New York 2013 F1 track plan

New Jersey Grand Prix expected to be announced on Tuesday

2013 F1 calendarPosted on | Author Keith Collantine

New York 2013 F1 track plan
New Jersey 2013 F1 track plan

Formula 1 is poised to confirm a second race in the USA.

The Wall Street Journal reports a press conference will be held on Tuesday is expected to announce plans for a race in New Jersey beginning in 2013.

This would be the second American round of the championship alongside the Austin Grand Prix, which will take place for the first time next year.

Provisional plans for a circuit were revealed in August:

If the project comes to fruition it will realise Bernie Ecclestone’s long-held plans for a race in the New York area.

F1 in New York

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  1. I am sorry, i really donĀ“t wanna be a buzz-kill but, if I can guarantee you one thing about this “circuit” is that it is NEVER going to take place…at least not with this layout and most certainly not at this locationā€¦. There is no way the local council will tolerate the troubles this would cause.ā€¦shutting down any part of the Union City/Weehawken/West NY area for a whole weekend when this area serves as an important access point to Manhattan?… AND letĀ“s not even mention the fact that this area is known for being stuffed with “green people” …I donĀ“t know if there are folks here who are familiar with the West NY/Weehawken/UCity area but people here get their throat sliced for even mentioning NASCARā€¦just imagine what would happen to you if the words F1 Grand Prix would leave your mouth..
    The only suitable location I could think of for this Grand Prix (close to this location) would be in Liberty State Park, perhaps parts of Ellis Islandā€¦. ItĀ“s still part of the NYC area, roughly 10 kms south of Weehawken driving through Palisade Ave, with Atlantic City not far away, and considerable cheaper than NYCā€¦.. it would provide the least impact to city functions and the noise disturbance would be also limited ..there is enough space to accommodate viewing facilities, with the potential to hold a large audience..also the possibilities for the layout of the track would be endless hereā€¦we also have plenty of options to place the pits, run-off zones, media center, team facilities, and of course the paddock area)-Ps: where the hell would they place all this in Weehawken..
    BUT I would really love to have a GP in this areaā€¦.but during the summer break, where I am actually home and not across the AtlanticļŠ

    1. There is no way the local council will tolerate the troubles this would cause

      And yet, all the reports claim that the event has the full support of local councils.

      shutting down any part of the Union City/Weehawken/West NY area for a whole weekend when this area serves as an important access point to Manhattan?

      For the chance to host an international sporting event, beamed lived to millions worldwide? The terminal at Port Imperial could be used for direct access to the circuit.

      letĀ“s not even mention the fact that this area is known for being stuffed with ā€œgreen peopleā€

      Formula 1 has recently been on a green bender, with the introduction of KERS and the 2014 engine formula mandating reduced emissions. Formula 1 is at the cutting edge of environmentally-friendly road car technology, which the local green population could actually find very attractive.

      The only suitable location I could think of for this Grand Prix (close to this location) would be in Liberty State Park, perhaps parts of Ellis Island

      They tried. The Friends of Liberty State Park found out about it and got the draft bid released under the Freedom of Information Act. They then used their clout to get the idea shot down, possibly because they hadn’t been consulted on the project (though I suspect the aspiring organisers wanted to put together a bid and then go to the Friends so that they had a solid idea in place).

    2. The only suitable location I could think of for this Grand Prix (close to this location) would be in Liberty State Park, perhaps parts of Ellis Islandā€¦.

      If not New Jersey, how about Prospect Park?
      Almost like an Albert Park type circuit

      Once a year F1 could work and it’s a short distance from Manhatten.

  2. Another processional street race to go with Valencia and Singapore, just what F1 needs. I do wonder what track Bernie will kick out of F1 for this, presumably one universally liked…

    1. Nice to see that you’ve already judged the race based on nothing more than a draft proposal, @mgriffin90

  3. Wow! New York City at night as the backdrop to an F1 race sounds pretty sweet. I know what my desktop wallpaper will be when they have this race.

