Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Suzuka, 2011

Alonso “extremely happy” with Massa as team mate

2011 Korean Grand PrixPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Suzuka, 2011
Massa out-qualified Alonso at Suzuka but Alonso passed him

Fernando Alonso says he’s “extremely happy” with his current team mate Felipe Massa.

Asked during today’s press conference if he would welcome Sebastian Vettel as his team mate at Ferrari Alonso said: “I am extremely happy with any team-mate I have alongside me.

“I think now I am extremely happy with Felipe. I think we have a very strong team at the moment.”

Alonso has out-scored Massa by 202 points to 90 so far this season and finished ahead of his team mate in ten out of 12 races where both were classified.

“We are different drivers with different styles that we can help each other with a way of driving and a way of approaching the weekend. I am constantly learning from Felipe in these two years and I am extremely happy.

“In the future, nobody knows. I have a long-term contract with Ferrari for the next five or six years so I don?t know, if we can keep going with Felipe or if there will be a change in the future. If someone else is coming we will try to work as close as we work now as we do with him and try to help Ferrari in as many races as possible so it will be good.”

Alonso said his target for the final four races of the season is to “try to win one race if possible.”

“We know it will be difficult,” he said. “Red Bull will remain favourites for the remaining races. McLaren is very strong at this part of the championship as well, so we know it is going to be difficult.”

Contrary to what he said last week, Alonso said he is not interested in the runner-up place in the championship: “I think finishing, second, third or fifth in the drivers championship is not a big difference.

“Once you cannot be world champion it is not any more a big interest on that. And then in the constructors championship, which is maybe more important, McLaren are still quite a long way ahead of us, so we need to do the maximum, but we know it is also going to be difficult to catch them.

“As I said try and enjoy racing like we did at Suzuka last weekend, when you can be aggressive on the starts, you can play a little bit with the strategy. We can enjoy Sundays, try do good races, maximise the potential of the car and if we do that then we know a podium is very possible and as I said if there is one opportunity to win one of the remaining Grands Prix we try to take it.”

2011 Korean Grand Prix

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  1. Fernando may be happy with Massa but I’m not so sure about Ferrari being happy with Felipe. I can’t help thinking that they would do a lot better in the constructor’s championship if one of their drivers hadn’t somehow become a midfield racer.

  2. Ever the optimist, but not in a cheesy Hamilton kinda way.

    It can’t be a Formula 1 season without a win for Ferrari, surely?

    When was the last time that happened?

    1. @AndrewTanner Ferrari already won a race – at Silverstone!

      1. @Keith-Collantine You know what, the moment I posted that I was having my doubts about what I said but I thought no, I’ll let it stick. I didn’t have time to think about it properly and I thought on the off chance I may be right at the time.

        Severe moment of stupidity!

        I blame Ferrari.

  3. sid_prasher (@)
    13th October 2011, 21:13

    Massa has had a couple of really bad years..,I think he needs to win a race (somehow) to get his groove back.

  4. man, more senseless beating up on massa. alonso can’t say anything without inviting a flood of slams. it’s got to the point where brundle is hammering him during the show. if it’s so bad for him, why doesn’t he quit? why would 99% of drivers kill to be a ferrari grand prix driver?

    what people should be critical of is massa’s lack of speed, not the role he plays in the team, and not the way the team is run – which happens to be the smart way and with very few and sporadic exceptions, the way every team has always been.

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