enter.

  12. Love it :D

  13. f1alex (@f1alex) said on 5th October 2011, 20:50

    Loving the new site! :)

  14. Jake (@jleigh) said on 5th October 2011, 20:56

    absolutely loving it! Where as before I would only log in every so often if there was a quiz or vote (my computer never remembers me for some reason), now i’ll make sure I’m always logged in :)

  15. BBT (@bbt) said on 5th October 2011, 21:00

    Love the changes. :-)

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