  4. Yay. Another circuit. Everyone must be so happy.

    The F1 calendar can only support a maximum of 22 races a year (and even then, it’s a huge stretch), with Turkey going out, that leaves spot 20 open for Texas, then you’ve got France and New York in 2013, which circuit has it’s contract running out for 2014 so we can put Russia in?

    F1 has enough circuits, it’s bad enough Bernie’s probably using the in-season test at Mugello next year as a way of trying to put it on a future calendar. I don’t see how this ‘New York GP’ could ever work..

    1. I agree, I mean i love the prospect of this “Atlantic Grand Prix”, but at the same time if all these new GP’s are coming in over the next 3 years, some big heads are going to roll. At this point I am pretty happy with the calendar. It seems over the past decade, there has almost been a new race every year, and it obviously coincides with Bernies attempt at global expansion but I just find there is no tradition or excitement at the these newer venues

    2. which circuit has itā€™s contract running out for 2014 so we can put Russia in?


  5. I live in NJ, this is VERY exciting news.

    1. My house is literally 30 minutes away. Can’t wait!

      1. Reckon you could get out there and film a lap of the proposed circuit in your car or on your bike?

      2. Would be great if you could do something like @zegga proposes @pino227, to show us what route it takes.

        Especially around those new developed houses/hotels below the railway station to see where the pitbuildings could be. And the runup over the railwaytrack and up through the park as well as going down to the other end of the track. Lucky you for living that close!

  6. excellent! (:D)

  7. Lucas Alexander Munro
    22nd October 2011, 16:56

    Terrible idea.. if this is becoming reality, I hope it is alternating with C.o.t.A, I mean, countries are absolutely lucky as hell to get one GP, so two Grands Prix in a country that isn’t even that keen on F1, it is just not ideal.

    1. I live on the other side of this country from these two GPs. This is a state that by itself represents the 7th largest economy on the planet. It has a huge population and well known car culture. Yet the nearest US GP will be two timezones and a 5 hour flight away. For comparison, imagine if the nearest GP to the UK was in Turkey. I suspect interest in F1 in western Europe would diminish.

      This geographical remoteness doesn’t grant California a ‘right’ to an F1 GP (if there were such a thing) but if Ferrari want to sell more cars here, they might be interested in the marketing potential of a west coast race in addition to those in the east.

      Luck in obtaining a race has little to do with it under Bernie, it’s all about the money.

      1. Actually, Montreal is only a 6 hour drive from New York City so you’re much closer to a GP than you state, even if its not in the US (but that shouldn’t matter).

        1. Nope, still a 5 to 6 hour flight to Montreal from here. Closest recent GP was in Indy. 4 hour flight, if you could find a direct one.

          1. Well, I’m not sure exactly where you live but the Austin GP will be on the West side and the Canadian GP in Montreal is on the East side. If there is a New Jersey GP, there will be two f1 races on the East side (within a 6 hour drive).

          2. In California, as I mentioned above. Texas is not on the west, last I checked! It’s on the Atlantic coast, so it’s well east of here. It’s the SE corner of the US, I’m in the west.

          3. I thought Florida was in the south-east corner of America, and that Texas was in the centre of the south, being neither east nor west.

          4. The map of the US you usually look at is distorted by Mercator projection, the width at the south looks less than it is. Austin is a looong way from me.

  8. Don’t worry, Mugello will never be there. The access road are so narrow…
    Regarding this track it appears absolutely original: two quick series of flowing sectors with an uphill (or downhill?) hairpin on one side and a typical city 90 degrees series at the other end. Absolutely interesting.
    Looks fast also, may be too much, since I don’t see much room for run off areas. Remembers me the old Montuich Spain track, a little bit…but just a little bit, because it appears really original.
    I would like a lot to see a race there. Much better than Valencia, Shangai, Bahrein and similar Tilkodromes.

  9. Ugh, I hope this is just a rumor which doesn’t come to fruition. So many things I don’t like about this proposal. 1. Another street circuit, really? 2. I don’t like the idea of two races in the same country 3. I don’t like the idea of two races in the USA 4. The race calender will be too long, 20 races should be the max 5. I don’t like the recent trend of opening new circuits in cash rich areas with low interest in F1 while closing down circuits like the Nurburgring

    1. @mjf1 – where have you heard that the Nurburgring will be closed down?

      1. Sorry, I didn’t mean that the Nurburgring would be closed down. What I meant was that it was constantly being mentioned during this year’s German GP that the race was not financially sustainable and could be the last one at Nurburgring.

      2. and I meant the last f1 race

  10. I don’t understand the fascination with being able to see Manhattan… First of all it’s not that great of a site to look at, just a bunch of buildings, secondly with how close the cameras keep on the track all you’ll see is the cars, asphalt & advertising on the walls just like every other track. I mean seriously think of Singapore & Monaco those two tracks literally run through parts of those cities and yet you still barely see anything on camera other then the cars & advertising banners on the walls/fences.

    If they want to run in NJ then take the series to New Jersey Motorsports Park on the Thunderbolt track. 3.62km, 14 turns, natural elevation changes, 0.5mile front straight. And it’d be a fast track with the current lap record being held by a Formula Atlantic car at 1:10.211

    1. I like it!

  11. Part of me says “yay” over and over again because a race in NY is great and the fact we might have 2 races in America when just a few years ago the 05 disaster happened is terrific. However, I’m not quite sure if anywhere deserves two F1 races particularly when America doesn’t yet seem sold on F1 as it has Indy etc. not that I’m against F1 expanding quite the opposite but this has tried and failed before and two races means further to fall.

    I also firmly believe that instead of giving existing F1 host countries more races the calendar should be expanding. Ideally, I’d love somewhere like SA or Argentina even if that’s not likely to happen but I feel F1 should be making more groundwork to make this a proper world championship which it just isn’t at the moment.

    I know a lot of people are against races in say South Korea and Singapore etc. but I love them because it’s the chance to expand somewhere new and create a motorsport culture for that country. It is the future of F1 and I’ve felt for years now that the most underwhelming thing about F1 isn’t the lack of innovation these days but the calendar. I’m not Bernie’s biggest fan but I do admire his push to get F1 to new places even if it does seem to be to the richest nations but now it needs to be more balanced so while I’m personally delighted at this there is a twinge of wishful thinking that it couldn’t be somewhere new.

  12. wow, i’m pleasantly shocked

  13. Hey this would great to havea F1 race right in my back yard. well not really iam about 45 min out but i hope it dose happen that would be sweet..

  14. This seems like a sick place for gp. Just hope it will be a real challenge for seriously good racing.

    1. exactly my thoughts!

  15. Absolutely brilliant news. This could make for a pretty viable trip from the UK too I would think.

    This surely has to be the ultimate place for a street circuit?

  16. Sick… I’ll try and be in NY by the time the NJ GP comes around.

  17. that track looks so dull that it almost makes me miss that old Las Vegas track where they used to run in the car park

    1. Yeah, because 400 feet of elevation change just puts me to sleep.

    2. as @southpawracer writes, the elevation of the site makes it a bit more than “just another car park”, have a look at it.

      From the parking lots between the railway station and the ferry terminal there’s a way up to a bridge over the railwaytrack and further up hill before it reaches JFK avenue. Then its back downhill to the other end of the track again.

    3. cheer up @omarr-pepper, look at my comment above. This really does not have to be a bad track.

      1. @omarr-pepper @bascb Google Earth’s terrain feature is brilliant for showing just how much elevation change there is.

  18. With the Singapore GP due for contract negotiations, do you think Bernie is using the New Jersey GP to put some pressure on the Singapore organisers to pay him more money?

    1. Singapore isn’t up for renegotiation. They’re on a seven-year contract.

      1. Singapore’s contract is for 5 years from 2008-2012, so they have to make a decision by 2012 whether to extend the contract.

        Should they decide not to extend, they will need to serve a notice of 2 years, eg, 2013 and 2014, hence making it a 7-year contract.

        However, they must start negotiations latest by next year 2012.

        1. Isn’t Suzuka up for contract renew as well 2012?

  19. By doing this Bernie will erase one of the GP from Europe I think.Or may be China is on the firing line.

    1. China should be pretty safe – Formula 1 is taking off there.

  20. This track sure looks a lot like Montreal.. hmmmm

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